When people choose to decorate a room in their home, it can save them a lot of money and further redecorations down the line if they create a timeless design, and this could not apply more than to the kitchen.

By designing a timeless kitchen, you will leave your home with a kitchen that not only is in keeping with current trends but will also be able to stand the test of time as styles and fashions change over the years.

Before you begin with any work on the kitchen in your home, take a look at this blog post from Kitchen Warehouse which details how, regardless of the style or age of your property, you can create a gorgeous, timeless kitchen in your home.

Use a Shaker style

Whether you choose to have new, complete kitchen units installed in your home, like ones from our luxury shaker kitchen units. You can also opt for our replacement kitchen doors, like those in our Roma shaker painted collection. The Shaker style can provide a classic look to kitchens of all shapes, sizes and layouts.

Shaker items have clean lines which makes them perfect for fitting in equally well with traditionally styled properties or homes with a more modern touch. Because this type of unit or door can fit so well with various kitchen styles, it means that a more timeless design can be created. This is opposed to using units which sway more to either class or contemporary. The balance of Shaker kitchens is what gives them their longevity.

Apply neutral colours

Another way to create a timeless kitchen is by painting it in a neutral colour. It doesn’t have to be white, contrary to popular belief, as colours like greys, beiges, and shades of brown or black also fall into the neutral colour bracket.

By using neutral hues you can create a kitchen style that is not as harsh as the ones that use bold, stand out colours. This, therefore, means that the smaller items and finishing touches are what you can use to give your kitchen a bespoke, personal touch. Thanks to the timeless design brought by neutral colours, all you have to do is change those individual touches and finishes to refresh the rooms as fashions and trends change over the years.

Add a marble top kitchen island

Marble has a timeless appeal; it will almost certainly never go out of fashion. Providing you use a marble colour that perfectly complements the shaker units and neutral hues you have implemented in the rest of the kitchen, a marble countertop is ideal for further prolonging your design, ensuring it is etched in fashion for many years to come. Especially when it is added to a kitchen island!

A kitchen island is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, as it is extremely practical, providing additional storage space as well as an extra countertop. Some kitchen designs even have their kitchen sink placed on the island or even appliances such as their stove. The practicality of a kitchen island twinned with the trendiness of marble will no doubt help you to create a timeless kitchen.

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