As part of a buying a new kitchen or having a kitchen redesign there will come a time when you’ll be obliged to choose a kitchen sink. On the face of it you would think this would be simple. A sink is a sink after all. But these days, there are so many different designs of kitchen sink around – not to mention such a choice in kitchen sink materials, that really it could take some time to come to a decision. And which is why, we have decided to lay out this kitchen sink buying guide. It’s all about making kitchen design simpler for customers.

It’s kitchen cabinets and replacement kitchen cabinet doors we specialise in – amongst other kitchen accessories. However, we do realise how important it is to get a kitchen sink that chimes in with your cabinets. So, what exactly is out there we hear you ask. Well, read on…

Different types of kitchen sinks available today

Kitchen sink: stainless steel

A popular choice for many households, the stainless steel sink is easy to wipe clean, lightweight and inexpensive to buy. It is corrosion and rust resistant and there’s an added bonus in that it coordinates beautifully with steel taps. We would always suggest a stainless steel sink for glossy and contemporary kitchen cabinets and doors.

Interestingly, the thinner a stainless steel sink, the noisier it will turn out to be. That’s because more expensive versions have sound absorbing pads attached underneath.

Kitchen sink: ceramic

Ceramic sinks can be beautiful to look at. They work particularly well with country style or traditional kitchens eg the old-fashioned (and now much sought-after) large Belfast sink.  Shaker-style cabinets are a fab match. Like the stainless steel sink, ceramic sinks are durable and you will rarely find a stain on one. In fact, so tough and hardy are they that you can expect your ceramic sink to outlive you!

It is possible a ceramic kitchen sink may get chipped with a dropped pan or similar, but even then, this sort of damage can be repaired. Ceramic sinks are heat resistant and really polish up well when cleaned. They are extremely heavy though so not suitable for all kitchen worktops out there.

Kitchen sink: quartz or granite

Certainly, more expensive than stainless steel and other forms of basic sink, a stone kitchen sink is incredibly durable. And anyway, as time goes on and these sinks are becoming more popular, their cost is coming down.

Granite sinks are excellent at coping with heat – to the extent it’s possible to put a pot straight from the cooker into the sink to cool down. You will also find few scratches, marks and dents on this type of sink. Another plus is the fact that you can get a granite kitchen sink in trendy black, cream or other colours (even pink) to fit in with your chosen or existing worktop and kitchen cabinets. And finally, the surface is anti-bacterial so only needs a wipe-down with a damp cloth after its been used.

Kitchen sink: resin

A less expensive form of the granite sink is a resin version. It looks similar but is more lightweight due to the fact it is far thinner than granite. Also referred to as a Composite sink, a resin sink tends to be around 80 per cent crushed granite or quartz and around 20 per cent resin.

It is still dense enough so that unlike a stainless steel sink, won’t sound too noisy when a tap is turned on at full pelt. Many of these sinks are produced in dark colours, such as charcoal grey or black, making them look for more expensive than what they actually cost. This is the type of sink that matches coloured glossy or matt kitchen cabinet doors.

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We hope the above kitchen sink buying guide has been handy for when you come to give your current kitchen a contemporary boost. Even just swapping the kitchen cabinet doors and changing the sink and worktops can make a huge difference to your kitchen, making it feel completely new. And the best bit? The price tag is a fraction of what it would cost you to have it redesigned by a kitchen company! Take a look at the fantastic range of kitchen cabinet doors we have here at Kitchenwarehouse Ltd. We have a feeling you will be very pleasantly surprised.