If you are planning a kitchen remodel or refit, the obvious starting points are the layout, countertops and cabinetry. However, there is much more to a kitchen than that. How you choose to accessorize your kitchen is a big decision. It is important how you choose to style your kitchen – and it is well worth thinking about this at the planning stage.

The modern kitchen is a busy and multi-functional space. It can be difficult to work out what to display and what to store in the kitchen. If there isn’t enough storage, it can lead to too much clutter. Not only that, it can also disrupt the functionality of the space. If you can create more space on the countertops, your kitchen design immediately appears more streamlined. It becomes a far more efficient space overall.

With smart storage solutions to help with the organisation of everything, you can really begin to accessorize your kitchen. This can be practical and stylish too. But, where do you start and how do you go about accessorizing the kitchen? Here’s our guide…

Accessorize your kitchen: Where to begin

Whether you are starting afresh with a brand-new kitchen or simply accessorizing your existing kitchen, the best thing is to do is to start from scratch. The starting point should be the mother of all decluttering exercises. Remove everything from the cabinets and countertops. You need to develop a ruthless streak here. Keep only the things that you use a lot so that you are really working with a clean slate and a blank canvas.

Once you have settled on what items should stay, find a space to display a key item. This could be a much-used appliance, a piece of art, or a large decorative piece – such as a vase or picture. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but this will be the thing that becomes the focal point of your overall design. It is this that will set the tone for your kitchen.

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Layered lighting and a dressed window

Everybody knows how important light is in any room, especially the kitchen. Most kitchens have at least some natural light and it is important to make the most of it. However, a layered lighting scheme is still the best way to ensure you have the most effective and stylish lighting in the kitchen. There are three layers: general ambient lighting should be blended with carefully positioned task lighting that will illuminate areas where cooking and food preparation take place. Finally, accent lighting can be used to accentuate the areas of the kitchen that you want to highlight. The three layers complete the look. In fact, lighting can be used as an accessory in itself. Some ideas include uplighting your kitchen island or installing dramatic lights, such as a chandelier.

However, don’t underestimate how much of a difference can be made by dressing your kitchen window. Never clutter the windowsill as this will make the space feel smaller than it really is. And, whether you choose curtains, blinds, or shutters; you have a real opportunity to make a design impact by dressing your kitchen window.

White: The classic kitchen backdrop

The classic kitchen look will always be white. Not only is white the ultimate blank canvas, it always creates a clean and classy look. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a white design in the kitchen is that it makes it remarkably easy to change the look and accessorize your kitchen. You can highlight focal points with vibrant pops of colour or contrast the white background with darker accessories such as black matte. The monochrome look is one that never goes out of fashion. The hardware you choose for your cabinets is another great way to accessorize the kitchen and change up the look.

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Accessorize your kitchen and group items together

One of the cleverest ways to accessorize your kitchen is to group similar items or themes together. At a basic level, this can be your sugar, coffee and tea canisters in a matching colour. Use the same colour across the space to house kitchen utensils, or for soap and hand lotion. In smaller kitchens which have limited storage you may have little choice but to give some items a permanent home on countertops. However, by grouping themed items together and using a common colour scheme to do so, this can still be aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, the likes of cutting boards can actually add a bit of texture and warmth to the space if out on display.

Accessorize with furniture

Although it comes with the same health-warning as open shelving – overdo it and it will make the space look cluttered and claustrophobic – adding a piece or two of furniture can be a great way to accessorize your kitchen. From a feature bookcase to an antique chair to an ultra-modern display cabinet, there are no rules here. Any item that adds interest to a part of the room that is otherwise bland or boring can work extremely well.

Bringing the outside in and the wonder of walls

Natural light is an important factor in the kitchen and you always should do whatever you can to fully utilise whatever natural light you are lucky enough to have. But it’s not the only thing you can do to bring nature inside. No matter the size, any injection of greenery, plants or flowers into the kitchen will breath fresh life into the space. They add a natural look that really can’t be beaten.

In general terms, the stars of a kitchen design are the cabinets and countertops. It is to these that they eye is instantly drawn. However, although these two elements make up a large proportion of the space and deservedly get a lot of attention, other parts of the kitchen play a considerable part in the overall appeal of a kitchen look. Your choice of appliances is an obvious one. Furthermore, the design of the flooring you choose can have a real impact – although it’s not something you can really accessorize, as such.

The walls, however, are a different matter. Obviously, the colour you opt for is the single biggest decision you have to make about the walls. It can contrast or complement the colour of the cabinets. Of course, you can accessorize a wall too. A favourite print or painting can look stunning – and the colours in the art can influence what you choose to place on the countertops or shelving to achieve a coordinated look.

Wallpaper is becoming more popular as a choice for the kitchen. If you want to include a feature wall in your kitchen design, wallpaper can be a smart choice. And don’t forget the potential that backsplashes bring to the piece. Much more than just being a functional element of the kitchen, backsplashes can incorporate tiling of various shapes, materials, and colours. The backsplash can provide a stunning backdrop – or it can be the perfect visual accompaniment for open shelving.

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The potential of open shelving

When it comes to storage in the kitchen, there’s a tendency to find a place to hide everything away. This keeps things neat and tidy and avoids clutter. But while clutter is something you definitely do want to avoid, you don’t want your kitchen to lack character. One simple way of injecting genuine character and visual interest into the space is with open shelving.

It does come with a caveat. Overload open shelves and it can look cluttered, messy and even tacky, so there is a balance to strike. However, don’t let that put you off as open shelving undeniably has the potential to be extremely effective. Of course, it’s not only about the items you decide to display on open shelves either. The materials you choose for the shelving can have a real impact too. Metallic materials will create a contemporary or industrial feel. Natural woods will bring warmth to the space. Meanwhile, glass will reflect the light and can easily be blended with any décor.

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Accessorize your kitchen with Kitchen Warehouse

At Kitchen Warehouse, we have a wide range of stylish accessories to choose from. From the traditional to the contemporary, you can find the accessories to help the function of your kitchen realise its full potential. Every single choice will add further class and style to the space and keep the aesthetics sleek and elegant at the same to me.

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