The handleless kitchen is a trend that has been on the rise over the past few years, offering homeowners the opportunity to introduce smooth, clean lines within their kitchen without the need for “pesky” handles.

It’s a winning contemporary look that works equally well in a high gloss or a matt finish. There are also a wide range of colour choices too.

Are handleless kitchen units right for your home?

Of course, it depends on what you want and need. Every element of your kitchen should be chosen according to how you like to use and enjoy the space.

Are handleless kitchen doors on trend?

One of the more modern kitchen trends that we have seen in recent years has been a shift to handleless kitchen doors.

They aren’t anything new. In fact, they have been incorporated as part of minimalist kitchen designs for many years. However, it is only recently that we have noticed a big demand for  without handles and a high gloss or matt finish.

More people now embracing contemporary living and indulging in innovative modern design, what was once a stagnant style of kitchen door has been reborn into handleless kitchen doors.

Are handleless kitchens a good idea?

It’s no surprise to see that so many people are blown away with the look of a handleless kitchen. The door style truly catches the eye. Handleless kitchen ideas have become a cornerstone of the design of modern kitchens.

However, you need to think with your head and your heart.

Therefore, it is vital that you weigh up the pros and cons of handleless kitchens before going ahead and choosing one.

Does a handleless kitchen provide extra room?

Talk to any kitchen owner and they’ll tell you that space can be at a premium at the best of times! So, when looking for that extra bit of wiggle room in a busy area, does a handleless style stack up?

There is no overhang on modern handleless drawer fronts, which does give you valuable extra room.

Are handleless kitchens good for open plan living?

This can be extremely useful if you are considering an open plan design for the kitchen. Not only does it help to create a light and airy feel, but there are also no handles to disrupt the fluidity of the design, either.

The overall effect creates the illusion of even more space.

Are there handleless appliances to match?

If you want to create a totally handleless look, you can! The idea of a handleless kitchen now extends beyond the cabinetry and doors of standard kitchen design.

Great appliances to match your handleless kitchen

To this end, you will now find more appliance manufacturers who are producing built-in appliances with great features that fit flush with kitchen cabinetry. Some have glass finishes, and the ‘touch to open’ mechanism is certainly becoming more popular in integrated appliance design.

What kind of cabinet fronts are best for handleless kitchens?

Kitchens with a lower sheen tend to show fewer marks. Similarly, lighter colours don’t tend to show marks and fingerprints as much as darker colours. For this reason, incorporating natural wood and steel into a design can create a superb and durable finish.

Steel or wood? What’s the best look for handleless kitchens?

Steel, with its streamlined modern kitchen sounds right on the money – but you’d be surprised just how good painted wood units can look in a handleless setting.

Not only do they look good, but they are also easier to maintain and keep clean. Additionally, any wear that occurs over time only adds to the character and charm of the finish.

What handleless kitchen colour do I choose?

You can get caught up with your choice of slab door and integrated handles and sleek and smooth finish and so on and so forth – and all of the is important when choosing kitchen units.

However, a kitchen is about more than just styles and features. Creating the perfect, striking handleless kitchen is also about the colours you choose.

Choose from a great range of colours for handleless kitchens

To this end, it’s reassuring that not only are there a wide selection of handleless styles in the Kitchen Warehouse showroom, there is an also a wide choice of colour options too.

Why not order a sample of any of our handleless kitchen doors?

Try before you buy

This gives you the opportunity to see if the style of the door fits in with what you want for your kitchen. It can also allow you to see how our doors work in person, and to decide if they are a practical option for your home.

We are happy to assist you every step of the way with your choice of new kitchen.

You can get in contact with us through a variety of channels, including visiting our showroom located in Ripon, North Yorkshire.If you have any other questions about our handleless kitchen doors, be sure to let us know!

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