Of course, there is a massive difference between wanting and needing something. The consumerist, aspirational society we live in constantly pushes us to demand, desire and crave the latest technology, the bigger car, and the designer labels. Clever marketing and advertising convinces us that we need to make the next purchase. In most cases, we don’t really need it at all. But, once you have decided that you want something badly enough, it feels that that we do need it! So, we come to the question: Do you really need a new kitchen?

The God’s honest truth is probably ‘no.’ You don’t need it. Life will continue without one. The world will keep turning. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of!

Confused? Don’t be. But it is a big decision.

Here are the things you should be considering if you are on the verge of taking the plunge and buying a kitchen.

New Kitchen: The Case For

There are plenty of good reasons why you should go ahead if you really want to. Life is for living, and although the COVID restrictions hopefully won’t go on forever, the lockdown has seen us having to spend more time in our homes. Of course, there are disadvantages and frustrations attached with that. On the other hand, spending more time with family and friends at home is no bad thing.

One of the main reasons you do need to update your kitchen is that you should love the space you’re in. The kitchen has become the communal meeting and gathering space in most modern homes. Firstly, there is the practical side of things – every family needs to eat every day. Why not give yourself the opportunity to meet those basic needs in style and comfort. Secondly, as a hub and meeting space, the kitchen is ripe for entertaining. However, you’ll only want to spend more time in the kitchen it is a pleasant, welcoming and comfortable room.

If you’re going to love the way your kitchen looks, it’s well worth it.

The practicalities

As well as the basic practicalities of a re-fitted kitchen enabling you to prepare and eat meals in comfort and style, there are other key advantages to consider. Although moving home is unlikely to be on the immediate agenda if you are considering upgrading your kitchen, it’s worth remembering a reassuring and important fact. If you revamp your kitchen. it will add value to your home. In fact, a new and updated kitchen will add more value to your property than any other home improvement project could possibly do.

Furthermore, not only will a kitchen add value to your home, it will help you to make energy savings too. New appliances will be eco-friendly and energy-efficient. This will see you enjoy a very welcome drop in your monthly utility bills.

An updated kitchen is also your opportunity to design the kitchen in your own image. Well, not exactly – but you can make it work for you better by increasing functionality. It’s your chance to change anything you don’t like about your current kitchen to make it more user-friendly.

Enjoy and embrace the change

In many ways, one of the best things about having a kitchen re-fit is also one of the simplest. It’s a change. Pure and simple, but a change of scenery is often all you need to feel renewed and to rekindle satisfaction with the day-to-day. We all know what a difference even just a fresh lick of paint can have on a space. Updating your kitchen is like having a new home, without all the stresses and hassles that often come with moving home.

You shouldn’t underestimate the impact will have on your feelings about your home, It can turn a house into a home where the heart truly is.

new kitchen 2

New Kitchen: The Case Against 

So, after spending some time trying to convince you that you really do need a complete update, bizarrely, we are now going to try and persuade you otherwise! This might seem a rather unusual stance for a kitchen showroom to take – saying to people that they don’t need to go brand new!  But, here’s the thing. For many people, splashing out on that dream kitchen – that once in a lifetime big ticket purchase – will be absolutely the right thing to do. And, if you are in that position, we are more than happy to help you choose and ensure that your dream  kitchen becomes a reality.

However, for others, the brand-new, or full kitchen re-modelling probably isn’t the best way forward. There will always be occasions when this isn’t your best option.  And, the great thing is that if are in this position, you still have plenty of other options. Once again, Kitchen Warehouse are perfectly placed to help you here too.

Completely new, or just replacement doors?

A question that more and more people are now asking themselves is this:  Do I need a completely different kitchen, or do I just need replacement kitchen doors? And, the thing is, more and more homeowners are coming to the conclusion and making the informed decision that replacement kitchen doors are the way forward.

You see, if the layout of your existing kitchen works for you as it is, and if you are happy enough with the amount of space you have, a total re-design of your kitchen isn’t necessary. Similarly, if your current kitchen units are in good nick, why bulldoze through everything? Why spend a considerable amount of time and money replacing a kitchen that was perfectly fine in the first place? It really doesn’t make a lot of sense!

Don’t think either that the option of simply refacing your existing units is somehow a poor alternative to having  brand new. It’s not a poor man/woman’s version. The word ‘just’ suggests that it’s somehow less of an option, or not as desirable a choice as a total re-fit. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Save money, but don’t lose out on style

There’s another very simple but very good reason why shelling out for a kitchen might not be the best idea right now for you. At the end of the day, it comes down to money.  A far cheaper alternative to completely replacing your existing look is to simply reface what you already have.

You can attach replacement cupboard doors to the front of your current units instead. Over the last few years, replacement  doors have become a major part of our business. It’s not hard to see why. You can save a lot of money choosing this option. However, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything in terms of style. It certainly doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality at all.

Quicker and cheaper, but no compromise on quality

Obviously, it’s considerably faster to attach replacement doors to your cabinets than it is to have a full kitchen re-fit. It’s also a lot less hassle. For starters, there will be no need for your home to resemble a building site temporarily whilst your kitchen is fitted.

With replacement kitchen doors, things are quicker and cheaper, but there is no compromise on quality. What’s more, there’s definitely not a lack of choice. Whatever style of design is your preference, you’re sure to find replacement doors to complete the look. If a traditional and classic look is your thing, you could try solid oak doors or painted solid wood kitchen doors.

Contemporary and ultra-modern replacement kitchen doors

For those tastes leaning towards the modern and contemporary, there is also plenty of choice of replacement doors. Take a look at high gloss doors and the increasingly popular high gloss handleless doors. The new kids on the block when it comes to replacement kitchen doors are gloss acrylic kitchen doors and matt acrylic kitchen doors. It’s a bit of a cliché, but it is true – there really is something for everybody and all tastes.

This is brilliant news, of course, because it means you can give the most important room in the room a real makeover, whatever your design preferences might be.

The Verdict

Basically, it’s a win/win situation. There are plenty of good reasons why you should go right ahead if you really want to a complete re-fit.  On the other hand, if you can’t justify the cost, you can really have the best of both worlds. Replacement  doors can give the space a fresh look without the need for a complete re-fit.

Whatever you choose, get in touch for some friendly and helpful advice.