If there’s one appliance that is more important than any other in the kitchen, it has to be the oven.

As an official AEG Premier Partner, Kitchen Warehouse can offer great deals on top of the range ovens from one of the world’s top brands, AEG, to meet all your cooking needs.

What type of ovens are there?

From single ovens to double ovens to compact ovens, there are now a massive range of cooking appliances to choose from. Here, we separate your hot air fan from your pyrolytic self cleaning, and give you the lowdown on some of the great features you can expect from an AEG oven.

Why buy a new oven with your new kitchen?

Single ovens are the perfect pick for your kitchen if space is tight. Typically, they feature a grill and a conventional oven, taking up around 60cm width.

Furthermore, if you don’t typically spend that much time cooking – or you usually cook for just one or two people, then a single oven is probably the smart option.

What are the advantages of a Single Oven?

First off, you get versatility in abundance. Single ovens complement your chosen kitchen style by either slotting into the design at eye level or underneath the countertop.

A single oven essentially gives you everything you need from an oven in a modern kitchen.

AEG Single Ovens

Centre stage in our collection of AEG Single Ovens is the Connected SteamPro oven range with Command Wheel.

SteamPro lets you steam for baking, roasting, steaming and sous-vide – giving you a wealth of options.Like all AEG single ovens, you can control settings – including temperature and timings – from your mobile device.

Pick up inspiration and ideas

You can also pick up inspiration and ideas for recipes – and a wealth of cooking tips from AEG’s renowned Connected Cooking. Essentially, this is like having your own personal kitchen assistant.

Chef-quality meals are now possible every day at home with an AEG SteamPro. Steamify® is the smart system delivers healthier and tastier food every time.

Single Ovens for all budgets

There’s an AEG Single Oven to meet all budgets. At the more affordable of the scale is the AEG Multifunction Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Oven. This features retractable rotary controls and a touch control clock/programme. The model has white LEDs and a futuristic-looking stainless-steel finish. If a catalytic oven is on your list, the AEG Multifunction Catalytic Oven ticks all the boxes. It features food sensor and catalytic liners.

However, if you would like a greater range of features, the AEG Connected SteamPro Oven with Steamify is a feature-packed multi-function Sous Vide oven. It features an incredible 25 different oven functions and 225 pre-set cooking programmes.

AEG Premier Partners

Why choose a Double Oven?

A double oven gives you not one but two ovens! In essence, it gives you more room to cook. With the flexibility of a double oven, you gain so much cooking freedom. You’ll be preparing your family’s favourite dishes faster and far more easily than ever before.

A double oven is the ideal choice if you entertain a lot or cook big family meals regularly.

What are the advantages of a Double Oven?

By using multiple oven functions at once, you can cook two dishes with different temperature settings. There are many benefits – you can even use different cooking techniques in both ovens at the same time.

Not only does it increase the speed with which you can create dishes, the combination of cooking options at your disposal gives you so much versatility.

The AEG Built-in Multifunction Oven with Rotary Controls is a superb multifunction double oven. It features retractable rotary controls, 2 main oven functions, and 5 top oven functions. In addition, you have catalytic liners in both ovens and a fully programmable timer – all in anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel.

Is a Compact Oven the same as an oven?

Compact ovens, as the name suggests, are smaller-sized ovens. Generally, built-in compact ovens are about three quarters of the size of a standard single oven. A compact oven is basically the same as a conventional oven – just more compact!

What are the advantages of a Compact Oven?

Built-in compact ovens save on space. This makes them advantageous in smaller spaces, such as galley kitchens, as well as kitchens in flats and apartments. They are also perfect if you don’t spend a lot of your time cooking.

What features does a built-in compact oven have?

Compact ovens are surprisingly feature-packed. If you live a busy lifestyle, these appliances are a great choice and are the faster way to prepare meals. Compact microwave ovens combine two different appliances – a compact oven and a microwave.

The AEG Compact Multifunction Oven with Rotary Controls comes with an extra-large hot air fan. It features all the familiar cooking functions, combining traditional microwave and oven functions.

Lower temperatures and shorter cooking times

All AEG compact ovens are packed with great features. SurroundCook® circulates air around the oven more effectively than in a conventional oven.

This ensures that food is always cooked evenly. The True Fan Cooking system provides lower temperatures and shorter cooking times.

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