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Modern Kitchens

The hallmarks of a modern kitchen include open plan living space, minimalistic design elements, and the principle that simplicity reigns supreme.

To help you decide on the perfect kitchen for you, we have several kitchen styles pages to browse through, which will allow you to choose the best kitchen interior design for your home and your personal taste. But the big question is, how do you choose what style of kitchen works best for your home? With this, there are many things to consider.

Gloss Acrylic

Modern kitchens with gloss acrylic glacier white finish
Cashmere gloss acrylic for sleek modern kitchens
Stone grey gloss acrylic in stylish modern kitchen
Modern kitchens featuring baltic blue gloss acrylic
Light grey gloss acrylic in modern kitchen setting
Metallic charcoal gloss acrylic in modern kitchen decor
Jet black gloss acrylic for bold modern kitchen designs
Stardust gloss acrylic enhancing modern kitchen aesthetics
Champagne gloss acrylic in luxurious modern kitchen
Silverwood gloss acrylic in modern kitchen style

Flat gloss acrylic faced door laser edged using the latest laser edge banding technology. This is an ultra gloss modern style kitchen availible in many colours. The acrylic doors are availible fully made to measure.

Matt Acrylic

Supermatt indigo blue acrylic in vibrant modern kitchens
Supermatt white acrylic for minimalist modern kitchen designs
Modern kitchens with supermatt cashmere acrylic surfaces
Supermatt dust grey acrylic in sophisticated modern kitchens
Graphite supermatt acrylic in contemporary modern kitchen
Light grey supermatt acrylic for sleek modern kitchen designs
Stardust supermatt acrylic in stylish modern kitchen settings

Matt flat slab finish doors with laser edging, These kitchens have a state of the art anti-fingerprint coating the acrylic doors are available fully made to measure.

Matt Textured

Modern kitchens with Matt Textured Halifax Oak finish by Kitchen Warehouse UK
Evora Matt Textured kitchen unit in a modern style by Kitchen Warehouse
Driftwood Matt Textured kitchen showcasing modern design from Kitchen Warehouse
Light Concrete Matt Textured kitchen, a modern choice from Kitchen Warehouse

Flat textured woodgrain and stone effect doors, These 18mm kitchens work extremely well as part of a two tone style or even on their own. These can also be made fully made-to-measure

Handleless High Gloss

Sleek Handleless High Gloss White kitchen unit, modern style by Kitchen Warehouse
Modern Kitchen Warehouse design in Handleless High Gloss Cream
Elegant Handleless High Gloss Cashmere kitchen for modern homes by Kitchen Warehouse
Contemporary Handleless High Gloss Porcelain kitchen by Kitchen Warehouse UK
Stylish Handleless High Gloss Dust Grey kitchen, modern design from Kitchen Warehouse
Chic Handleless High Gloss Anthracite kitchen, a modern choice from Kitchen Warehouse UK

22mm thick italian sprayed and laquered handleless doors, These are a flat door with a J groove routered into the top of the door to form a handle. A modern look for any space.

Handleless Solid Wood

Grantham Cannon Black handleless solid wood kitchen in a modern style
Modern Kitchen Warehouse design with Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Cardamom
Elegant Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Dust Grey kitchen by Kitchen Warehouse
Contemporary Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Graphite kitchen from Kitchen Warehouse
Stylish Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Heritage Green kitchen, modern design
Modern Kitchen Warehouse Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Light Grey kitchen
Chic Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Marine kitchen in a contemporary style
Modern and elegant Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Pantry Blue kitchen
Contemporary Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Slate Blue kitchen design
Unique Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Vintage Pink kitchen, modern style
Elegant and modern Handleless Solid Wood Grantham Viridian kitchen design

Thin sold ash frame painted kitchens, These kitchens have a sweeped centre frame which forms a complete handle, A great comprimise between a truly modern kitchen and comething slightly more traditional.

