For some people, deciding gloss acrylic vs matt acrylic when it comes to kitchen units will be an easy choice. Some will have an instant preference between the two. You’ll love the look of one or the other. Decision made. Easy.

However, when making a big ticket purchase such as a new kitchen, you will want to make sure that you choose wisely. After all, you want your new kitchen to last for years and look great for years. You’ve got to live with your decision. It’s a choice you simply have to get right.

So, no pressure then! This is why we have put together this handy guide to Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Units vs Matt Acrylic Kitchen Units for you. Read on to find out everything you need to know about these two stunning kitchen styles.

Gloss acrylic vs Matt acrylic: Appearance

Both absolutely stunning in their own right, it’s difficult to decide between gloss acrylic and matt acrylic kitchen units when it comes to appearance and looks. It’s also true to say that both types of finish work well in virtually any kitchen style. From the traditional to the contemporary – or even the minimalist – gloss acrylic vs matt acrylic is a tough decision to make on looks alone. Both styles are timeless in appearance. However, both also lend themselves to fresh and modern kitchen designs.

Gloss acrylic has a real advantage over other finishes in that it will naturally make the space appear larger and more open. This makes gloss acrylic a popular choice for small kitchen spaces. As light reflects into the space, it elevates it and makes it feel lighter and brighter. Homeowners sometimes feel that tearing walls down and extending is the only way to achieve satisfaction in the quest for more light and space. However, gloss acrylic kitchens could be just what you need. This will save you a lot of money too.

Meanwhile, a matt finish – favoured by many interior designers and architects – creates a different look. However, it’s hard to argue that the end result isn’t anything short of exceptional. If you want a dramatic look for the kitchen – and bags of character and elegance in equal measure; it’s hard to look beyond matt acrylic kitchen units.

In contrast to high gloss, matt absorbs light rather than reflecting it. This results in a muted look. If you want understated class, matt finishes really are hard to beat.

Style: Gloss or Matt?

For some people, the shine and brightness of a gloss acrylic kitchen is the major appeal. Similarly, the less intense and more muted style of a matt finish will also have many admirers. The smooth and polished surface of a gloss acrylic kitchen reflects light brilliantly. However, if you think that might be a bit overwhelming for you, matt acrylic finishes give you subtle style in abundance.

To achieve the style that you desire for your kitchen, you also need to consider other factors besides the general appearance and look of the finish, matt or gloss. For example, lighting, colour choice and the size of your kitchen are all important too

Lighting plays a big part in how a kitchen looks and feels. If your kitchen is on the dark side, without the benefit of a lot of natural light, a gloss acrylic kitchen could be your best bet. Similarly, if your kitchen space is on the small side, if you opt for nice bright colours of gloss acrylic, such as whites, cream, or yellows, the space will be lifted and will seem a lot bigger. You can further the effect with some carefully and creatively placed lighting. On the other hand, in bright kitchens with lots of natural light, gloss acrylic kitchen units might be a bit too much. A matt finish could be your best option here to give you a timeless and sophisticated look.

gloss acrylic vs matt acrylic3

Colour choice is important too

Choosing the colour of your kitchen is a very personal choice but it’s still well worth taking a step back rather than rushing in and making a snap decision. It’s an obvious point but you should always take your time. After all, your choice of colour scheme will be with you for several years. Similarly, while it can be tempting to go bold, bright and brash, playing it a little bit safe is usually the most sensible option. You should also plan your kitchen’s colour scheme down to the last detail. Choose a theme and don’t forget about the floors, walls and worktops. Also, remember that there are several other ways to add colour: blinds, accessories, or utensils.

As a general rule of thumb, gloss kitchens tend to be better choices than matt kitchens in really small kitchen spaces. With larger spaces, it’s more down to personal preference rather than practical considerations. A gloss finish in a large kitchen can create a sleek and ultra-modern look that is bound to impress. However, a matt finish can offer a more understated and classic look.

Price: Gloss vs Matt

gloss acrylic vs matt acrylic 2

The good news is that when it comes to deciding between gloss acrylic and matt acrylic units, your choice can be based purely on personal preference and practical considerations, not on price. At Kitchen Warehouse the cost of gloss acrylic and matt acrylic kitchen units are the same. For example, a 350mm base unit with single door in either Gloss Light Grey or Matt Acrylic Dust Grey is £121.71. The 1200m base unit with two doors is £237.23 for both styles. As you would expect, there are various edging options available on some product lines which will affect. But the bottom line is this – you can choose the style you like not simply the one you can afford with gloss acrylic and matt acrylic designs.

Maintenance and Cleaning: The Pros and Cons

This is where the gloss acrylic vs matt acrylic debate gets interesting. One of the genuine plus points of gloss acrylic kitchen units is the fact that they are easy to clean, not least because of the shiny surface of the units. For everyday stains and smudges, you will really need little more than water and a non-abrasive cloth. Even for tougher stains – should they occur – the only thing you really need to remember is to never to use bleach as this could very well damage the shiny glossy surface of the units. Use lukewarm water and a mild detergent, taking care not to damage the surface.

However, despite the general message that maintenance and cleaning of gloss acrylic kitchen units is simple and straightforward, it does come with one important caveat. Cleaning is easy but be prepared to do it every now and again! High gloss can make fingerprints, smudges and imperfections appear more visible on the surface. Mucky children’s hands could be a problem. Of course, this is hardly a massive issue, but if you are a perfectionist when it comes to cleanliness, consider using high gloss acrylic on higher cabinets.

On the other hand, matt acrylic kitchen units are much better at hiding any imperfections and marks on the surface. This is because of the lack of reflected light. It means that smudges, stains and fingerprints are nowhere near as visible on a matt acrylic surface as a high gloss one. The marks are still there, of course – they’re just not as clear! Other advantages of a matt finish are that it’s durable and scratch-resistant.

Example Units

For smaller spaces and those that are lacking natural light, the likes of Ivory or Champagne in gloss acrylic are great choices. These will create depth and the illusion of space. For larger spaces, try  Metallic charcoal or  Jet Black for a bolder edgier look. The stunning light grey gloss acrylic unit  really has it all with truly stunning looks.

If a matt finish is what you are looking for, you are also spoiled for choice. Matt Acrylic Dust Grey Kitchen Units provide warmth and flair. For a look that looks truly regal, the impressive Matt Indigo Blue Kitchen Units and Doors really take some beating.

The Verdict – gloss acrylic vs matt acrylic: Which is best?

Ultimately, as with any aspect of home improvement, it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day when you look at gloss acrylic vs matt acrylic kitchen units. However, you do have to think with your head and your heart. Choosing what is practically right for you and your needs must take precedence over simple cosmetic looks.

The amount of natural light you have in your kitchen and its size are both important factors to consider. Similarly, choose wisely if cleaning is a big issue for you. So, whether you are Team Matt or Team Gloss – or still undecided – get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team. We are ready to give you all the guidance and advice you need to help you make the right choice for you.