Painted Oak Replacement Kitchen Doors

At Kitchen Warehouse, we pride ourselves on providing you with excellent quality products that also offer great value for money. Our Roma Shaker Kitchen Doors are a clear example of this.

By swapping your existing Painted Kitchen Units to these 20mm 5-piece construction Painted Solid Wood replacement kitchen doors, you can bring a new lease of life to your worn-out, tired kitchen whilst also saving you a considerable amount of money. This is process is also perfect if you are looking to change the colour or style of your kitchen décor.

Thanks to its traditional kitchen design, which is available in a variety of different colours, our Shaker Painted Kitchen Units are guaranteed to transform your kitchen and all without the upheaval of a full kitchen rip out and refit. All that is required is the replacement of the doors and this gives the impression of a completely new set of cabinets making your kitchen look renewed and refreshed.

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Our Solid Wood Painted Shaker Kitchen Units can be painted to meet your own colour scheme at an additional cost, but with so many colours available to choose from, many of our customers do not find this necessary. Thanks to our massive range most homeowners can find a colour and style to either match or complement their existing kitchen décor - it is common for homeowners to opt for more than one colour in a decoration scheme in their home.

All of our #Painted Kitchen Units are constructed with a traditional 5-piece design, This design will withstand the traditional kitchen environment and you can rest assured it will not change in shape regardless of any moisture or temperature changes in the room. All of our Shaker Style Kitchen Doors are delivered to you undrilled for hinges or handles, which gives you the choice of any size or style kitchen door handle allowing you to further personalise your new kitchen. 

This also means you can transfer your replacement doors with ease by ensuring new hinge holes match those on your existing cabinets perfectly. Any order exceeding £400 will be eligible for a free hinge hole cutter and delivery.

We have a step by step guide to replacing your kitchen doors which explains the process in more detail, while you can also contact us for further information by calling 01765 640 000 or by emailing us at Check out our extensive range of Roma Shaker Painted Kitchen