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Kitchen Doors

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen that’s beyond your current budget? Don’t worry, because it’s easy enough to refresh your kitchen design without splashing out on a complete kitchen refit. Just order new replacement kitchen doors from the stunning selection available at Kitchen Warehouse!

We don’t just supply complete kitchen units here – we also provide single kitchen doors. You can mix and match to customise your kitchen to your heart’s content, all for very competitive prices. If refacing your kitchen cabinets while saving money and time sounds good to you, then keep scrolling.

Above, you’ll find over a dozen replacement kitchen door collections, all with a variety of styles, colours, and sizes to choose from. Just click on the image of the style that interests you to see which products are available in that design, then click on any individual product for more information.

Alternatively, if you're not yet sure of the specific collection you're after, get some inspiration from our Styles section and view:

Modern kitchens

Traditional kitchens

Shaker kitchens

Handleless kitchens

Hand painted kitchens

Order your replacement kitchen cabinet doors today to give your kitchen a new lease of life. Without the expense of ripping out your old cabinets then buying and installing new units, you’ll find that a simple kitchen makeover using replacement doors comes with a much smaller price tag.

Replacement Kitchen Doors for Sale

Unsurprisingly, replacement kitchen doors have become a big part of our business in the last few years. Many people are realising how convenient and cost-efficient it is to replace their cabinet doors instead of buying entire units. After all, if the structure is in good condition, why replace it?

It’s becoming ever more common for people to choose refitting kitchen cabinet doors to their existing units as a cheaper alternative to a full refurbishment. Not only does it make design planning easier, but it’s also considerably faster to attach cupboard doors to the front of an installed unit.

If your layout works for you, but you’re not happy with the style, then you can simply choose replacement cabinet doors in a new design, colour, or finish for a totally different look. Browse our collections above to select your replacement cupboard doors in the sizes your kitchen requires.

The prices you see are what you will pay, as they’re fully inclusive of VAT. Add as many replacement kitchen doors to your basket as you need in the relevant sizes – you can add or remove items as you go to work with your budget. Then proceed to the checkout when you’re ready to pay for the order. 

Replacement Kitchen Door Designs

We offer an extensive and ever-growing choice of replacement doors here at Kitchen Warehouse. Whether you fancy matt acrylic doors or gloss acrylic doors, modern high gloss doors or their sleek counterparts handleless doors, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for amongst our selection.

Even if you prefer a more traditional kitchen style, we also manufacture solid oak doors and painted wood doors. Our ranges of replacement kitchen doors can suit any type of home, and we have even more options for sale at our kitchen showroom – so why not come and visit us in Ripon, Yorkshire?

If you’re not sure which replacement cabinet doors to order, but you can’t visit our showroom to view them in person, you can order kitchen door samples online. Just look for the ‘sample door’ option on the product page. Within a few working days, you can see how they look in real life.

Our kitchen doors for sale are non-returnable under distance selling regulations because we make them to order. This means you need to be fully confident with your choices before purchasing. To help you with this, we’ll refund the cost of a sample if you go on to purchase a set of replacement doors in that style. However, it’s fully your responsibility to request the correct measurements. 

Quality Replacement Kitchen Doors

At the front of the pack in the UK kitchen design and manufacturing industry, we make all of our replacement kitchen doors to the highest standards. We go above and beyond to make our customers happy, and our affordable kitchen doors allow everyone to achieve a fresh-feeling kitchen at a fraction of the cost – so don’t let your budget hold you back from your dream kitchen!

We make our replacement kitchen cupboard doors using sturdy materials, with protected finishes and edges to endure the wear and tear of daily life. We’re sure you’ll be very happy with not just how your brand new kitchen cabinet doors look, but also with how well they hold up over time.

Since many kitchen manufacturers set their hinges at different heights, we supply our replacement doors as is. This means the new doors will have no drillings, hinge holes, or handle holes when they arrive. However, we include a free hinge hole cutter with orders over £400, so you can successfully attach your new kitchen doors to your existing cabinets no matter which manufacturer they’re from. 

Cheap kitchen doors for sale with UK delivery

At Kitchen Warehouse, we strive to deliver the best value and quality kitchen doors on the market. As part of our comprehensive services, we offer free delivery within the UK mainland for orders of £1,000 or more. If your order costs less than this amount, the standard delivery charge will be £30.

While our pre-constructed delivery service for complete units is only available within 60 miles of our base in Ripon (HG4 5LZ), we deliver flat-packed units and replacement kitchen doors nationwide. From central London to the Scottish Highlands, we’re happy to supply our kitchens across the UK.

