Christmas time is nearly here and we all crave the savings. Without a doubt the best way to shop is online, unless you like following slow window shoppers or waiting in long long queues. But there are many many ways to make your online shopping experience much better…

Vouchers Codes

This is the most important and is definitely the most important. Whenever you intend to buy anything online, always try search for a voucher code on Google normally by just searching voucher codes. There is a bigger chance than you would think that there is actually a voucher code and it will save you money. For example we just got a new laptop direct from HP and when searching for the voucher codes we found 15% off today only. Saving us a lot of money! Try give our website a search and see what you find.

Delivery Times

As its getting closer to Christmas and many of the people now will be buying for Christmas presents you may want to keep an eye on estimated delivery times to make sure you will get it, It may be worth paying the extra £10 or so for express delivery. Amazon will give you next day delivery providing you sign up for a free trial of the amazon prime service. Just make sure to cancel it before you get charged for the full year! Also Ebay give you a huge option of products so you can find one with the best delivery date.

Reward points

We all spend more over Christmas, its well worth getting a reward card so you get back something (however little). Nectar cards are taken in a huge amount of places including Ebay and a lot of petrol stations. Collecting points is easy and you just need to forget about them until one day you will be able to buy yourself a little something.

Trusted Sites

Buying online is a worry for many people but really it need not be. There are many different safe ways to pay (e.g Paypal) and you can trust the big sites such as amazon and eBay. But there are a few signs to tell if the site you are on is trustworthy:

  1. See if they have a secure connection when checking out. This is seen by if you are connected by https:// instead of http://
  2. Can you call them up? If there is a number just give them a ring and ask about the product.
  3. Do they have lots of good content? If there is lots of relevant content it shows they have put in the effort.
  4. Look for trust certificates or buttons such as the Trust-wave one on our contact us page or in the footer we have a FBB logo.
  5. Avoid a website that is too good to be true.


A big part of online shopping is finding the cheapest going, But while not sacrificing quality. This is mainly done by just searching around and browsing different websites.

In the end if you find someone who is Trusted, Cheap, Quality, Fast Delivery and maybe offers voucher codes (KW5OFF).  You’re pretty much spot on!

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