Replacement Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Doors

Gloss acrylic colours are an amazing addition to the gloss kitchen door ranges that form part of our exclusive Ashton Cole Collection. These ultra-modern doors are the best on the market of their type and they are available in a range of styles. They are also the only door that we can offer a made to measure service for.

These are a 19mm gloss acrylic kitchen doors constructed with an MDF core and by attaching a sheet of solid acrylic to the face of the door. This technique for making high gloss kitchen doors brings out a finish which is almost mirrored. The doors come in a variety of different colours such as Tigerwood and Champagne, while you also have a choice in edging.

Our Gloss Acrylic Kitchen doors are a made to order product. Please note that with all orders, these doors come as standard with a full-colour matching edge, this means that the face and edges of the door are produced in the same colour and material. We also offer an alternative finish to the edges of the door called a 3D edging. This finish consists of the edges of each of the doors being produced in a mirror-like finish and is only visible when the door is open. The cost of 3D edging is £30.00 per order regardless of size or quantity of doors ordered.

The 3D edging option is not available when ordering Matt acrylic kitchen doors and is also not available for any curved items. The 3D edging is not available on any base/ wall/ tower panels, plinths or breakfast bars. If you are wanting to select the 3D edging option, you can simply add the option to your basket, along with the rest of your order, at the top of the page.

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As this product is made to order (whether it has a matching edge or a 3D edge), it is exempt from distance selling regulations. Please refer to our terms and conditions of sale for a full discussion of your rights and obligations when ordering a made to order/measure gloss kitchen door.

All of our replacement gloss kitchen doors come to you completely undrilled for handles or hinges allowing you to affix any style of handle in any area of the door you desire. Leaving the doors undrilled for hinges will allow quicker swapping of the doors to your existing kitchen cabinets, ensuring that the replacement doors are drilled for hinges that correspond exactly to your existing kitchen unit.

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