That first moment you walk into your kitchen it is highly probably your eyes are immediately drawn to the kitchen cabinet doors. If there is something you don’t like about them, chances are their blemishes regularly gives you that same negative feeling.

Kitchen cabinet doors are primarily a functional necessity but they should also be appealing on the eye. In the ideal world, they would make your kitchen look outstanding, after all, they are an important focal point in your home.

To replace or to reface?

New kitchen doors

Our colourful kitchen doors

Before you start ripping out your cupboards you should take the time to consider replacing the cupboard doors. Ask a kitchen fitter and they are very likely to advise they spend a considerable amount of time taking a kitchen apart ready to replace a new one. Even when the old units, including the doors, are in perfect working order. Replacing just the cabinet doors can save you thousands. In the current economic climate where families all over the country are looking for ways to cut costs, this can be a welcome budget saver for many.

It does not matter what you think of your kitchen cupboard aesthetics, you should not throw them away without putting their functionality and durability to the test. You would be a financial fool to act in such a hasty manner.

Did you know that old traditional kitchen cabinets doors are far more durable than modern ones? Yes, they may be uglier but there are plenty of options available to you when replacing the faces of your kitchen units.

We take a look at seven reasons why you should be buying new kitchen cabinet doors instead of replacing your whole kitchen:

Extremely Economical

On average your kitchen reface can cost half the amount you would spend on replacing the entire cabinet. Don’t limit this option to your kitchen; you can achieve the same result with your bathroom or anywhere else you have cabinets in the home. As explained previously, in the majority of cases the cabinets may not be easy on the eye but they are in a very good condition.

If you are completely happy with the space and layout of your current cabinets, a reface is the perfect option!

It is a Less Complicated Process

Replacing the cabinets in your home can be a massive task and can take up to a week from start to completion. You will need to be comfortable that your kitchen is going to be turned upside down and time will need to be made available to empty all the contents of your cupboards- and for a lot of mess to be made by workmen. On the opposite end of the spectrum replacing the faces can be done in as little as one day by someone who has relatively elementary DIY skills.

Your kitchen can look like this!

Your kitchen can look like this!

Reduces the Risk of Waste

Why remove your kitchen cabinet doors if there are in perfect working order? That would just be a waste. Bin them and they are very likely to end in landfills somewhere and making a contribution to the accumulation of hazardous waste. Plus you will need to expand your budget to cover the cost of new cupboards. It is likely you may not need to pay to redecorate either especially if the new cupboards are the same size but if you find them a struggle to remove you may need to re-plaster or re-wallpaper.

Finish Options

In the current world we live in there are lots of options available to you when selecting a kitchen design. Various amounts of wood and colours being on the market. Real wood options are also available depending on your budget. You can choose new handles and potentially add glass to your kitchen cabinet doors.

Adding glass alone would completely transform your kitchen!


Did you know that the majority of cabinets are made out of a material called formaldehyde? A hazardous material that unfortunately ends up in landfills. In addition to this, you are saving a few trees. You can stop this from getting worse by refacing your kitchen instead. Do your research as there are plenty of companies who will take the old faces off your hands. As you can see from the previosu comments refacing is not only a cost-effective option, but a green one too.

New Kitchen Look

When you kitchen reface is complete you can sit back and marvel your kitchen. You will be pleasantly surprised on the difference replacement kitchen cabinet doors can make.

The Possibilities 

Other options available to you include leaving your kitchen cabinet doors as they are and repainting them. Other refurbishment tactics include having your kitchen doors sanded and varnished. If your doors are in good condition this is an option worth thinking about as you could save even more money.

We have provided plenty of reasons why replacing your kitchen cabinet doors can be financially beneficial as well as economical. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any further advice, or a quote on your very own kitchen door replacement!