Papers and Magazines are full of ways to save money, water and food. One of the most simple and most rewarding things we find is actually regrowing your own food in the kitchen. There is nothing better than seeing something you have planted take life. Then to be able to taste your accomplishment is even better! There are a few different plants you can actually plant quite simply in your kitchen that will grow without much attention. This saves money and also has the added bonus of bringing life to your kitchen and making you seem much more green to your friends.

1. Spring onions

Spring onions are a favorite of mine and I love them with some salad cream. The white root of the onion is the part that you will want to keep on this one though. Putting the white root in a glass with some fresh water and placing it in a sunny position will make the green leaves sprout up. When you need some to cook with, simply chop them off and leave to root to continue growing in the water! You will need to freshen up the water every week or so though.

2. Cabbage

Once again, when you get to the white root of the cabbage. You will need to put it in some soil and keep it very moist until you can see the new sprouts appear. In a few weeks the cabbage will grow and you will have a complete new head! This method can be used also with celery and romaine lettuce.

3. Garlic

Garclic can be regown with juts a single clove of the stuff! The simple method is the plant the clove root end down in a warm place with a lot of sunlight. The plant will begin to root itself in and then produce some new shoots. Cutting these shoots back will make the garlic put full production into making a big bulb for you to eat. This process can be repeated as many times as needed meaning you never need to buy garlic again!

4. Pineapple

One the is more commonly talked about is pineapple. This is a good one but many people do not realize the amount of time this can take. Firstly you have to cut off the leafy head but make sure that there is no fruit left on as this may rot and kill the plaint you are trying to make. Also you will need to cut it right so you can see the buds to plant it. Then once planted in a warm and well drained place you can water the plant, You will need to water it regularly at first but when you can see the plant you can water once a week. Now you will see the plant grow in the first few months but it may take a couple of years before you are actually making something with your own home grown pineapples!

5. Onions

We shall finish with an easy one, All you gotta do it cut off the root end of the onion, plonk it in a sunny position in your garden with some soil over the top and make sure you regularly water. The only thing is onions prefer a warm environment. So it may be best to keep them in pots and move them indoors during the winter months

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