Designing your kitchen can be a very enjoyable yet complex experience. There is a wide array of materials that you can use, each of them offering their own pros and cons. With this in mind, it is understandable thar so many homeowners become alienated, confused, and unsure of what to use.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, it might be a great idea to consider using solid wood furniture. The material offers a large number of benefits over other types of wood, and furniture made of different materials. Solid wood kitchens are a classic, so you can’t go wrong with them! Check out the great benefits it provides below as the Kitchen Warehouse team deep dive into the advantages of using solid wood in your kitchen.

A classic, timeless design

Wood never goes out of style, trust us. They have a timeless beauty to them, while still being incredibly simple and practical. They may become a fixture of your home for years to come, without the risk of making it look outdated. Not only is the aged look very trendy, but it is also beautiful, and unique, in our opinion!

This is since its natural grain will make every single piece of furniture in your kitchen a unique one. Capable of fitting with most styles and colour schemes, solid wood furniture is guaranteed to suit your kitchen neatly.

Extra long durability

Solid wood is a very resistant material – while other sorts of wood are susceptible to damage from moisture, suffering from quick peeling and chipping, solid wood is highly resistant to it. Even if it does get damaged over time, you can always get it refinished, restoring it to good as new quality once more.

This eliminates the need to replace your furniture – making it an excellent investment which will save a lot of money in the long run, and possibly end up being gifted to your next generation.Solid Wood Worktops

Displays sophistication and personality

Using solid wood furniture is a clear sign that one is sophisticated and values quality – since the material is associated with the fine craftsmanship. As solid wood is not a material many people use in their kitchen, it also makes it stand out – your visitors are bound to comment on it, noticing your creativity and personality, a win win!

Warmer and more inviting

Most kitchens are made almost entirely of artificial materials, which make it a cold, monotonous environment which is not very inviting at all, not a quality you want in your dream kitchen. A kitchen made of solid wood will make you feel a lot more comfortable when preparing your meals.

Provides extra strength

Most kitchen units made from other wood types are not nearly as strong as solid wood cabinets. They are terrible at supporting heavy countertop materials and are sure to cause you trouble in the long run.

Easy to fix

We’re sure you won’t be surprised to hear that wood is probably one of the most abundant materials on earth. When things do go wrong, it is very simple to fix wood material, as getting a replacement is not a difficult task. You can opt to contact the original seller or even get your own carpenter in to do the job for you.Wooden cupboard doors

Low maintenance

Using solid wood for your kitchen offers great durability which also comes with ease of use. There is only one suggested routine that is involved when using wood, which is that you should varnish once in a while to keep the wood looking up to date. This will help you bring the wood back to its original state, and possibly even make it more beautiful and crisper that the day you bought it!

Each piece of solid wood furniture offers the benefits mentioned above, with ours being an excellent example. Our Madison solid wood kitchen units, for instance, are made of quality oak, which is not only highly durable and strong but also goes well in both traditional and modern kitchen settings. On top of the practicality that wood furniture already offers, it has adjustable legs or hanging brackets with mounting plates – so it can be placed exactly where you’d like them to go.

Using wood is a fantastic and inexpensive alternative to the other options available for your kitchen. The traditional marble worktop can be expensive for many buyers which is why wood is a great alternative.

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If you are interested in installing a solid wood kitchen for yourself, then make sure you browse through the excellent range of models we have to offer here at Kitchen Warehouse. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!