From classic country farmhouse shaker cabinets to ultra-modern high gloss, white has been the most popular kitchen colour choice for decades. Whilst other tones have claimed the ‘bang-on-trend’ title for the odd spell over the years – greys and blues in recent years, for example – white kitchen cabinets have always retained their enduring appeal.

In this ultimate guide to white kitchen cabinets, we’ll talk you through all the pros and cons of choosing this versatile colour, along with the various styles of white kitchen cabinets available here at Kitchen Warehouse.

Why choose white kitchen cabinets?

There are many good reasons for white kitchen cabinets standing the test of time, which we’ll discuss in more detail now.

White kitchen cabinets are versatile

Whilst at first the thought of white kitchen cabinets may seem bland; white is actually the most versatile shade.

White kitchen cabinets are perfect for those looking for a simple and streamlined design. It’s worth bearing in mind that going totally white – especially in a larger space – can make your kitchen feel a little sterile. But, at the end of the day, just how white you choose to go is a matter of personal choice and taste.

You could all go all the way with white cabinets and walls, and white marble worktops to complete the look. Or you can tone things down and contrast the white base colour of your kitchen design with other shades and tones.

It’s also worth remembering that there are now countless shades of white kitchen cabinets available to buy. So, if bright white feels too overpowering for you, there are plenty of more subtle shades to choose instead, including creams and ivories.

As well as the illusion of space it creates and the light it brings to any space, white has one major advantage over any other colour – it goes with absolutely everything. From traditional to contemporary, white cabinets look fantastic in all types of designs.

And, of course, a ‘white kitchen’ certainly doesn’t have to be all white. Having white as the base colour of any kitchen design essentially gives you a blank canvas to build on. You can add your own style, texture, and personality. From feature walls to a bright backsplash or colourful accessories, white ties everything together and can act as a neutral backdrop for key elements in the space.

Additionally, since white is a simple base colour, it’s easy to dress up or pare down the room’s décor whenever you fancy a change. You can make it look like a whole new kitchen just by swapping out appliances and soft furnishings, instead of splashing out on new kitchen units.

A white kitchen makes the room feel bigger

It’s no secret that darker colours can make a room feel smaller. If you have a small kitchen, white is the best choice to create the illusion of space and make the room feel lighter and brighter. Pure white kitchen cabinets are the best way to maximise light in the kitchen.

In larger spaces, a predominantly white colour scheme will make the room feel even more open. If your kitchen is very large, however, it’s best not to go for an all-white scheme. Use white kitchen cabinets, but use another colour for walls and accessories to add a bit of warmth to the room. Pastels are a great accompaniment to white, and an accent wall can add some interest to the space.

Dark colours absorb light but because white reflects light, it will also make your kitchen look larger. Most of us would like a larger kitchen in an ideal world. However, if that isn’t practical, either because of your budget or your home’s layout, white cabinets are a great solution.

You can take this principle further still. Choose high gloss white kitchen cabinets to make the room look much more spacious. This is because light will reflect off the surface, in the same way that mirrors are often used to make spaces appear larger.

So, while your square footage might be lacking, choosing a white kitchen can make it feel like you have much more space.

White brings more natural light into the kitchen

White reflects all types of light, natural and artificial. In an instant, it will give you a brighter feel – without adding extra lights or another window.

Natural light is the holy grail of interior design. However, if it is not possible to get any more natural light into your kitchen, a white kitchen is the next best option. White kitchen cabinets will create the illusion of natural light.

The more natural light there is in your kitchen, the better you will feel. Proven to be good for your mental health and general well-being, a light space will be one that you want to spend more time in.

White kitchen cabinets are a timeless classic

As mentioned earlier, from time-to-time, certain colours will come to the fore and be championed by interior designers.

In recent years, grey and blue have seen their popularity rise – and with good reason. There are some beautiful tones of grey and blue kitchens available right now.

However, the big advantage that a white kitchen has over the competition is that it is immune to trends. The simple and clean appearance never goes out of fashion. A timeless look means that you won’t feel any pressure to update your kitchen to keep up with current trends – because your white kitchen has always been on-trend – and always will be!

