As trends and fashions regarding kitchen designs change year on year, one style which is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in modern homes and properties, is the industrial kitchen.

Not to everyone’s liking, some still prefer a more traditional design, an industrial style kitchen can look stunning if properly planned and laid out. There are many ways your next kitchen renovation can successfully include industrial features.

While the suggestion of something being industrial can seem slightly cold and uncomfortable, industrial kitchen styles can, in fact, present you with a cosy and welcoming space in which to cook, eat and converse with your family and friends.

Read this blog post from the Kitchen Warehouse to find out how to achieve an industrial kitchen.

Create Space

One of the main features that makes a kitchen fall into the industrial style category is that it will be open and tidy and therefore will have an abundance of space. A cluttered, cramped kitchen will stand little chance of appearing industrial. De-clutter any surfaces and countertops you have and avoid placing a kitchen island in the room if you are naturally restricted in terms of space.

Features of the space could include stripped down brick walls, exposed pipes and perhaps even uncovered or unhid metal beams in your ceiling. The use of stainless-steel appliances and kitchen accessories further adds to industrial designs.

Combine Materials and Colours

The type of materials you use within the kitchen will determine if you have created a kitchen that looks industrial. Use metals such as brass for things such as hanging lampshades, and even consider using metal chairs or stools. These can be used alongside your wooden dining table if you have space for it in the kitchen or for next to a wooden extension from your kitchen island. Metal kitchen items will also complement our range of wooden complete kitchen units and replacement kitchen doors.

Keep a simple colour palette, angled more towards black and grey tones, and ensure the colours you choose can complement the use of copper and brass elsewhere in the design. Marble or wooden worktops and tables will add a touch of sophistication to the room while maintaining the industrial style.

Use Rugged, Yet Simple Designs

As mentioned earlier in the post, exposed, original brick can be a great way to achieve an industrial kitchen design. Avoid any temptation to paint the brick – leave it bare! A bare wall, particularly a single feature wall is an excellent starting point for the design and is perfect for basing the rest of the design around.

You could even choose to use open, wooden or metal shelves and when this is combined with a bare brick wall it is ideal for bringing additional industrial style to your kitchen. By keeping the design as simple as possible it will prevent you from falling back into the trap of creating a cluttered kitchen that you may have needed to combat to begin with. Consider implementing wood or dark coloured, large flooring tiles into the design too.

Urban, industrial kitchens are simple, rugged, yet can use a combination of materials. Dark colours such as black and grey tones can complement the use of wood to add further industrial touches to the room. For further details on designs of this type, please do not hesitate to reach out to our helpful, knowledgeable team. Contact us by calling 01765 640 000 or by sending an email to [email protected].

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