From classic country farmhouse shaker cabinets to ultra-modern high gloss, white has been the most popular kitchen colour choice for decades. Whilst other tones have claimed the ‘bang-on-trend’ title for the odd spell over the years – greys and blues in recent years, for example – white kitchen cabinets have always retained their enduring appeal.

In this ultimate guide to white kitchen cabinets, we’ll talk you through all the pros and cons of choosing this versatile colour, along with the various styles of white kitchen cabinets available here at Kitchen Warehouse.

Why Choose White Kitchen Cabinets?

There are many good reasons for white kitchen cabinets to stand the test of time, which we’ll discuss in more detail now.

High Gloss White Doors

White Kitchen Cabinets are Versatile

White kitchen cabinets are perfect for those looking for a simple and streamlined design. It’s worth bearing in mind that going totally white – especially in a larger space – can make your kitchen feel a little sterile. But, at the end of the day, just how white you choose to go is a matter of personal choice and taste.

You could all go all the way with white cabinets, walls, and white marble worktops to complete the look. Or you can tone things down and contrast the white base colour of your kitchen design with other shades and tones.

It’s also worth remembering that there are now countless shades of white cabinets available to buy. So, if bright white feels too overpowering for you, there are plenty of more subtle shades to choose instead, including creams and ivories.

White kitchen units and backsplash

As well as the illusion of space it creates and the light it brings to any space, white has one major advantage over any other colour – it goes with absolutely everything. From traditional to contemporary, white cabinets look fantastic in all types of designs.

And, of course, a ‘white kitchen‘ certainly doesn’t have to be all white. Having white as the base colour of any kitchen design essentially gives you a blank canvas to build on.

Add Your Own Style

You can add your own style, texture, and personality. From feature walls to a bright backsplash or colourful accessories, white ties everything together and can act as a neutral backdrop for key elements in the space.

Additionally, since white is a simple base colour, it’s easy to dress up or pare down the room’s décor whenever you fancy a change. You can make it look like a whole new kitchen just by swapping out appliances and soft furnishings, instead of splashing out on new ones.

Zurfiz Ultragloss White Doors

A White Kitchen Makes the Room feel Bigger

It’s no secret that darker colours can make a room feel smaller. If you have a small kitchen, white is the best choice to create the illusion of space and make the room feel lighter and brighter. Pure white cabinets are the best way to maximise light in the kitchen.

You can take this principle further still. Choose high gloss white kitchen cabinets to make the room look much more spacious. This is because light will reflect off the surface, in the same way that mirrors are often used to make spaces appear larger.

So, while your square footage might be lacking, choosing a white kitchen can make it feel like you have much more space.

White Kitchen Doors in High Gloss

White Brings More Natural Light into the Kitchen

White reflects all types of light, natural and artificial. In an instant, it will give you a brighter feel – without adding extra lights or another window.

Natural light is the holy grail of interior design. However, if it is not possible to get any more natural light into your kitchen, a white kitchen is the next best option. White will create the illusion of natural light.

The more natural light there is in your kitchen, the better you will feel. Proven to be good for your mental health and general well-being, a light space will be one that you want to spend more time in.

A Timeless Classic

As mentioned, from time-to-time, certain colours will come to the fore, and be championed by interior designers.

In recent years, grey and blue have seen their popularity rise – and with good reason. There are some beautiful grey and blue kitchens available right now.

Immune to Trends

However, the big advantage that a white kitchen has over the competition is that it is immune to trends. A simple and clean appearance never goes out of fashion. A timeless look means that you won’t feel any pressure to update your kitchen to keep up with current trends – because your white kitchen has always been on-trend – and always will be!

There’s something about the clean lines and glossy surfaces of white drawer fronts that makes high gloss white work in any kitchen space in any setting.

Contemporary gloss white kitchen

Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner with White Cabinets

Of course, white doesn’t repel dirt or magic away stains – but it does make it easier to spot them. Darker cabinets might look clean, but they’re just better at hiding the dirt!

The longer you leave surfaces uncleaned, the greater the build-up of dirt over time. Eventually, a pretty intensive deep cleaning session will be necessary.

Modern Gloss White Doors

What are the Different Styles of White Kitchen Doors?

Whichever type of white kitchen you go for, the colour has long-standing connotations of simplicity, cleanliness, and a calm mood. It’s the ideal blank backdrop for any interior design style, from traditional to contemporary, which is what gives white kitchens their timeless quality.

A Design for Everyone

We always say that at Kitchen Warehouse, there is a kitchen design for everyone – and there’s a white version of virtually every design we have too.

Whatever your personal tastes are, you’re sure to find your perfect white cabinets in our extensive range.

White Gloss Replacement Kitchen Doors

If you’re refreshing the look of your kitchen on a budget, the most cost-effective option by far is to simply replace your . This is especially the case if there is no damage to the units themselves.

Refacing your kitchen with crisp white kitchen doors can bring a whole new lease of life to your space. And as white high gloss kitchen doors are the best way to reflect light and make your space appear larger and have a more contemporary feel, we’ll now provide you with more details about them.

Contemporary kitchen looks in white

Where to Buy White Gloss Kitchens

Our selection includes a wide range of kitchen accessories that can help you modernise your white, high gloss kitchen, from ornate kitchen handles to aesthetically pleasing kitchen sinks and mixer taps. Don’t forget to check out our selection of convenient kitchen storage mechanisms, too.

Speak to our experts

The Kitchen Warehouse team would love to help you put your dream kitchen plans into action, so feel free to get in touch to discuss our gloss kitchens.

If you would like to see how our products look in a real-life setting, browse our installation gallery to find more kitchen design ideas. Or, if you live in Yorkshire, why not pay the Kitchen Warehouse showroom in Ripon a visit and view our high gloss white kitchens in person with your own eyes? We often have even more options available than the designs we stock online!

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