Studio flats (or studio apartments) are a relatively new and innovative addition to the property market in the UK.

The popularity of studio apartments has grown rapidly in recent years.

There’s no doubt that studio flats are appealing to a growing number of renters.

Particularly popular in city centres (where property can be at its most expensive), studio apartments are highly sought after in the rental sector, with prospective tenants looking for a stylish and affordable compact space to live in a great location.

Studio Apartments - ideal for renters and investors

Studio Apartments: An Attractive Option For Renters And Investors

Many people – particularly young professionals – looking for a flat to rent are now realising that if they only need one bedroom, they don’t necessarily need a one bedroom flat.

And if your budget is tight – or the area you want to live in is expensive – then a studio flat could be an ideal option.

Naturally, this also makes a studio apartment an attractive option for investors.

Kitchen Warehouse has put together this comprehensive guide aimed at renters, buyers, and investors.

The aim is to show you how to make the most of the kitchen space in a studio flat and to give you a wealth of studio flat kitchen ideas to consider.

What’s the Difference Between a Studio Flat and a One-Bedroom Flat?

First, let’s clear up the answer to a frequently asked question: What is the difference between a studio flat and a one bedroom apartment?

A studio flat is a single living space – or room – with a separate bathroom. On the other hand, a one bedroom apartment has a bedroom separate from the living area.

Studio flat - a single living space

Why Choose a Studio Flat?

According to The Rightmove Rental Trends Tracker Q3 Report (for July-September 2022):

“Studio flats have overtaken one-beds as the most in-demand flat type for renters, with agents suggesting stretched budgets and the returning popularity of city centres are contributing to the shift… There are now four times as many tenants looking for a studio flat as there are studio flats available, a 71% increase on a year ago.”

Studio flats have never been in such high demand – whether you want to rent one, buy one, or see one as an investment opportunity.

How Is The Living Space In A Studio Flat Organised?

In small spaces, it is important to make the most of every inch.

You have limited floor space and square footage to play with and you’ll probably always wish you could have a bit more space – but that much is true of the vast majority of homeowners up and down the country.

A Lot Can Be Achieved In Small Spaces

However, a lot can be achieved in a small space!

The square footage may be limited, but there is usually enough space for a bed, a wardrobe, and further storage space, such as some storage units.

There are always small space solutions.

The small space of a studio flat should also be able to accommodate a sofa, a dining table, and a coffee table.

There, of course, will also be a kitchen or kitchenette.

It is likely to be a small kitchen, but it can offer a lot.

Studio flat with kitchenette

How Can I Improve a Studio Flat Kitchen?

If there is ever a time to employ the services of a professional interior designer… this is it.

With limited space, it means that all the small kitchen space becomes even more important to utilise well.

Every aspect of small kitchen space: storage space, vertical space, counter space, and wall space – it all becomes absolutely essential.

Design The Kitchen To Fit The Space

Whether you are working with a designer or doing it yourself, it is all-important that you design a kitchen that suits the space, rather than picking a kitchen style or range and trying to adapt your ideas to fit.

Choosing pieces that have a dual purpose and good internal storage will help to make the most of cupboards and drawers in small kitchen space.

With a studio flat, choosing kitchen cabinets becomes about more than simply picking cabinet doors and style that you like.

Clever use of space in studio flat

Clever Ways To Make The Most Of Space

Thinking of clever ways to increase storage space is vital in a small kitchen.

You should always try to make every attempt to keep counter space as clutter-free as possible.

Look For Compact Appliances

When it comes to appliances, premium models are the best option in a small kitchen.

Top-of-the range compact appliances tend to provide a good amount of internal space.

At the same time, they will still fit either a compact or standard footprint.

Compact appliances in modern studio flat

How To Realise The Potential of A Studio Flat

Of course, a studio flat can be a larger space, but, typically, they tend to be on the smaller side.

This means that you are left with the challenge of trying to make a small kitchen look larger than it really is.

The tricky task becomes making everything stylish as well as practical.

The Benefits Of Living In A Compact Space

There are several benefits to living in a compact space – even with a tiny kitchen.

A design for a small kitchen means that everything is close to hand. Maintenance is also much easier and cleaning is much less of a chore.

Clever use of counter space, upper cabinets, and ingenious storage solutions will help to make the most of every available inch of space in a small kitchen.

Making the most of compact living space

Blend Different Materials Together

In a studio apartment, it is vital that you carefully consider the layout of its small kitchen.

But there is much to it than that.

You must ensure that your choice of colour palette, cabinetry, and storage suit the space well.

Studio flat design

There’s almost a natural tendency to go for a uniform style or colour throughout the space. It’s true that this can work really well – but it’s not the only approach that you can take.

Mixing materials together can make a small kitchen look more interesting.

Gold taps, brightly covered stool seats at the breakfast bar, and using other materials to mix things up can greatly add to the visual appeal of a tiny kitchen.

Try Colour Zoning

Colour zoning is a simple way to create different spaces within the same room. An accent wall in a small kitchen can be all you need, or it could be as simple as using a contrasting colour on a piece of furniture, such as the dining table.

Unify An Open Plan Layout With The Same Flooring

With space usually being at an absolute premium in a studio apartment, you really need to create the illusion of more space – not just for the small kitchen but all across the whole space.

Therefore, each ‘zone’ in a studio flat should feel as spacious as you can make it.

A great – and simple – way to do this is to use the same type of flooring material throughout the space.

Let The Light Into A Small Kitchen

Making the most of natural light

Natural light is one of the most effective ways to make a small kitchen feel more spacious.

Some designs of studio flats incorporate wide windows that provide a lot of light. However, this certainly isn’t always the case.

Use Glass Doors And Pale Coloured Flooring

Using glass on kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors can be a good way of counteracting a lack of natural lighting across the studio space and a small kitchen.

Similarly, using a pale colour for the flooring and a neutral colour scheme for the upper cabinets can also be very helpful if there is a lack of natural light.

Use wood, metal, and a carefully positioned rug to soften the edges of space and create additional visual appeal for a small kitchen.

Bright And Warm Colours Can Work Well Too

Although darker colours are best avoided in a small kitchen, pops of bold colour can still work well.

Colours, such as purple, that are warm and comforting can also make a space feel cosy.

A Small Apartment Offers Plenty Of Opportunity

If a studio flat offers only a tiny kitchen, it can still be a practical and aesthetically pleasing space.

It’s about getting the balance right and doing just the right amount of everything.

It is a challenge to make the most of limited cooking space, but it is certainly not an impossible task.

The increased interest in studio flats from renters, buyers, and investors alike is a testament to this fact.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with theKitchen Warehouse team for more guidance and help with studio flat kitchens.