Thinking of replacing your old kitchen doors? There are so many different styles out there that can really spruce up your home, however, gloss kitchen doors can turn a kitchen that appears worn into one that screams modernity and elegance.

While we have previously looked at shaker doors for your kitchen, in this blog post we want to look at gloss kitchen doors and what the advantage is of having them in your home.

If you are planning on a kitchen redesign or even just dipping your toe in the water so to speak and exploring various ideas for a future kitchen renovation then read on to find out how gloss kitchen doors can help.

The Shiny New Kitchen Look

So your kitchen is looking a bit tired. Your old wooden doors have marks on them and your kitchen looks like it hasn’t had a redesign since the millennium.

The big advantage of gloss kitchen doors is that they instantly create a new look in your kitchen. With a sprayed and lacquered finish and reflective appearance, they can take your home firmly into the 21st century with a cutting edge style. In fact, if you want to really modernise your kitchen then handleless high gloss kitchen doors are a fantastic way to achieve a minimalist design.

With gloss kitchen doors your kitchen can be transformed simply by replacing one small part of the room.

Making Your Room Feel Bigger

If you have quite a small kitchen then gloss kitchen doors can actually make your room feel and look bigger.

A cramped kitchen can get very suffocating after a while especially if you don’t benefit from having a lot of natural light. Gloss kitchen doors have a reflective finish that can bounce light around the room. It is almost like a mirror effect that changes our perception of how big the room actually is.

These doors combined with either natural light or strategically placed lighting can turn your small kitchen into one that appears bigger and more spacious.

Range Of Styles And Colour Schemes

When we think of gloss kitchen doors the range of colours and styles do not instantly come to mind, however, these doors are just as wide-ranging as any other models out there.

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD, we have 9 different styles and colours of handleless high gloss doors and 14 different gloss acrylic doors including 3 woodgrains. This is a massive choice and means that you are sure to be able to find a design and colour scheme that suits your kitchen. They range from the aggressive and imposing Tigerwood gloss doors to subtler but equally as striking Kasmir doors.Gloss Doors

Gloss kitchen doors are not limited to just a few styles rather you can find a whole range of different colours and design schemes that will suit whatever plan you have for your kitchen.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

So gloss kitchen doors not only have a wide range of styles, can make your room look bigger and can create a shiny new feel to your kitchen, however, this is not the only advantages that they have.

Ever spent ages scrubbing away at a kitchen door to try and get marks and stains off? With gloss kitchen doors you can drastically cut this time down as they are remarkably easy to clean and maintain. A damp soft cloth should be enough to get rid of stubborn stains and marks on these doors and they only need regular cleaning with this method to keep them in top condition.

One thing that gloss kitchen doors do suffer from is that fingermarks can show a lot more than other doors. This is something to watch out for if you have children for instance however the beauty is that these can be wiped clean very easily.

Gloss Kitchen Doors For Your Kitchen

Whether it is just adding to your existing kitchen design by upgrading your doors or if you are embarking on a complete renovation of the room, gloss kitchen doors are an inspired choice.

Many people think that because they look so modern they are going to drain your finances. We come across this a lot at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD however it isn’t the case at all. Gloss kitchen doors can start from as little as £16.87 depending on your size requirements. In fact, you can also order a sample for £30 so you can be sure that the doors you want for your kitchen are actually the right choice. We’ll even refund you the cost of the sample if you send it back to us or take the cost off the total price of your order if you proceed with a purchase.

There are many reasons to choose gloss kitchen doors for your home and we have highlighted some of the main ones. Did you know that you can also make use of the latest 3D edging technology for gloss kitchen doors that will add an extra modern and stylish dimension to your room?

For anyone considering a kitchen redesign then gloss kitchen doors are not only a cost-effective choice but a brilliant one too.

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