If you were to trace back the history of kitchen design ideas, you would see how different styles have developed over time. You would also notice how particular styles have gone in and out of fashion. Overall, you’d see the lineage we have gone through, from where we were to where we are now. Moreover, it shows how some aspects of kitchen design remain consistent and constant. One such style would definitely have to be the Shaker kitchen. Over the years, the humble Shaker has gone from being a design built out of necessity and practicality to probably the most popular kitchen style of them all. It has been loved my millions through the generations and over centuries. The Shaker has come a long way, without really veering too far away from its roots or its founding principles. Here we put together Modern Shaker vs Luxury Shaker – two variants of this classic kitchen style. We ask the question: Which is best?

Modern Shaker vs Luxury Shaker: Appearance

So, what is a Shaker kitchen? Well, in a nutshell, Shaker cabinet design marries simplicity with elegance. It makes optimum use of space to ensure that the kitchen feels uncluttered. Clean lines and functional spaces are what the Shaker is all about.

Without the need for a full-blown history lesson; it is interesting to know a little about the original Shakers. A religious group dating back to the 18th century, Shakers believed in simplicity and utility. Shakers thought that everything in the home should have a practical purpose. In essence, the core principles of Shaker living were carried forward into the design of Shaker kitchens.

Simple Design: Incredible Quality

Characterised by simple design with no excessive decoration, contemporary Shaker kitchens have changed little –  fundamentally – from the very first designs of centuries ago.

When you see Modern Shaker vs Luxury Shaker, you will recognise all the hallmarks of classic heritage. However, you will also see modern convenience, functionality, and beauty.

The Modern Shaker and Luxury Shaker are close cousins with subtle differences. The doors are both constructed from five pieces in the classic tradition of timber door manufacture. The Modern Shaker features a 93mm outer frame with small chamfered detail on the inside edge of the frame. Meanwhile the Luxury Shaker door has a chunky 120mm outer frame, with no moulding or detailing around the inside edge.

modern shaker vs luxury shaker 1

Modern Shaker and Luxury Shaker: Synonymous with style

Shaker units are synonymous with style. The original Shakers focused on practicality but were always sure to use quality materials. The principles that gave birth to such stunning functionality have remained largely the same over the years. As is always the case, the modern era has seen an explosion in Shaker styles. However, all of these styles, including Modern Shaker and Luxury Shaker remain true to those original design principles.

The contemporary Shaker kitchen is about smooth, clear lines and simplicity. Add to this, subtle touches and a growing range of colours and materials and you have an idea of what Shaker kitchens are all about in 2021.

Modern versions of a classic

Modern interpretations of the classic style result in helpful storage solutions, such as deep drawers to make modern living easier. Designs maximise the space you have and minimise clutter and waste. Smooth and clear lines are still the order of the day with Shaker units, but there is now far more choice. Sleek angles and curved edging are just two of the ways that this timeless classic has been updated.

The real hallmark of Shaker style is the recessed panelling and square profile. It may be uniform and ordered but it is anything but dull. With a style that has been around for centuries, it’s easy to form the perception that Shaker kitchens are old-fashioned. In fact, the 2021 version of the Shaker is anything but. It’s only ‘old-fashioned’ in the sense that the traditional design principles and aesthetic have changed little over the years. In fact, few kitchen design styles are as versatile and adaptable as a Shaker. It’s the perfect match for a traditional, country farmhouse vibe. At the same time, it’s a super-stylish fit for the most contemporary of kitchen designs.

How much do Shaker units cost?

Modern Shaker and Luxury Shaker kitchens are more affordable than you might think. All the units are supplied with a 22mm thick, five-piece Shaker door. Wood grain is embossed into the hard-wearing PVC surface. It produces the look and feel of painted timber. However, the hefty price tag.

All in all, it means that the price of both Modern Shaker and Luxury Shaker kitchen units is affordable. The two ranges are the same price. As an example, the 350mm single door base unit is £129.37. The 800mm base unit with double doors is £198.73.

A fantastic and stylish new Shaker kitchen costs less than you think.

modern shaker vs luxury shaker

Are Shaker kitchens easy to maintain and clean?

Shaker kitchens are very easy to maintain and clean. All you need to do is wipe the cabinets down with an all-purpose cleaning wipe. Another option is to use diluted vinegar. Obviously, you. should never use an abrasive cloth as this could cause scratches on the surface. After wiping simply dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. Should a stubborn stain or mark appear, make up a paste with baking soda and water to remove it. Allow the mixture to set into the stain and then gently wipe clean.

Kitchen Warehouse Modern Shaker and Luxury Shaker Units

Our Modern Shaker Kitchen Units carry on the proud tradition of Shaker style and design. This style equally suits a country farmhouse kitchen and the most modern of open plan designs. The Modern Shaker is versatile and there’s plenty of colour choice too. There’s a colour and tone to match any mood and design aesthetic. At the lighter end of the spectrum are the gorgeous Porcelain Modern Shaker and Ivory Modern Shaker and Cashmere Modern Shaker.

Grey is a popular as a choice of colour throughout the home and the Modern Shaker range reflects this. There are two beautiful shades of grey available: Light Grey and Dust Grey. For those that want to go darker still, there are two other fantastic colours: Indigo and Graphite. There really is something for everyone with our Modern Shaker kitchen units.

Wood Grain Embossed Doors

All colours in the range feature a 22mm PVC Shaker door. Wood grain-embossed PVC creates the look of painted timber but at a much more affordable price. Traditionally constructed doors have 5 individual pieces. Hettich soft closing hinges and drawers come with all Modern Shaker kitchens. The 18mm units come flat-packed with easy instructions. Base units have height adjustable legs and the wall units come with adjustable fixing plates and hanging brackets. Modern Shaker doors come complete with pre-drilled hinge holes.

Bring some luxury into your kitchen

The 120mm outer frame without moulding or detailing on the inside edge is one of the highlights of our Luxury Shaker range. As the name suggests, these units will bring a luxurious feel to your kitchen. As with all Shaker styles, whether your desired kitchen design is classic and contemporary, or modern and contemporary, the Luxury Shaker range ticks all the boxes.

Two of the most popular colour choices are Ivory and Dove Grey. Luxury Shaker is a range with many colours. Cashmere, Dakar and Mussel complete the choice of lighter shades. You can also opt for a different shade of grey, Dust Grey. But, that’s not where it ends with colour choice. There are two stunning and on-trend blues, in the shape of Ocean Blue and Midnight Blue. Graphite is the ideal option if you would like a darker shade in the kitchen. Not only that, there is also a beautiful Sage Green and classic White and Oak.

Whether you want to choose a timeless colour, soft and neutral, or contemporary and modern, it’s all here in the Luxury Shaker range.

Decision time: Which Shaker kitchen is best?

Ultimately, it’s nigh on impossible to separate the two styles. There’s no doubt that Modern Shaker vs Luxury Shaker is a very close match-up. Cut from the same cloth and natural bedfellows, the only thing that can separate these two great styles is your personal preference and taste. Luxury Shaker offers a subtle and sumptuous take on the classic Shaker design. Meanwhile, Modern Shaker provides a slightly minimalist and contemporary slant. At the end of day, it just comes down to which one you personally believe to be the more beautiful of the two. For more advice and guidance about any aspect of Shaker kitchens, contact the Kitchen Warehouse team. We help you find your dream kitchen.