What is a farmhouse kitchen? For many people, it is a traditional looking room that has that a real country feel to it. We often associate farmhouse kitchen decor with the Victorian and early 20th century time periods.

Not only that, the classic farmhouse kitchen look has been popularised in recent years with various TV shows set in this era – the likes of Downton Abbey immediately springs to mind. Think reclaimed wood, rustic charm and marble countertops.

The farmhouse kitchen has an irresistible look, that’s for sure.

Is it easy to create a modern farmhouse kitchen?

Creating your dream farmhouse kitchen doesn’t need to be that difficult.

While it can take some work the fact is that most farmhouse kitchen ideas can be achieved without a huge bill.

If you want a complete kitchen redesign then you can certainly create a farmhouse kitchen from scratch. However, you can also get the look by enhancing your kitchen bit by bit.

If you want a farmhouse kitchen in your home then the has some great tips and ideas to get you started.

modern white farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen ideas: White kitchen cabinets

The essence of a farmhouse kitchen is not strictly solid oak kitchen doors or dark colours as is popularly believed.

In fact, the classic style – especially of modern farmhouse kitchens – is actually whites and light shades. This creates a truly inviting atmosphere, as well as delivering the perfect farmhouse aesthetic.

White cabinets are a great starting point to any design of farmhouse kitchens.

What you want really want to achieve is an airy and bright feel to the room. The beauty of using ivory replacement kitchen doors, for example, is that they can be contrasted with slightly darker colours such as wooden worktops, chairs or even black door handles.

White is a farmhouse kitchen classic

This is also very useful for smaller kitchens as the lighter colours can help to make the room seem bigger particularly if it gets a lot of natural light. White kitchen cabinets are a useful way to get your dream farmhouse kitchen project started.


Modern farmhouse kitchen ideas

A farmhouse kitchen is what you make it, of course. If you want to create a minimalist look and fit the space out worth stainless steel appliances, in keeping with contemporary trends, your modern farmhouse kitchen will still look fantastic.

However, the modern farmhouse aesthetic

Strategically Placed Glass Jars

Clutter – well, at least organised clutter – is welcomed in modern farmhouse design.

Glass jars full of sugar, biscuits or sweets are a good way to create that farmhouse look. Place them on open shelves or even just on the worktop for the best results. They will add to the rustic charm of the kitchen.

Another good tip is to also put bright items into the jars as well. This will really bring the kitchen to life.

You can even coordinate the contents of jar with the colour scheme of your kitchen too for maximum effect. This is true farmhouse style.

Kitchen Island – Perfect for farmhouse design

Assuming you have the space, few farmhouse kitchen ideas would be complete without a kitchen island.

A kitchen island is a surefire winner in virtually any kitchen setting, and it’s certainly in keeping with classic farmhouse style.

In a farmhouse kitchen the island is the real centrepiece of the design. If you have the extra floor space, it’s really a must.

In the past, a typical country kitchen had a predominate table in the room that was used for pretty much everything from cooking, eating and just sitting around.

A warm welcoming space and a gathering place

 An essential for any farmhouse kitchen is to create an inviting atmosphere. This is where an island really comes into its own. It just beckons people to it – encouraging them to sit down and kick back.

There’s just something about this type of kitchen that seems to be welcoming and warm.

Rustic style and a genuine focal point

A kitchen island can recreate this effect in your home and give it a genuine authentic farmhouse look. It can add to the space’s rustic style, as well as creating a focal point.

Ensure that the island style matches your kitchen cabinets – so remember to aim for lighter colours – and even a small island can finish the farmhouse look if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Remember, the most effective farmhouse kitchen ideas blend natural texture with modern conveniences.

A Farmhouse Kitchen can be small but mighty

 Thankfully, having a small floor plan in the kitchen doesn’t have to hold you back from creating the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams.

There are plenty of ingenious tricks that you can employ to create the illusion of space, and at the same time you can underscore farmhouse chic in the kitchen. Try open shelving along one wall instead of upper cabinetry throughout.

Another great tip is to go for a counter-to-ceiling backsplash to really enhance that pleasing sense of spaciousness.

Open Shelving 

And on the topic of open shelving…

We mentioned above that a farmhouse kitchen design should be about showcasing the items in your kitchen and not hiding them away to create a minimalist style.

Open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets achieve this effect really well. It makes the room feel ‘lived in’ and used. Farmhouse kitchens were the main room in the home and as such should feel ‘busy’.

Do not be afraid to keep your kitchen appliances, cooking items or even food out in the open if you can because it is one of the cornerstones of achieving the farmhouse kitchen style. Not every cabinet in the room needs to have an open scheme but even a few can work towards the result that you want.

The Farmhouse Sink

Next, we have a true farmhouse icon.

So, how does this differ from a standard sink, we hear you ask?

Well, this type of sink is usually larger than the standard one that you probably have at home. As well as that, it will be a lot deeper too.

What’s the story behind the sink?

This is because, in years gone by, the sink will have been used for a variety of purposes. From cleaning clothes to washing clothes and sometimes as a bath for small children too.

It also has an apron that extends over the kitchen cabinet at the front of the sink. This really helps to complete the whole effect of a farmhouse kitchen. It is the perfect accompaniment to natural materials elsewhere in the space.

While they can be more expensive than a standard kitchen sink, if you want the perfect rustic vibe and farmhouse style then they are an integral part of it.

Natural vibes in abundance

There are many ways to create natural vibes in a farmhouse kitchen setting.

The dining area with its central island countertop can become a genuine hub for family and friends to flock to, naturally.

And the natural vibes continue in abundance depending on the design choices you make.

Tiles are perhaps the obvious choice for a farmhouse floor – but wood flooring works equally well.

Indeed, any use of natural materials, such as reclaimed wood

Your Dream Farmhouse Kitchen

You do not need to completely rip out your old kitchen to get the right look for your home.

If you are planning a kitchen redesign soon then, by all means, you can essentially start from scratch to get this effect but if money is tight and you want to do it in stages then that is definitely possible as well.

A farmhouse kitchen can be used in any home whether it is modern or old. Farmhouse kitchen ideas are certainly versatile.

Harking back to a bygone era is incredibly stylish and with the farmhouse look, you can have a design that isn’t found in many kitchens these days. It will transform the cooking space and is one ion the most interesting of kitchen ideas out there.

Are you after a genuine rustic vibe?

You can decide how much of a farmhouse vibe you want.

Think ceiling beams, exposed brick and rustic materials.

Think exposed beams, vintage table and copper pendant lights.

Think white backsplash, apron front sink and soapstone countertops.

Think reclaimed wood, reclaimed beams and Belfast sink.

The world is your oyster

Do you see where we are going here?

When it comes to the farmhouse style of kitchen, there is a lot to think about – but in a good way!

We just mean that there are so many ways to make your farmhouse kitchen truly your own – a truly perfect for your home.

A homely and perfect lived in feeling

You don’t need a large farmhouse kitchen and you definitely don’t need a large farmhouse to create an aesthetically pleasing farmhouse look.

You choose the finer details and whether to go ‘whole hog’ or not. White cabinetry might be the classic look, but there are plenty of other kitchen cabinetry options to choose from. In truth, anything with a natural palette will work.

And, on the flip side, bold colours can work brilliantly too!

All we have done here is to highlight the key elements of this iconic kitchen style.

It’s now down to you…

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