Christmas certainly comes around quick!

It hardly seems a year ago that we were blogging about Christmas 2014 however as we move into December we are here to tell you how you can make your Christmas extra special this year.

With all the commotion, hustle and bustle of the festive period decorating your kitchen might be the last thing on your mind at this time of year. In saying that having a renovated kitchen can really make your Christmas an extra special time of year.

Everyone’s kitchen takes a beating around the Christmas period with all the cooking that goes on however with a kitchen renovation you can make your home feel that little bit more special.

We want to show you how the Kitchen Warehouse LTD can really help to improve your Christmas at home and also provide a kitchen that you will be proud of all year round.

Renewing Your Kitchen At Christmas Time

So you are having people round at your house of Christmas day. No doubt you will want your home to look great with Christmas decorations however a kitchen that looks new and fresh can really add something extra to your home at this time of the year.

This doesn’t need to be a complete kitchen makeover because ripping out cabinets and flooring at Christmas time will only add to your stress levels. However with replacement kitchen doors that are cheap to buy and easy to install you can give your kitchen a renewed look and feel.

We don’t recommend buying one or two replacement kitchen doors because the chances are they will stick out in your kitchen even if they are in the same colour and style as your current ones. We are able to offer our replacement kitchen doors at a rock bottom price so improving all your kitchen units with new doors is cost effective.

Our Accessories Can Enhance Your Kitchen

Not everyone has the time, money or motivation to revamp their kitchen completely at Christmas time.

That being said, some small alterations and new accessories can make a big difference. In fact it is often these small things that your friends and family notice. For instance we provide kitchen door handles that can create a fresh look in your kitchen at home. Something simple like this is very cost effective but can have a big impact.

While you might be more focused on what to buy your loved ones or what food you need a few new kitchen accessories can go a long way. No-one wants to have people round to their home at Christmas when their kitchen looks old and in need of a makeover – with some small improvements you can make a big difference.

We Can Tailor All Christmas Budgets

We know that money can be tight around this time of year.

In fact for many people this is the case all year round and this is why we are able to provide kitchen units, doors and accessories at such a cost effective price. We cut out the middle man in the process so that you can save money. Instead of paying the high mark up fee’s that many retailers add onto the price of kitchen doors and units you can get the best prices directly from the supplier – us!

We will be more than happy to accommodate your financial means in your new kitchen and we have a lot of experience in finding the right replacement kitchen doors or new kitchen units for every budget. Just because it is Christmas time doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil yourself and your home.

Christmas With The Kitchen Warehouse LTD

If you are hoping to improve your kitchen before Christmas this year then you should be aware that we close on the 18th of December until the New Year on 4th January 2016.

Our last despatch dates are as follows:

  • Painted Kitchens including doors only (Roma) – 18/11/2015
  • Acrylic Kitchens including doors – 02/12/2015
  • Standard Kitchens – 07/12/2015
  • Standard Doors Only – 14/12/2015

So you need to get in quick if you want to improve your kitchen in the run up to Christmas. If you live close by then feel free to drop in and see us in Ripon, North Yorkshire. We are located at the Hutton Moor Farm and our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9:30 pm till 5:30 pm and Saturdays 10:00 pm till 3:30 pm.

We are more than happy to advise you and give you some expert advice on how you can enhance your kitchen for Christmas 2015. Your mind might be on other things at this time of year however taking some time to improve your kitchen can really add some special to your Christmas.

Not only will you be able to see a difference in your kitchen at Christmas time but your guests will as well. In fact it can be a great way to end the year and you can go into 2016 knowing that you have significantly changed your home.

Get in contact with us right away if you want some advice on what we can do for your home this Christmas and how we can help you.

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