After the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have grown tired with the look of your kitchen. After all, you have probably spent more time than ever in there, getting to know it’s drawbacks a little more than usual! But did you know you can give your kitchen an extension of life by just rearranging your kitchen cabinets? By moving a few items here and there and streamlining the look of your kitchen into something more appealing on the eye, you are able to prolong your room for a number of years and have a kitchen design layout you’re happy with.

Of course, finding the perfect kitchen layout can prove to be quite complicated at first, especially with no prior knowledge. With many avenues to go down, we’re here to help so you can grasp the ins and outs of kitchen layout ideas before you make an informed decision.

Types of kitchen layout

There are four main types of kitchen layout that you will see in kitchens worldwide. These are universally accepted and are a good starting point when it comes to deciding on your own space. These are:

The Kitchen Triangle

Also referred to as the working triangle, the kitchen triangle is a popular interior design concept for creating a practical and convenient kitchen layout. Quite simply, the objective of the kitchen triangle is to create a smooth and seamless working flow between the most important areas of your kitchen.

The three main points of the kitchen triangle are your cooker, your fridge, and your sink. Where the principles of the kitchen triangle are applied, you should never have to walk more than one to three steps to get from any point in the triangle to any other point in the triangle for a simple kitchen layout.

This makes using your kitchen whether for entertainment, meal preparation, or relaxing easier to navigate.

L Shaped Kitchen

If you are someone that likes a bit of privacy when cooking in the kitchen then this kitchen design layout is a great option. The worktops are essentially designed in a L shape with counter tops at two perpendicular walls.

It is a great way to add some space in smaller rooms because the practical aspects of the kitchen are confined to the L shape so there are two worktops that join together with one being the cooking space (oven, hob etc…) and the other being the cleaning space (sink).

It is a pretty adaptable kitchen layout where you can incorporate it into a larger kitchen as well, but it arguably looks better if you only have a small space to work with. That being said, putting a kitchen island or even dining table into the middle of the room can work with reducing space and avoiding a sparse look.

U Shaped Kitchen

It might be a good idea to incorporate a U shaped kitchen into your kitchen layout ideas if you want interaction when cooking in the kitchen.

It is characterised by an island in the middle of the room with everything else on the outside in a U shape. Not only does it provide great space in the room and a place to sit down for a quick meal on the island in the middle. but it is very open plan. It has a lot of storage space with kitchen cabinets and room to move around in so if you have several people preparing a meal at the one time and others just sitting about then it is a good way to ensure that everyone has enough room.

It does require a bigger kitchen to work effectively but if you have the space then a U shaped kitchen is certainly one of our recommended kitchen layout ideas.

Galley Kitchen Layout

This is really made for smaller kitchens. But you can still get the most out of this layout should you have a kitchen on the larger side.

A galley kitchen layout is more popular in smaller kitchens as it consists of two straight runs down the room and it looks more like a corridor than an open spaced kitchen. There is no real room for eating due to space constraints, so it differs from the zone layout in this regard but for apartments and small houses it is a great way to design a kitchen.

You generally have the oven and cupboards on one side of the ‘corridor’ and the sink and cooker on the other with worktop space above and overhead. If you have a small kitchen and feel that it is too open plan, then this design can make it a lot more practical.

Kitchen Island

Whether your space is open plan, or you have a decent sized U or L shaped kitchen, adding a kitchen island provides both a dramatic focal point and a valuable space to use for food prep, cooking or dining.

Before choosing to include a kitchen island, think carefully about how you use your kitchen. Are you looking for somewhere to sit and enjoy your morning coffee, or extra space to get busy with your culinary skills?

Have you thought about open plan?

For most people, the major appeal of combining a kitchen diner with a larger living space is the idea of spending more time together as a family. This way, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively than if you were tucked away in separate rooms. For example, you could be in the kitchen preparing dinner for the rest of the family, whilst your child is doing their homework at the dining table. You’re able to continue your cooking whilst also helping your child if needed. This is all whilst another child could be watching TV in the lounge area.

