Buying new worktops for your kitchen can be a real headache. Do you go for quartz, laminate, hardwood or even stainless steel? In a recent post, we discussed whether or not laminate worktops are worth purchasing, but what about using granite?

Granite worktops have risen in popularity, with many households now use this material in their kitchen. In this Kitchen Warehouse blog, we are going to answer the question ‘are granite worktops worth the cost?’ to find out if you should choose this material for the worktops in your home. Read on for more information from our expert team.

Slab Granite v Pre-Produced Granite

There are two types of granite than you can buy for the worktops in your kitchen. Slab granite is the more traditionally used form of the material and it is essentially what its name suggests. It is a slab of granite that is imported into the UK, cut and polished and then fitted into your kitchen. The problem for many people is that this form of granite comes at a high price.

Pre-produced granite, or ‘pre-fab granite’, is mass-produced and comes pre-cut into specific sizes. It is generally a more affordable option than slab granite and it is surprisingly difficult to tell the difference between the two. That being said, many people prefer the slab version as it tends to look more natural and it is easier to accommodate custom dimensions with slab granite.

Ultimately for a lot of consumers who are aiming to upgrade their kitchen worktops, the choice comes down to the price and pre-produced granite is usually a lot more affordable.

Cost Of Granite Worktops

Advantages of Granite Worktops

The big advantage of granite worktops is that granite is not porous (if it is sealed properly). This means that liquids and air cannot soak or pass through the material which results in less dirt, grime and bacteria forming.

It results in a cleaner kitchen worktop that is resistant to the dirt that many other materials suffer from. Granite itself can last decades and still look as good as it did when it was first installed. In fact, cleaning your granite worktops is a very easy process, just have a look at our blog post on how to clean your granite worktops.

Granite worktops also come perfectly flat which can be a big bonus depending on what food you are preparing for. It’s eco-friendly nature and appearance will add a little bit of value onto your home too, which is always something consider when thinking about the cost of granite worktops.

Disadvantages of Granite Worktops

Even though granite worktops are highly durable and often look great, they do have some drawbacks.

They require regular maintenance as they need to be sealed regularly to preserve their non-porous nature. You will need to do this once or twice a year although it is only a mild inconvenience as it does not require a lot of expertise to seal your granite worktops.

The material is also generally not something you can install yourself and usually requires a professional to do, which should be factored into the cost of your kitchen worktop.

Are Granite Worktops Worth The Cost?

So, it is with the cost of granite worktops? In our opinion, for the most part, yes. They provide a durable option to have in your kitchen and if installed correctly and sealed regularly they can last for decades. Their natural look means that every granite worktop has a sense of uniqueness about it, which is something that has proven popular as people look to more quirky, individual kitchen designs in more modern times.

They do have some downsides and generally cost more than other materials; however, their durability does make them worth the cost overall.

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