Whether you are building or renovating a new home, or just planning to give your old kitchen a stylish makeover, there are a lot of tough decisions to be made! Various aesthetic choices can be employed to great effect, from the type of finish to the colour scheme to the final touches and accessories. One particular option that is guaranteed to withstand the test of time both physically and in terms of taste is the use of wood within your fixtures and fittings. Here, Kitchen Warehouse will explain the various ways in which you can utilise wood to great effect throughout your kitchen in order to achieve the look you have always dreamed of.

Creating A Wooden Kitchen Design

You might decide to opt for a wooden kitchen design for a variety of reasons. Firstly, this material has been wildly popular throughout both the formation of the structure of buildings and the construction of furniture for millennia – after all, it is readily available and very easy to work with. These benefits also mean that almost any design and finish is possible; after all, wood can be stained, varnished, waxed, laminated and carved to match any taste or style. Choosing a natural wood finish offers a very pleasing look in itself and can complement both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.

Also, depending on the genus that you choose, wood is highly sustainable. Pine and oak, for example, are carefully cultivated in huge numbers and so are hugely common throughout the UK – resulting in low air mileage which means reduced carbon emissions, and no chance of exhausting the supply of trees in a way that would go towards causing the species’ extinction.

Finally, choosing wood as a principal material for your kitchen is great when it comes to repairs and maintenance too. Any swelling or warping of doors can be fixed by carefully planing back an area that obstructs the leaf fitting into the frame, and shallow stains and unwanted finishes can be gently sanded off. This means you can change the look of your wooden kitchen easily, without having to purchase expensive new fittings each time.

Wood Kitchen Ideas

Solid wood kitchen units for sale

There are many ways in which wood can be used to great effect in a kitchen space. While it’s often perceived to be a highly traditional material, it can be treated in numerous different ways to achieve unique looks.

Leaving a simple wood finish across all surfaces and units will create a kitchen that offers style longevity and fits in with a classic interior theme, but wood with the same finish used sparingly in panels can be set against other materials such as stainless steel, stone or resin for a more edgy, modern feel.

The use of wood that is painted, such as with our ivory kitchen cabinets for example, but unvarnished is currently highly popular, as matte finishes are all the rage. This choice will give a soft, delicate look to your kitchen units. However, painted or stained wood that is varnished or laminated, then polished and buffed to a high shine can also be utilised to great effect, as the reflection of light on the surfaces will make space appear larger and brighter. You could decide to paint some units and fittings and leave others sporting a natural finish for a little interesting contrast.

The use of two types of wood in very different natural colours is also a way of achieving subtle contrast and works well if you are interested in creating a traditional kitchen with an extra level of visual interest thrown in.

Whether you choose to keep wood looking natural or to colour it, there is always the options to have it carved, creating chamfers, curves and other aesthetically beautiful forms to complement the space.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets and Doors

Choosing solid wood cabinets and replacement kitchen doors is a great way to get the material running right around the room, creating a strong feel. They can then be finished with either complementary or contrasting worktops and appliances, and accessories such as our stunning selection of kitchen door handles, which have been created in both contemporary and traditional styles. This will truly complete the look. You could even opt for hidden handles to allow greater enjoyment of the flow of the wood grain and the aesthetics of the carving.

Another option is to fit natural wood doors to cabinets or units of different materials for an interesting and quirky contrast – one that will be particularly effective if the two different styles are entirely different in texture and colour.

Solid wood is always preferable to wood lamination, as surfaces and corners in kitchens are subject to a great deal of wear and tear, so chipping or peeling may occur if thin veneers are utilised. Solid wood is also much easier to work with if you wish to change the look of the room by stripping back its current finish and applying a new one – an approach that would not be possible with laminate.

How Do I Put My Ideas into Practice? 

Kitchen design is a highly complex matter, as it is, of course, important to ensure that your space is employed to the best practical use as well as being beautiful. It is a very good idea to go to a kitchen specialist to discuss your ideas and look at a number of options to inform your decision before diving in, as you will want your kitchen to function in a way that perfectly fits with your lifestyle and personal requirements, as well as those of your household and guests.

If you have some exciting ideas for your kitchen but are not quite sure how to realise them, simply contact Kitchen Warehouse LTD today for a little inspiration. You can take a look around our showroom at Hutton Moor Farm, Hutton Conyers, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5LZ or simply call or email the team on 01765 640 000 or contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com and ask for their assistance. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer useful, practical advice to ensure you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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