Matching High Gloss White Kitchen Doors.

If one of your high gloss white kitchen doors is damaged and needs repairing, unfortunately, the chances of finding a perfect match to replace it are pretty slim. However, all is not lost with the help of Kitchen Warehouse.

Let’s first talk about the three different ways high gloss white kitchen doors can be manufactured.

Vinyl Wrapping

Typically seen as the old-fashioned way of making high gloss white kitchen doors, vinyl wrapping is cheap on price – but this is reflected in the quality.

Few kitchen manufacturers still use this method as it is no longer regarded as a reliable way of making high gloss kitchens. There are two main reasons for this – firstly that the vinyl easily starts to come away from door edges. This is especially the case if the door is near a cooker where the vinyl gets warm, or near the sink where it may get wet, both of which cause the glue to soften and the vinyl to come away from the door.

Secondly, vinyl high gloss white kitchen doors can have a rippling on the face of the door –  known as the orange peel effect. This gives the door a poor finish and can leave it looking cheap. Without spending too much more,  you can get far superior gloss kitchen doors that not only looks great but that can withstand the test of time too – we’d definitely say that it is worth the upgrade!

Sprayed and lacquered kitchen doors

Sprayed and lacquered kitchen doors are by far the most popular finish on the market as they offer a quality product at a reasonable price.

Around 80% of the high gloss white kitchens on the market at the moment will be sprayed and lacquered. This type of finish is created by applying a primer to a board such as MDF, before spraying on 3 or 4 layers of colour. After this, 6 or 7 layers of lacquer are applied, in the same way you would paint a car.

High gloss acrylic kitchen doors

A relatively new method of manufacturing high gloss kitchen doors, this is arguably the best of the best. Made by using a sheet of solid acrylic on the face of the door, which gives the door a completely smooth, mirror like face – with no orange peel effect.

High Gloss White Kitchen Units

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Find a scratch on your door? Don’t worry, with a high gloss acrylic kitchen door you can use car polish on its face to remove any small scratches. We can also produce these kitchen doors made to measure, ensuring that they are the perfect size for your kitchen. A high gloss white kitchen with acrylic kitchen doors will look outstanding and the quality will speak for itself – no other high gloss white kitchen will compare to an acrylic high gloss white kitchen



Differing Shades of High Gloss White Kitchen Doors

There are so many different shades of high gloss white in vinyl alone, that it is nigh on impossible to find a colour that matches this finish – there used to be over 50 variations of white!

High gloss white kitchen doors can be fully customised to create your perfect shade that works best with your kitchen space. These shades include Atlanta white, pure white, brilliant white and crystal white just to name a few!

The colour of sprayed and lacquered high gloss white kitchens will vary between the different manufacturers as it is highly unlikely that they will use the same paint for any two doors.

For this reason, to replace a white high gloss acrylic door, it is advised to return to the place where you bought your kitchen from. It’s important to note though, sunlight will fade your doors slowly over time, and a new door that is fresh from the box will be a lot sharper in colour.

Unfortunately, if you have damaged a high gloss white kitchen door, it is very unlikely that you will be able to match it. Instead, it may be best to replace all of the kitchen doors and drawers as they are very reasonably priced. Starting from just £10, come and check out of replacement kitchen doors page for more details.

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