Please note that if you require delivery to addresses outside the mainland, you should contact us first to discuss shipping options. Depending on your postcode, you may incur additional delivery charges, even if your order value is more than £1,000 and previously qualified for free shipping.

For more information on our delivery and refund policies, please view our shipping and returns page. Should you have any queries about our replacement doors, you can contact the Kitchen Warehouse team by phoning 01765 640 000 or emailing

Replacement Kitchen Door FAQs

How do I measure my kitchen doors?

To measure your current kitchen doors correctly, we recommend using a metric tape measure and measuring accurately in millimetres. We would also suggest measuring the back of each door rather than the front, unless the exterior door face is a plain slab with a completely flat and even surface.

Do not measure the carcass itself, because this will usually be around 5mm bigger than the door. You need to measure the height (vertical) and width (horizontal) with the tape measure lying flat directly against the door. The standard thickness for our replacement cupboard doors is 18mm.

Write down the measurements for each door and how many you need in each size, including drawer fronts. Remember to take notes on the number and rough size of any panels, cornices, pelmets, or plinths you may also need. Once you have the measurements, you can place your order online. 

Will I be able to match a new replacement door to my existing kitchen doors?

Though we understand being fond of a particular colour and style, we do NOT recommend that you attempt to match a replacement kitchen door to an existing one. Over time, constant exposure to sunlight and cleaning products can cause colours to fade and finishes to age at different levels.

This unfortunately makes it impossible to match old doors exactly. Even if you order the exact same product from the same supplier – from the same batch, even – it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll match perfectly. Be wary of anyone who tells you that they can match your kitchen cabinet doors.

We provide replacement kitchen doors with the intention of customers purchasing a full set to reface their kitchen all at once, for a fraction of the price of a whole new kitchen. If you only order a few with the hope that they’ll match, you won’t be able to return them when you’re disappointed. 

How easy is it to replace my kitchen doors?

It's relatively easy to replace most kitchen cupboard doors on a like-for-like size basis. After measuring your existing doors and ordering replacement doors in your chosen style and size, you can hire a local kitchen fitter or joiner to change the doors for you when your order arrives.

Or, if you’re confident in your DIY skills, you could carry out the job yourself to save some money (though not necessarily time!). To help you out, we have a range of handy ‘how to’ videos that can show you what to do. They’ll take you through the step-by-step process of installing a kitchen door.

You might find that your kitchen cabinet doors aren’t a standard size, so the correct measurements aren’t available in the product options on our site. If this is the case, don’t worry – we might still be able to provide your replacement doors through our made to measure custom design service. 

Can I still have replacement kitchen doors if my kitchen units are a non-standard size?

Of course you can! While our standard replacement doors are 715mm high and available in several widths to suit the standard unit size of 720mm tall, Kitchen Warehouse also supplies doors for low height kitchen units and tall kitchen units. These generally range from 450mm to 1245mm in height, with widths from 146mm (for a 150mm wide unit) to 596mm (to fit a 600mm wide unit).

Similarly, we supply a range of replacement kitchen drawer sizes, plus cornices, kickboards, fillers, and end panels. However, for curved kitchen doors, we only provide the standard 715mm size (plus pelmets and plinths). If you find that the exact measurements you need aren’t available among the set sizes, then contact us to find out whether we can custom-make your replacement kitchen doors

Do you supply made to measure kitchen doors?

Yes, we do. If you’d like to order custom size kitchen doors, you can provide us with the specific measurements and receive a no-obligation quote for our made to measure service. Please note that this will cost more, and there will be a longer turnaround while we make your unique doors to order.

We’ll make your replacement doors according to the exact dimension and colour requests, so check that all the details are definitely correct before confirming your order in writing. Once you order and pay, you cannot cancel or receive a refund, as made to measure doors are excluded from returns.

Unfortunately, not every style of replacement door is eligible for custom orders. The main designs available with this service are gloss acrylic and matt acrylic – we can also make certain luxury Shaker-style doors to measure. Please email to learn more. 

Do the kitchen doors come pre-drilled for handles/hinges?

No – our replacement kitchen doors are completely blank, brand new products. After making them to order, we dispatch the doors without drilling holes for handles or hinges. This is because the position of handles is a personal preference, and your existing unit will determine the hinge points.

All orders of £400 or more will receive a free hinge hole cutter drill bit, which will make it easier to drill the holes yourself. We have a complete guide to drilling hinge holes in kitchen doors on our blog to help you – and also a ‘how to drill hinge holes’ video, if you’re more of a visual learner.

If you’re fitting your replacement doors yourself, our guide to replacing kitchen doors and ‘how to adjust kitchen door hinges’ video might also be useful. We recommend doing one door at a time, and copying the hole positions on the door you’ve taken off if it’s identical in size to the new one.