Modern Shaker

Cashmere Modern Shaker kitchen, a blend of classic and modern styles
Dust Grey Modern Shaker kitchen, a contemporary design choice from Kitchen Warehouse
Graphite Modern Shaker kitchen, epitomizing modern kitchen design
Heritage Green Modern Shaker kitchen, combining tradition with modern flair
Indigo Modern Shaker kitchen, a bold and modern choice from Kitchen Warehouse
Modern Shaker Ivory kitchen showcasing contemporary elegance by Kitchen Warehouse
Light Grey Modern Shaker kitchen, a stylish choice from Kitchen Warehouse
Porcelain Modern Shaker kitchen blending tradition and modernity by Kitchen Warehouse

The modern shaker kitchen features a slightly thinner 93mm frame with a beveled inside edge. This is a 22mm 5 piece MDF wrapped in Alkorcell. An extremely high quality open grained planked Ash effect.

High Gloss

18mm flat sprayed and laquered italian gloss finish door. The most affordable gloss door we offer that doesnt comprimise on quality.

Modern Kitchen decor: The Pinnacle of Contemporary Living

Modern style kitchens are designed for ease of use, exuding a refreshing ambiance due to their neutral shades and timeless fixtures. They predominantly feature a neutral colour scheme, punctuated by vibrant splashes of colour and luminous highlights.

The furniture and cabinetry in contemporary kitchens are typically frameless, ensuring easy accessibility and a look that's sleek, straightforward, and devoid of excess.

Characterised by simplistic crisp lines and uncluttered aesthetics, modern kitchen design is functional and intuitive, making it an excellent choice for all kitchen spaces.

Modern kitchen ideas

Emphasising open-concept living, spacious kitchens often integrate versatile islands, functional workstations, and casual breakfast nooks. Innovative ideas for contemporary style kitchen islands might involve distinct zones for dining space and cooking or casual seating areas.

These kitchen designs radiate luxury in a subtle manner, with ample opportunities for natural sunlight, complemented by imaginative and chic lighting solutions.

Whether you're drawn to a cool, contemporary kitchen design vibe or a cosy, welcoming ambiance, the Kitchen Warehouse range offers a diverse range of modern kitchen styles to fit every preference and space dimension.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets

Our modern kitchen cabinets come in both matte and high gloss finishes, spanning a wide spectrum of colours. Dive into a palette of deeper hues like Baltic Blue, Silverwood and Matt Taupe, or opt for lighter tones such as Champagne, Ivory, or Glacier.

For the ultimate in aesthetics, our modern kitchen units without handles streamline the space to create a polished and sophisticated look. Our range of appliances, including built-in ovens and state-of-the-art induction hobs, seamlessly blend with your chosen design.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we believe modern kitchen cupboards should be tailored to meet all your requirements. Our customisation options ensure you get a kitchen that's truly yours.

Explore our contemporary kitchen style collection and discover the modern kitchen design ideas that resonate with your vision.

Key Features of Modern Kitchens

Sleek and Seamless Design: The absence of handles creates a smooth, uninterrupted surface. This minimalist design of handleless kitchen doors not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also offers a practical, easy-to-clean finish.

Lustrous Shine: The high gloss finish reflects light, making your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. Whether you opt for light grey or dust grey, the reflective surface ensures a luxurious feel.

Versatility in Design: Handleless kitchens are versatile and can seamlessly blend with various interior styles, from ultra-modern to transitional.

Safety and Functionality: Without protruding handles, there's less chance of snagging clothing or accidentally bumping into them. This makes handleless doors especially suitable for households with active children.

Broad Colour Spectrum: With options ranging from light grey to dust grey, you can tailor your handleless kitchen to your personal taste. The large range of colours ensures that there's something for everyone.

Sampling the Modern Experience

Choosing the right shade and finish for your kitchen is a significant decision. To make this process easier, Kitchen Warehouse allows you to order samples for any colour in our handleless kitchen ranges.

This way, you can be confident in your choice, knowing exactly how the gloss handleless kitchen units will look and feel in your home.

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