White kitchen cabinets make it easier to sell your home

Of course, if you’re planning a new kitchen, you’re probably not thinking about selling your home right now. However, priorities change – and given the investment required, it’s well worth considering how your design choices might affect the resale value of your home.

Kitchen cabinets can be expensive to replace, so the last thing prospective buyers will want to do is to rip out a kitchen and start again. Because of this, they could well be less inclined to put in an offer if your kitchen cabinets are not to their taste. Additionally, a white kitchen is a blank canvas on which a prospective buyer can stamp their own personality and style.

As white kitchen cabinets are such a timeless classic, they could make it much easier for you to sell your home when the time comes.

Keep your kitchen cleaner with white cabinets

Of course, white doesn’t repel dirt or magic away stains – but it does make it easier to spot them. Darker kitchen cabinets might look clean, but they’re just better at hiding the dirt!

The longer you leave surfaces uncleaned, the greater the build-up of dirt over time. Eventually, a pretty intensive deep cleaning session will be necessary.

How to add colour to a white kitchen

While white kitchens are consistently one of the most popular colour choices, some people are put off by the idea of an all-white room. If you feel like white kitchen units are devoid of personality, check out our 15 top tips for adding colour to a white kitchen:

1) Mix dark or brightly coloured base units with white wall units.

2) Use luxury sinks and worktops such as marble or quartz counters.

3) Add a tile splashback with a bright colour or funky pattern.

4) Turn freestanding cabinets or islands into focal points with contrasting colours.

5) Line the insides of your cabinets and drawers with wallpaper.

6) Create an accent wall with a bold colour or chalkboard paint.

7) Paint the ceiling, lay new flooring, or add patterned rugs.

8) Choose visually interesting cookware like colourful or brassy pots and pans.

9) Add texture and colour with upholstered bar stools or dining chairs.

10) Invest in vibrant appliances rather than standard white, black, or stainless steel.

11) Install statement lighting (e.g. pendant lights) or a unique cooker hood/extractor.

12) Add warmth with natural wood elements (furniture or accessories).

13) Use different shades of white/different finishes in different areas.

14) Install decorative kitchen handles instead of a plain or handleless look.

15) Add some greenery with plants or flowers (can be fake or real!).

By following some of these tips, it’s easy to achieve a good visual balance between too boring and too busy, thanks to the versatility of white kitchen cabinets.

What are the different styles of white kitchen cabinets?

Whichever type of white kitchen you go for, the colour has long-standing connotations of simplicity and cleanliness, and a calm mood. It’s the ideal blank backdrop for any interior design style, from traditional to contemporary, which is what gives white kitchens their timeless quality.

We always say that at Kitchen Warehouse there is a kitchen design for everyone – and there’s a white version of virtually every design we have too.

Whatever your personal tastes are, you’re sure to find your perfect white cabinets in our extensive range.

To help you decide on the right style of white kitchen cabinets to suit your taste and lifestyle, click on the links below to find out more about each type.

White gloss replacement kitchen doors

If you’re refreshing the look of your kitchen on a budget, the most cost-effective option by far is to simply replace your kitchen doors. This is especially the case if there is no damage to the units themselves.

Refacing your kitchen with crisp white kitchen doors can bring a whole new lease of life to your space. And as white high gloss kitchen doors are the best way to reflect light and make your space appear larger, we’ll now provide you with more details about them.

How are white gloss kitchen doors made?

There are several ways to create the shiny, mirror-like finish known as high gloss or ultra-gloss.

The durability and price of white high gloss kitchen doors depend on the manufacturing method and materials. The three primary methods are vinyl wrapping, lacquer spray, and acrylic facing.

Vinyl-wrapped gloss kitchen doors

Vinyl wrapping is an old-fashioned and low-budget way to achieve the appearance of a high gloss kitchen, without investing in a more steadfast material or seal. Sometimes known as foil wrapping, this method involves covering MDF panels with a plastic-based or resin-based layer and vacuum-sealing that wraps all the way around the door profile.

While it’s relatively cheap and initially looks good, the problem with vinyl wrapping is that it can start to bubble or peel away from the MDF. Over time, heat and moisture can warp the door and cause the wrap to de-laminate, resulting in a dimpled appearance rather than a smooth, shiny surface. This unappealing look is called the ‘orange peel effect’.

