For the majority of homeowners, space in the home is at an absolute premium.

Therefore corners can be particularly problematic.

This is true all across the home. Before the advent of large flat screen TVs, and the trend for fixing these to the wall, think about how much dead, wasted space would be left behind the TV in the corner.

Why is space so important?

Similar concerns are definitely a key issue with modern kitchen design. The kitchen in the modern family home has become a central hub of the home. It needs to be a practical space but also a space for socialising and relaxing.

Every spare inch of space becomes important, especially for smaller and galley kitchens.

And that’s where corner units come into their own.

How do you make the most of kitchen corners?

Any corner base unit needs to allow maximum access.

At Kitchen Warehouse we understand how important it is to utilise kitchen corner space.

Regardless, of the style or design of kitchen that you choose for your home, we’ve got you covered. You will find a range of stylish and practical corner base units and other options to help you make the most of that all-important corner space.

floating shelves

Corner units for sleek and contemporary kitchen styles

Take Handleless High Gloss Kitchen Units as an example. For many homeowners, handleless high gloss epitomises the sleek, streamlined ultra-modern look that they desire for their kitchen.

The handleless high gloss range includes stylish L-shaped corner kitchen cabinets that fit flush to the corner walls.

You can also choose corner base units with the choice of a door to the left or right, ensuring the best access and use of space possible.

Another great option is a curved cabinet

Corner base units aren’t your only option. Curved cabinets are an innovative way to add a touch of sleek sophistication. Particularly effective in contemporary high gloss, curved cabinets offer bags of style to any interior design choice.

The real bonus – as well as the great look – is that it creates a genuinely organic and fluid feel to the kitchen space.

Luxury Shaker corner units

Of course, with such a wide range of different kitchen designs to choose from the various Kitchen Warehouse collections, there are also no shortage of options when it comes to corner units. Luxury Shaker – a modern take on a timeless kitchen classic – has both stunning diagonal corner unit and a tall corner unit to choose from.

Painted solid wood kitchen corner units

The Kitchen Warehouse roster also features a great range of painted solid wood kitchens. Brimming with elegance, these hand-painted solid wood kitchen units, each kitchen is available in three different styles. You’ll also find a versatile range of corner base unit options to choose from – all at an affordable price.

How to make the most of kitchen corners

With the right design and planning, you can transform even the trickiest of spots into valuable storage or display areas. One of the most ingenious ways of utilising the space in a corner is with open shelving.

Open shelving

Open shelving can add functionality to your kitchen. However, it can also provide an impressive design feature. Floating shelves are an alternative way of using what would have otherwise been merely cupboard space.

corner shelving

What about a corner pantry?

If you don’t have the space for a built-in pantry in your kitchen, a small corner pantry cabinet is still a great way of making the most of corner space. Swing-out shelves can also help to provide great access.

Can dead space be good space?

Well, yes, it can!

Although the term ‘dead space’ immediately makes you think of wasted space, sometimes leaving some empty space can actually make the space appear bigger.

And finally…

Remember, you do need to utilise space effectively – but only use the space you really need.

Get in touch if you have questions about how to make best of your kitchen corners.