The recent flooding across the UK has been devastating to many people.

In North Yorkshire we have seen the terrible effects of this first hand. So many households have been left almost beyond repair by flooding and even those homes that have not been as drastically affected face a long clean up process.

When it comes to your kitchen, flood damage can have a shocking effect on your room. It can destroy the flooring, your kitchen cabinet doors, the units themselves and also any appliances you have. It can take a long time to get your home back to its former state.

This is why we have compiled a short guide on how you can deep clean your kitchen after being flooded.

While preventing flooding is obviously the best way to avoid a clean up this is just not possible in most cases particularly with the severe weather and rainfall we have seen recently. If you do unfortunately find yourself in this kind of situation then these are some helpful tips that can help make the clean up process easier and more effective.

What You Should Do Right Away

If your kitchen is in danger of being flooded or even if just some water has crept in then there are some immediate actions you need to take.

Remove any furniture from the room such as chairs and tables to prevent them from being damaged. For any furnishings that you can’t move then a good tip is to wrap the legs with aluminium foil to prevent significant damage if the water level isn’t too high.

Turning off the electricity to the room is also very important. This can be easily done via the fuse box in your home.

Unfortunately for many people flooding comes on almost without any warning so some of these measures aren’t always possible. Don’t fear however because you can still salvage your kitchen.

Airing Out The Kitchen

The next step in getting your kitchen back to normal is to let it air out.

You need to do this step before you can start to deep clean the kitchen because doing so with water still in the room or a lot of moisture means that cleaning will not be as effective. It sounds pretty basic but many people, even after a small amount of water has infiltrated their kitchen, don’t air it out properly. This can mean that kitchen cabinet doors, units and furnishings don’t get a proper chance to dry.

Open all your kitchen cabinet doors even if they are above the level that the water came to. Open windows and doors as well to let the air circulate and allow the moisture to be removed. It is important to keep the room well ventilated and make use of any fans you might have as well.

If you have wood furnishings then wipe them down with a dry cloth to get rid of moisture and dampness.

Once the kitchen is sufficiently dried out then you can move onto the deep clean stage.

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Deep cleaning your kitchen after a flood is much more intense than a normal kitchen tidy up.

It means cleaning practically every aspect, corner and hidden part of the kitchen to not only get rid of any dampness but also to remove bacteria and germs.

You’ll need anti-bacterial spray, limescale remover, furniture polish, floor cleaner and oven cleaner for this.

Imagine your normal kitchen cleaning routine then times it by about 10! Basically you want to clean the kitchen in a rigorous manner making sure that every part of your appliances, units and kitchen cabinet doors are scrubbed effectively. Even in parts of the kitchen that aren’t seemingly affected by water you should clean with as much endeavour as those that are.

Take out your fridge and freezer shelves as soak them in warm soapy water and do the same for your oven rack and any other shelves that can be soaked in water.

Every part of your kitchen should be deep cleaned even if you think it has been safe from direct water damage.

We Are Committed To Helping You

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Sometimes items in your home are beyond repair due to flooding. Even though the above steps should be able to salvage parts of your kitchen and assist in the clean up process some parts might not be salvageable. Don’t fret though because if you do need new kitchen cabinet doors then we offer the best prices and with our special promotional code you can get your kitchen back to its best in no time.

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