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Kitchen Units

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we aim to make buying your new kitchen as easy and fun as possible. From this page, all you have to do is choose what style of complete kitchen units you would like in your home. You can check out our gorgeous collection below, and to see each range in more detail simply click the attached image to be directed to the relevant page.

As you can see below, we offer a diverse and creative range of kitchen units to improve the look of your space as a whole. From high goss handleless kitchen units to solid wood kitchen units and everything in between, we have you covered. On this page, select which range of kitchen you would like from the images below. After selecting a range, simply choose the colour that matches your ideal kitchen décor. With so many shades to choose from, you can buy brand new kitchen units to suit any kitchen design.

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Kitchen Units Online

After you have chosen the design and colour of your new kitchen cabinets, you will then be able to select the size of each unit needed for your home. We understand that this differs greatly between customers, which is why we offer a selection of different sizes to ensure anyone can find a unit that perfectly fits into their space with ease, and without ever looking out of place! After you have added your required amount of kitchen cupboards to your basket, feel free to choose from a range of payment methods that is best suited to you.

If you have a plan for your kitchen and wish to provide us with your designs via email, we will be more than happy to provide you with a FREE quotation, so you know exactly the position you are in. When sending your plans over, please let us know which range of kitchen units you require, as well as which colour you would prefer for a more detailed quote. Please email us at

To see the most competitive prices for kitchen units in the UK, select the style that piques your interest the most from our ranges above. People who buy new kitchen cabinets from us are always happy to know that the products we sell online are a hand-picked selection of the most popular ranges we offer. We also have some alternative kitchen ranges at our showroom in Ripon, exclusive to our headquarters and available at very affordable prices. We strive to offer our customers the highest quality of kitchen units in the UK whilst still maintaining great value for money. If you cannot find your ideal kitchen design on our website, please contact us as we might offer the product already in our showroom.

All of our high quality kitchen units are available to our customers today, each supplied with the very best kitchen doors on the UK market. They are manufactured using state of the art technology and the most cutting-edge techniques available.

We ensure that each and every one of our kitchen cabinets are made to the highest possible standard, so you can be sure you’re making a safe investment. Each of our products are durable, as they are designed to cope with the rigorous conditions that come with being positioned in the kitchen. This means that you should be safe in the knowledge that your new kitchen cupboards are a worthwhile purchase that will be by your side for many years to come. No matter which one of our many wonderful kitchen units you pick, they will not look out of place in your building for the foreseeable future.

When ordering your kitchen units online through our website, they will be delivered to you flat packed as standard. There is an option for you to upgrade your order from a flat packed kitchen to a pre-constructed rigid kitchen for a small additional cost. This means that all of your new kitchen cabinets will be delivered to your home fully assembled with any of our internal accessories already installed inside them, as well as the kitchen doors being pre-fitted before they reach your door! Let us do the hard work at Kitchen Warehouse.

Would you like to save even more and money when it comes to building your dream kitchen? Why not have all of your handy kitchen accessories pre-installed by us too? Whether this is an integrated recycling bin to a corner solution mechanism, or internal soft closing drawers or even a pull-out larder mechanism, they can all be fitted before they arrive when using our service. Every rigid kitchen order comes fully constructed with each soft closing drawer fitted inside the cabinets. All kitchen doors and drawer fronts will also be fitted onto the kitchen cabinet. This does mean upon delivery of your new kitchen, it is ready to go straight into the room where it can be installed, allowing your kitchen fitter to commence the process immediately.

Any order for complete kitchen units fitted by us are only available to purchase as rigid kitchen unit orders. The cost for this service is an additional 10% on top of a flat-packed kitchen order (minimum order value £2,500). However, this price is capped at £5,000 so if your order is over this amount in total, the cost to have your new kitchen pre-constructed before delivery is only £500.

