Have you been thinking about investing in some new worktops this year? Perhaps you are already looking forward to revamping your kitchen?

There are so many different options out there for worktops from granite, composite and hardwood options, however, this blog post from our team here at the Kitchen Warehouse investigates whether or not laminate worktops are any good.

Often cited as one of the cheapest options for worktops in the UK, is it worth going for laminate or is it better to pay a little bit more for a superior material? Let’s find out.

What are laminate worktops good for?

Aside from their budget price, laminate worktops have a lot of advantages when used in the kitchen. Consider how easy it can be to damage your worktops. You not only set appliances and kitchen accessories on them but you also use worktops to cut up food, prepare meals and generally deal with the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Do laminate worktops hold up to this? Well, they are durable against spillages, chemicals and stains. They can become damaged through heat and steam and it is not recommended that you cut anything on the worktop directly either. That being said, laminate worktops are among the most durable for everyday use.

They are also incredibly flexible and easy to fit. Laminate can be cut and fitted by pretty much anyone and it does not require a professional to install it. A laminate worktop is very easy to clean and maintain too – a simple wipe with a damp cloth will get rid of most stains and spillages and they do not require much maintenance.

Are there any downsides?

Aside from the durability issue that we mentioned above, there are some things that laminate is not suited for. After a while, they can peel at the edges which really detracts from the overall look. While you can refit a laminate worktop pretty easily it is still an annoyance. Putting hot pots or pans on a laminate surface is not recommended either. While this is generally OK for a short period of time on most worktop surfaces, a laminate worktop will become damaged and some can even be prone to melting as well.

There is also a wide variety in quality with laminate worktops compared to other materials. Get a good laminate worktop and everything is great however you can really pay for a poor quality and budget option further down the line.

Are laminate worktops worth it?

If you are on a low budget then you can do a lot worse than laminate worktops. They look modern, fit alongside almost every kitchen design and kitchen units style and for the most part, they will last for quite a while.

They do come with their downsides. Laminate worktops can damage easily with water, steam and scratches and the quality is often touch and go. That being said, their easy to clean nature, sleek look and budget price means that laminate worktops are still among the most popular materials to use in kitchens across the UK.

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