The kitchen is often the most utilised room in the home and because of this it’s also one that’s quite hard on resources.

In this day and age we as people can’t afford to be inefficient with our food, electricity and the way we live our lives. That is why creating a greener kitchen is a necessity. Fortunately, the kitchen is also one of the easiest parts of the home to make greener and in doings so, to save money in. Additionally, the effects of these efforts can be seen almost immediately. So, here are some tips on how to create a more eco-friendly kitchen.

Appliances for Greener Kitchens

So many of your home appliances are located in the kitchen and because of this the area can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your home. These items are used most days and the older they are, the less green they tend to be generally speaking .Be aware of the following items, particularly if they are a little more aged.

  • Dishwasher – more efficient than washing by hand as the water is used more efficiently and so the dishwasher is a great saver. However, try to ensure you have an Energy Start rated one. Avoid pre-rinsing in the sink, use lower temperature settings and if it the appliance is over 10 years old replace it.
  • Fridges can be quite energy efficient nowadays, however older ones should be watched out for, as they tend to eat power. Setting the temperature a little higher can make the appliance more efficient and less power consuming. Additionally, it‘s worth noting that glass Tupperware tends to keep the cold in a lot better than the plastic equivalent. Finally, keep the coils at the back of the fridge clean as not doing this will mean you end up with a less efficient fridge.
  • Heating systems are also often focused in the kitchen. Adding a new boiler or heating system if yours is an older one, or even investing in a device like the smart phone controlled NEST thermostat can help you save money and is a wise investment. Alternative energy can also be a good option – deciding on a water source heat pumps can be a great way to heat a kitchen and a home for less.

Kitchen Composting

Setting up a composting system in your kitchen or the garden outside cuts down significantly on the amount of produce wasted. Additionally, it also allows you to turn skins and peel into a useful resource that can be used to grow items in your garden.

Composting can take a few months to complete, however it can be a great way to go green. There are all sorts of fantastic, quality items out there now that minimise odour and will leave you with rich, nutrient filled soil that you can use to create greener better food and plants.

Better Kitchen Cookware

Teflon is a fantastic product in terms of its non-stick abilities; however it’s been linked to a number of health issues including cancer and high cholesterol. As an alternative, clad aluminium or cast iron cookware are a better bet as they don’t have such issues and are even said to add iron into diets.

Organise Food in the Kitchen Cupboards

There are hundreds of thousands of tonnes of food waste in the world. Organising your food in a manner that means you are going to eat it all and none goes to waste can be a great way to cut down on wastage in the kitchen. Organising a shop around different meals for the week is a good way to prevent problems as you don’t buy in excess.

A triage box is a good idea too and it should be placed in the fridge and filled with items that are on the verge of turning. As these are more visible they are more likely to be used, or you can purposely make a meal from them. It’s a good way to shift your focus on to items like these and help you use these foods and also save money.

Use Seasonal Produce

Using food that’s in season is a great call and something that benefits you, your pocket and the environment. Seasonal produce is available locally and so results in fewer transport and production issues, it’s fresher so it tastes better and it’s cheaper. Buying in season can be a fantastic way to make more of your kitchen and ensure you create better, tastier meals.

Filter Water

Save your pocket and use a filter rather than purchase bottled water. Brita filters or a filtered water tap is a far more efficient and greener way to get water. With a fitted filter there’s no plastics used for bottling and the water doesn’t have to travel anywhere other than out of your tap – certainly something worth considering.

These tips will help you to a greener, better and more attractive kitchen that works better for you.

If  you have any concerns about your kitchen design, just contact us and we’ll be happy to accommodate your efforts.