All orders placed through our website will be delivered flat-packed. If you choose to have your order shipped as a flat-packed kitchen, you will receive all of the components necessary for an easy construction of your new kitchen cabinets. The doors will be pre-drilled to allow for hinges, ready for the door to be fitted straight onto your kitchen unit. We will perform this for you completely free of charge!

Please note that not all kitchen doors will be send out drilled for hinges, as with some doors this is not always possible. Some of our kitchen ranges need to be attached in a particular direction, due to a metallic fleck in the finish of the door. Pre-drilling for hinges in your kitchen doors is also not available for handleless kitchen doors because an integral handle will determine which way round the door will need to be fitted. Where this is the case, you will receive a free hinge hole cutter as part of your order, allowing you to drill the holes once it has been delivered.

Kitchen Units UK Delivery

Our flat packed kitchen units are delivered straight to your door via an external courier company. It is worth noting that these are only for a kerbside delivery only. If this is not a viable option for you, please contact us to discuss other delivery options and we will be happy to assist. No order will be dispatched until it has been confirmed with the customer and the date will be agreed for delivery. It is important that once the agreed date has been set, someone is available to accept the delivery as a charge of £100 will be applied for a re-delivery.

Deliveries on our own transport for rigid kitchens will also be confirmed prior to dispatch via email or phone.

We only have one member of staff driving our vehicles, so it is important that there are at least two strong and able-bodied people present to accept the kerbside delivery of your kitchen cabinets. We can offer timed deliveries and, depending on the area or situation, assisted deliveries that are into the property where arranged.

If you would like any further details on our kitchen cupboards or our service in general, then please get in touch with the expert team from Kitchen Warehouse today. Give us a call on 01765 640 000 or email us at and one of our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us via our online form and our team will be happy to answer any queries you have regarding our kitchen units collection.

Are my kitchen units a standard size?

We consider a standard sized base unit to be 720mm in height, (not including any legs or plinth/ kickboard). These will vary in widths but if your kitchen units are 720mm high, it is fairly certain they are of ‘standard size’.

Standard sized wall kitchen units usually come in three standard sized heights, these are 575mm, 720mm or 900mm (again these will vary in width). If your kitchen units are not of these height(s) they are not considered to be a standard size.

If your kitchen cabinets are a standard size, the size of the door needed will be slightly smaller than the cabinet size. For example, if you have standard-sized kitchen cabinets of 720mm, these will take a standard sized door from any of the ranges at 715mm in height. 

A wall kitchen unit measuring in at 900mm in height would take a replacement kitchen door at 895mm and so on.

The same can be said for width, so a 600mm wide kitchen cabinet would need a 596 width replacement kitchen door.

If you had a 720mm x 600mm kitchen cabinet (height x width) you would need to order a 715 x 596 replacement kitchen door. All sizes on the website are displayed Height x Width.

You should measure your kitchen units from the base of the unit to the top of the unit, not including any other components and always work in millimetres as it is more accurate. If you are unsure of any part of measuring your kitchen cabinets, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

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If your kitchen units are not standard sizes. Don't worry! We can offer a made to measure service in any of the Gloss Acrylic Colours, the Matt Acrylic Colours and some of the Luxury Shaker style doors - although these shaker style made to measure doors are slightly different from the ones shown on the website. Please contact us for any more information regarding this made to measure service or click here for more information. 

Do you sell made to measure kitchen units?

Yes. We can offer a made to measure service for kitchen units. If you require unusually sized kitchen cabinets please email for a quotation.

How can I make sure that my kitchen design will fit my room?

If you have already had a kitchen design done by a professional kitchen company/designer then simply measure the length of your walls and ensure that they correspond to your plan. Please ensure that the measurement from the corner of the room to any window(s) then across the window and then from the window to the other corner is correct according to the plan before visiting our showroom to obtain a quote or to place an order. If it is not, don’t worry, just write the correct sizes of kitchen units down on the plan and we will be able to work with this to ensure that you get a kitchen that works correctly.