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Kitchen Mixer Taps

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we sell a large selection of kitchen mixer taps that are all manufactured to the highest standards. We always recommend our customers to avoid the cheap options when it comes to your kitchen taps, as they are one of the main focal and usage points within your kitchen that are going to be used every single day.

By investing your money into high-quality kitchen mixer taps, you can guarantee longevity and durability, whereas a cheaper alternative may cost you more money further down the line. We’re proud to sell a wide range of modern and traditional taps to suit all individual tastes and kitchen décor styles. All of our kitchen mixer taps come in a variety of different finishes, from polished chrome to brushed steel, so we’re guaranteed to have the perfect tap for you.

  • Amur


    The Amur Tap is a sleek modern monobloc design tap. This works extremely well with modern kitchens and comes with a 5 year warranty as standard. The...

  • Amur Black Chrome

    Amur Black Chrome

    A new trend for this year is the addition of more striking colours and pallets into the kitchen. The black and chrome mixture of this tap brings an...

  • Amur Brushed

    Amur Brushed

    The Amur Brushed Nickel Tap is another sleek modern design, the slim swan neck tap works well with many different kitchen styles and compliments many...

  • Angel


    The Angel tap is a long reach modern tap, This is the chrome version of the tap, this tap does also come in the brushed steel look. The tap is a...

  • Angel Brushed

    Angel Brushed

    The Angel tap is a long reach modern tap, The slimline tap works well in all modern kitchens. Single lever taps are becoming much more prevalent in...

  • Aquada


    Shower head taps are extremely popular due to the versatility this enables while washing plates, pots and pans. The spring hose and finish gives this...

  • Ascari


    The Ascari tap is a single lever cylindrical shaped tap that bends over in an very simple n shape. The tap is very symmetrical and perfectly formed....

  • Astoria


    Astoria is an ultra modern tap, the Astoria tap is another single lever n shape tap, The main tap is a thin square shape that has a very tight square...

  • Brooklyn


    Traditional Black Handled Chrome tap is one that pairs extremely well with the black ceramic sink. The shape of this tap is well suited to more...

  • Brooklyn



  • Camaya


    The unusual design of the Camaya single lever spring tap is going to bring a brand new look to the kitchen. Not many taps have the ability to really...

  • Elbe


    Our Elbe tap is one of our best sellers with the more tradition kitchens, This tap pairs extremely well with the ceramic white sink as the matching...

  • Genesis


    A simple modern tap that has a high height and reach perfect for most kitchen environments. The tap is manufactured by Reginox and comes with a great...

  • Genesis Black Chrome

    Genesis Black Chrome

    The simple style of the genesis tap is further enhanced by the addition of a black finish giving the two tone tap a perfect finish to compliment many...

  • Genesis Brushed

    Genesis Brushed

    Twin Level Modern Kitchen Tap design, The great looking tap comes at a well priced and with a 5 year manufacturers warranty is hard to beat for the...

  • Hudson


    Hudson is a relatively small straight tap. This tap is unobtrusive and minimal working perfectly in those small kitchens where the tap does not want...

  • Hudson Black Chrome

    Hudson Black Chrome

    Simple, Straight, Unobtrusive. The Hudson black and chrome finish gives an industrial look to an otherwise simple tap. Perfect for the ultra-modern...

  • Hudson Brushed

    Hudson Brushed

    A small unobtrusive design with a brushed finish. The Hudson tap is a contemporary style that works very well in modern minimal settings. The brushed...

  • Lissini


    A stylish tap designed to perfectly compliment your sink, the single lever operation and easy swivel tap make this a high quality well priced...

  • Magdalena


    The Magdalena is a tall curved tap, The tap head is not as curved as many of the other taps an does give the overall tap a square look. The tap works...

  • Niagara


    You can see why this tap has been named Niagara, The Niagara tap is an ultra modern tap with a very square profile, The tap head has a very sharp...

  • Pisa


    Ultra Modern Chrome Twin Lever Kitchen tap suits very moderns and in turn the most modern sinks from glass and granite. The twin lever design works...

  • Segovia


    The segovia tap is one of extreme quality and a great aesthetic. The brushed finish of the tap works extremely well and many kitchens. It is not an...

  • Thames


    Priced extremely well for a simple tap with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Thames is a simple curved tap that can be used to create a little bit of...

  • Uma


    The Uma Brushed Nickel twin lever traditional deck mounted bridge tap is another style that evokes the farmhouse look. This tap is suited to the...

  • Venta


    The Venta tap has a very low base with a simple single lever coming off the side, The tap is a little different as there is no obvious place where...

  • Virage


    The simple style of this tap is not one to be taken lightly as there is more than meets the eye. This tap features a pull-out hose so you can really...

  • Vivica


    The Vivica tap is an extremely nice deck mounted bridge tap. These taps mainly are used behind Belfast/butler sinks and have an extremely traditional...

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