The kitchen is one of the most energy consuming facets of the home and because of this consumers often focus on it when making their home more eco-friendly. However, a lot of people do not know where to begin when it comes to making their home more efficient. Here at the Kitchen Warehouse, we have created a piece with some ideas to help you get started if it is something you are interested in.

Induction Cooktops for New Kitchens

One of the latest developments in green cooking, induction cooktops are a great addition and tend to cut time in half when cooking. They tend to be around 90% more efficient than traditional stoves and are also quite affordable.

The items tend to raise temperature settings in intervals and this will greatly improve the speed at which items are heated and cooked. The induction cooktop is easy to install, work and fit well with the kitchen units for sale in our showrooms and can make a notable difference to your green cooking efforts.

Smart Faucets for Kitchen Units

The world of faucets and taps has changed dramatically in the previous few years as efforts to conserve water have come to the fore. The arrival of smart faucets has changed the way we use our taps. From aerators that reduce water flow, to touchless technology and options that allow for low flow – water is a precious resource that nowadays is not wasted in the kitchen. Needless to say that a lot of the waste in regards to water is down to the user, but these new additions help greatly.

Task Lighting and Lighting Control

Natural lighting is often considered the most attractive and wonderful forms of lighting – it is also the greenest form. However, there are plenty of great,energy-saving forms of artificial lighting on the market at the moment.

Designing a kitchen to make more of natural light can make a huge difference to the feel, style and the eco-friendliness of a kitchen. One tip for example is to place the prep areas and the work surfaces near windows. This is done to allow them to make the most of natural light and in doing so save on utilising electricity.

Needless to say when choosing lighting, go for fixtures that are energy efficient and have approved green credentials. Fluorescent lights tend to use less electricity and last a lot longer than the traditional form of lightbulb.

Smart lights are a fantastic form of kitchen lighting and ensure that you only use as much light as you need. These lighting systems are increasingly available for affordable prices and allow you the opportunity to control your lighting easily from your phone or via sensors when you walk in and out of a room. Dimmers, motion sensors and timers are also common. This sustainable sort of lighting can cut traditional energy costs notably and comes in an array of attractive styles.

Kitchen Windows 

As we mentioned before, natural light is a significant energy saver for homes and the way you design your kitchen can make a notable difference in the amount of brightness in your home. Traditionally, people used double hung windows or sliding doors. However, the more we install our kitchen units, the more we see larger more unique designs in kitchens that make more of light. Bay windows, for example, are becoming increasingly common, while large full wall windows now also appear a lot more than they used to.

We also see a lot of homes using modular home extensions to add extra space the home or a building quickly. These extensions tend to be built to high standards, offer great levels of insulation and also can be created to provide significant amounts of light into the home. From glass walls to glass ceilings and a whole lot more they can be fantastic for light and space for kitchens.

Additionally, when choosing windows it is best to decide on a style that has been approved as a green product. This will ensure that the window is eco-friendly, uses the best green materials and also ensures the room is as comfortable as it should be.

Our Kitchen Units for Sale

Our kitchen units for sale are of the very highest quality and they are built to the very highest standards. Whether it is a replacement kitchen door you are after or one of our range of kitchen units in our showroom, you will realise that we offer the highest quality and an amazing price.

We manufacture and sell the products, which in turn means that we can offer great prices to you. This is possible as we have already cut out the middleman. Our kitchens are built to your requirements, so if you want a green kitchen we can do all that is needed to supply and fit such an effort.

Being greener in the kitchen, requires you to be more aware of the energy you use, the items you buy and the way you go about your daily life. Energy efficiency takes effort on everyones part, however, it also works out well for the individual too. By using less energy, we tend to have lower gas and electricity bills, use less water and waste less food. See here for some tips on making your kitchen greener.

As we mentioned at the start of this blog, the kitchen is one of the most resource heavy parts of the home and as such, we need to be especially careful there. Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you meet your needs and ensure your kitchen is as energy efficient as it could be. Call 01765 640 000 today or email us at

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