It is hard to escape the doom and gloom surrounding people in England at the moment. Making our way through lockdown 2.0 is hard enough, add to that the bare trees, wind and rain and you have the perfect mix for a downbeat end to the year.

But why should it be that way? After all, many people took the first lockdown as the perfect opportunity for some home improvement, so why can’t you do something in a similar vein this time around? No, we’re not telling you to completely strip back and redo your home, but there are some subtle touches you can make to your kitchen to make it the perfect autumn retreat.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we thought we would give you some of our favourites.

A whole new palette

Now forgive us when we say this one may not be as subtle as we promised above, but this is purely dependent on how far you want to go with it. If you are tired of looking at the same four walls for the past 7 months, it may be time to give them a lick of paint. You can make your kitchen into something more your style and perhaps an autumnal palette could be the one for you.

Some colours that work perfectly at this time of year are shades of red, whether this be bright and vibrant or something a little more understated, the choice is well and truly yours! We also find that warm, neutral colours complement the autumn season well, such as beige and cashmere.

Be sure to check out our cashmere kitchen units for some inspiration on how your kitchen could become a space ideal for autumn nights in.

Add some seasonal lighting

As the nights draw in and the days get shorter, it is likely you are going to be needing your kitchen lighting a lot more at this time of year, especially when preparing food. But we understand at Kitchen Warehouse that putting your main light on can spoil the autumnal mood you are trying to portray.

This is why we recommend some smaller lighting solutions that still provide enough visibility in your workspace for you to work safely and effectively, whilst still maintaining the cosy autumn theme you are looking to go for. LED lights work particularly well here, as you are able to place them wherever suits best, and change colours all year round throughout the different seasons, autumn included.

Add some wood to your kitchen design

Wood may not be everyone’s material of choice when it comes to kitchen design. Of course, wood does dominate the kitchen, with kitchen cabinets and doors amongst other aspects being made of the sturdy material. But, as we are sure you are aware, kitchen doors and units are normally painted over in a colour of your choice to create a theme you are happy with.

With autumn in full swing, could it be time to experiment with a natural wood design for your kitchen? We’re not saying you should change your marble worktops right away, but you could potentially incorporate some wooden chopping boards, dinner trays or plate mats that wouldn’t look out of place in any kind of kitchen.

Now may be the best time to try them out for yourself…

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We offer a huge range of kitchen units in the UK, with a wide selection fitting in perfectly at this time of year, come and see for yourself now!

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