Lacquered gloss kitchen doors

Arguably the most popular variation of this product is sprayed and lacquered high gloss kitchen doors. They offer higher quality than vinyl or foil, at a higher but still reasonable price. Typically, the manufacturer primes an MDF base board before applying lacquer with a paint sprayer. Then they will build up several layers of lacquer to achieve a smooth and strong finish.

The lacquer begins to cure when exposed to the air, so each layer forms a hard shell around the MDF core. The final layer may be subject to additional polishing to achieve a mirror-like sheen. This method promises colour consistency and durability, especially when combined with lacquered edges to prevent chipping. It’s possible to repair scratched lacquer, too.

Acrylic gloss kitchen doors

The most modern method of creating high gloss kitchen doors is to use solid acrylic. In some cases, the door can be made entirely out of the tough plastic, but it’s more common to find an MDF base faced with a sheet of acrylic. Perfectly flat, smooth, and shiny, acrylic high gloss kitchen doors are an excellent and often more affordable alternative to lacquer.

Bonding a layer of acrylic to the face of an MDF core and sealing the edges with a matching PVC or glass-effect edging creates a highly reflective surface, though the back of the door is likely to be matt. Acrylic is an extremely durable material with high resistance to heat and moisture – and if the surface gets scratched, it’s possible to buff the marks out.

Why can’t I find a high gloss white kitchen door that matches my existing high gloss white kitchen?

If you already have a white high gloss kitchen, you might find that a cupboard door or drawer front is accidentally damaged beyond repair at some point. It’s often cheaper and easier to simply replace the door than try to fix it yourself or pay for a professional to repair the damage – but how do you ensure that your new kitchen doors match your existing high gloss doors?

Unfortunately, colour-matching high gloss kitchen doors is a near-impossible endeavour. The only way to achieve an exact match is to order the exact same product from the same supplier. However, even this isn’t a guarantee. If it’s been several years since your original order, the colour could be slightly different now if the manufacturing process has changed during that time.

There are so many variations of white kitchen doors that you’re unlikely to find a perfect match. Even if you order the same product again, or it’s available in a standardised colour (e.g. RAL), your existing doors won’t look the same as they did when they were brand new.

The material can also make the finish look different, but even if you match acrylic with acrylic or lacquer with lacquer, the colour probably won’t be the same. Exposure to sunlight can make colours fade over time, so white kitchen doors can gradually and almost imperceptibly take on a yellower tone.

The next best option is to reface the whole kitchen. This may sound daunting, but you’ll find that replacement kitchen doors are actually very reasonably priced. You can replace every door and drawer front at the same time, ensuring an exact colour match from the same product and creating a whole new look, for much less than it would cost to replace the complete kitchen units.

Where to buy white high gloss kitchens

Has this guide given you all the inspiration you need to go full steam ahead with a glossy white kitchen design? If you’re searching for some of the most affordable yet high-quality kitchen units on the market, look no further than the Kitchen Warehouse online store.

We’re proud suppliers of a selection of high gloss kitchen parts, and while we like to make our prices accessible, we never compromise on style or quality. Whether you’re looking for white gloss kitchen units or just white gloss kitchen doors, you’ll find everything you need on our website.

Our selection includes a wide range of kitchen accessories that can help you to modernise your white high gloss kitchen, from ornate kitchen handles to aesthetically pleasing kitchen sinks and mixer taps. Don’t forget to check out our selection of convenient kitchen storage mechanisms, too.

Speak to our experts about high gloss white kitchens

The Kitchen Warehouse team would love to help you put your dream kitchen plans into action, so feel free to get in touch to discuss our high gloss white kitchen options.

You can either give us a call on 01765 640 000, email us at, or submit an online enquiry today.

If you would like to see how our products look in a real-life setting, browse our installation gallery to find more kitchen design ideas. Or, if you live in Yorkshire, why not pay the Kitchen Warehouse showroom in Ripon a visit and view our high gloss white kitchens in person with your own eyes? We often have even more options available than the designs we stock online!

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