When it comes to designing or upgrading a kitchen, the sink is probably most likely not too high on your list of things to consider.

While the tiles, kitchen units and accessories are generally at the forefront of your mind, the kitchen sink and the design of the sink is often forgotten. While it might be the main part of your room having a practical and aesthetically attractive sink can add another dimension to your kitchen design.

In this blog from the Kitchen Warehouse, we are going to explore Belfast sinks, what they are and why you should have one in your home.

What is a Belfast sink?

Belfast sinks are not a new phenomenon. In fact, they have been popular since the 1700s. They have been fashionable for many, many years. When you think about how trends have come and gone over that period of time it is pretty remarkable.

Unsurprisingly they were originally designed in, yes you guessed it, Belfast and it is their deep bowl, sturdiness and overall simplicity that makes them so popular. Over the centuries they became a much sought-after alternative to Butler sinks – but how exactly do the two differ?

Belfast Sink or Butler Sink?

Many people wonder what the difference between a Butler and Belfast Sink is?

Just in case we make you click the back button on your browser, we are not going to give you a detailed essay on the history of sinks. Saying that it is useful to know the subtle differences between a Belfast Sink and a Butler Sink.

These days most people will find it hard to tell the difference. However, in the days gone by, a Belfast sink was characterised with an inbuilt overflow due to the fact that Belfast benefitted from having readily available fresh water. Butler sinks, that were designed to be used in London, did not originally have an overflow as fresh water less common, this meant that not having an overflow discouraged water wastage.

Difference Between Butler And Belfast Sink

How much does a Belfast sink cost?

Belfast sinks are not that expensive but differ in price depending on if you wish to purchase a single or double Belfast sink.

So, if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen then a Belfast sink is not going to set you back too much money. However, as with every purchase for your kitchen, always make sure that you plan for this in your budget.

Practical or For Show?

To finish we want to look at the original point of this post – are Belfast sinks practical or simply just for show?

Many people love the fact that they are so deep compared to your run of the mill sinks that you see in most homes. It means you can wash more items in them at once and aside from their aesthetics they are practical for busy kitchens.

The downsides are evident though. If you drop a cup or a plate in a stainless-steel sink, then the chances are it is not going to break however the glazed white porcelain that is a feature of a Belfast sink will smash most delicate items that are dropped.

The Belfast sink has a rich history and will continue to be a popular addition to kitchen’s due to their practical nature ensures that they will remain this bracket. However, as time has progressed there has been an opening for more suitable sinks to be designed in comparison.

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