Gone are the days of families living separate lives, as with an open plan kitchen diner, you can easily bring everyone together.

Not only does this kitchen layout create family space, but it also helps to produce the illusion of space. This can never be a bad thing, as bringing down the walls means fewer rooms and doors, presenting a more spacious interior as a result. It also means that the floor space has a longer run, which can have a large influence on making your whole space seem brighter and larger. Another advantage of removing walls from your living space is that you can unlock even more design freedom, opening up opportunities for more kitchen layout ideas.

By making the most of these opportunities, you can create a truly bespoke space for the family.

Of course, knocking down walls isn’t always an option to create a much larger kitchen layout. An alternative could be an extension, for example. Naturally, this can be a time-consuming, costly choice. However, it will also give you the vital space you need – and add considerable value to your home.

Kitchen layout mistakes

Now you’ve got to grips with the different kinds of kitchen layout out there, it’s now to discuss what not to consider. Of course, the beauty of kitchen design is that as long as a design works for you, then you’re able to benefit from the weird and wacky that may not be a first thought for many. But should you have no prior knowledge of how to rearrange your kitchen, then you may want to avoid these simple errors.

Not paying attention to lighting

The kitchen is always going to be a space where you have to have great lighting. This is going to be a matter of both design and ambience as it will be your safety. Working in the kitchen means using a variety of knives and other kitchen tools that you have to be able to see while you are working. The lighter your space, the better you will be able to show off all of the design elements.

Rooms will usually need three kinds of lighting. There will be general lighting used for overall illumination and also accent and task lighting. In the kitchen, you need to evaluate the work areas and focus on your ability to offer the best light to each spot that needs it. Take into consideration extra lighting that will be directly above all of the major work areas.

Backsplash or no backsplash?

When you are designing a kitchen space, you may find yourself wondering about a backsplash. Even if it saves you money to cut it out in the short term, over the long term it could cost you both time and effort. Think about all of the grease, water and steam that will be moving about your kitchen with daily use. Installing a backsplash over your cooktop and the counters can be a smart idea, allowing you to easily clean up the area.

Watch your counter space

A big complaint about kitchen design is that there is not quite enough counter space. You need to take into consideration all of the activities that you do in your kitchen that will require counter space. Take the time to fit in as much of the open horizontal surface area in the kitchen as you possibly can. This can easily be achieved by adding in a breakfast bar or an island if you have an L-shaped kitchen.

Advantages of switching up your kitchen layout

Even the very best thought out kitchens can need a switch up from time to time. Whether this is due to a stale appearance, a change in preference or simply that the room isn’t function anymore, change is something that’s should be embraced. Here are some reasons why you should look to change the appearance of your kitchen, and how it can affect your room going forward for the better.

Optimise space

When rearranging your kitchen, you will inevitably encounter items that have been lingering around for years. This gives you the perfect chance to declutter a room that frequently has full cupboards and busy worktops. By rearranging your space into a more efficient kitchen layout, you are able to free up room that you totally forgot about or didn’t even know existed! You can, therefore, streamline your kitchen into a space that you can be happy with and will last you for years to come.

Gets you back on top of the room

Once you have started to make the most of the space in your kitchen, you will quickly find yourself getting back on top of a room that has subconsciously escaped your control. We’re sure at some point you have completely forgotten about something you bought for your kitchen and discarded it to the back of the cupboard. Whether this be a cleaning product, an item of food or a nice new bowl or plate, we are all guilty of this from time to time. These items could be stored away out of sight, never to see the light of day… until now!

Freshen up your look

When you rearrange the appliances in your kitchen, you will often see a huge transformation in its look. So much so, the space often looks vastly different than the one you have been living in for years. Are you tired of looking at the same old scenery? If so, we guarantee that moving some items around in your kitchen will give it a brand new appeal.

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