There are many attractive finishes out there when it comes to completing the look of your kitchen, many of which we’re proud to provide here at Kitchen Warehouse. We wouldn’t blame you for switching things up in favour of the kitchens we have to offer, as they all truly look the part!

However, there are two finishes that have remained the most popular for a number of years now: matt and high gloss.

It’s easy to see why more and more people are opting for these kinds of kitchen units and doors, such is their durable construction and attractive appearance.

With multiple benefits for both, it’s understandable if you’re torn when choosing between high gloss kitchens and matt kitchens. We can assure you that you’re not on your own – but the good news is that our experienced team can help you to decide.

Choosing between a gloss or matt kitchen is a very common dilemma for people looking to revamp their kitchen. Matt textured and high gloss finishes are two of the main styles that you’re likely to see in modern homes. Both look great, so it’s important to distinguish the differences between the two so you can reach a well-informed verdict.

High gloss kitchens

High gloss kitchens can truly transform your kitchen; don’t just take it from us! This finish is able to create a bright space, oozing style and personality. By using high gloss, you’re able to show that your room looks sleek, clean, and perfectly modern. Not only will gloss kitchens appeal visually, but they are also a practical option that can be enjoyed in your home for years to come.

How do they look?

Implementing a gloss kitchen can have a variety of benefits, the most noticeable of which is the illusion of added space. This is why they are a popular option in smaller kitchens that are striving to seem bigger. Gloss kitchens reflect light, giving your kitchen a perceived larger space than in reality. This is especially prevalent for kitchen worktops, which is worth keeping in mind.

Handleless high gloss kitchens are a sure-fire way of lifting your kitchen in all aspects. What once may have been an old and tired room in need of a fresh look can be drastically changed to become the epitome of modern design. High gloss kitchen doors and units reflect both natural and artificial lighting, so the light can bounce off the surfaces and create an open, welcoming area of your home. This means that – regardless of the time of day or year – your kitchen has a naturally brighter and bigger feel.

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that the shades of high gloss kitchen doors can change when the light reflects on them – so it’s important to consider this when purchasing the high gloss kitchen units or doors in the colour that you desire.

A tactic often employed is to couple gloss kitchens with contrasting kitchen doors in bold colours, as these will bounce off each other and provide an interesting aesthetic, creating your own unique style that you’ll never get tired of looking at.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we always aim to offer a versatile range of kitchen solutions. This is why our high gloss kitchens are available in many colours – why not take a look now? Our experts are on hand to give you our industry-leading opinion on how best to achieve your dream kitchen.

Gloss or Matt Kitchen

What options are available?

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, you can be sure of a wide choice of colours when it comes to a gloss kitchen. Whether you prefer a lighter hue or something darker and more dramatic, we have you covered! This level of versatility in colour allows you to match your doors and units with the rest of the room, whether they match your appliances or existing walls.

Not only are you able to choose from a variety of colours, but we also have multiple materials available on our website. For example, you can opt for a high gloss acrylic kitchen, ready to buy in many unique shades, as well as standard high gloss that can broaden your horizons even more.

Should you require an even more sleek and streamlined look for your modern kitchen, you might want to consider one of our popular handleless high gloss kitchen units. This way, the style of your kitchen doors can truly steal the show, without being interrupted by handles that may prove a bit of an eyesore!

Handleless doors are also a safer option if you have a family home. This ensures that if any children are running past, they will not catch and injure themselves on the handles, giving you the peace of mind that your kitchen is a safe place to be.

Other factors

Another important consideration to make when choosing between a matt or gloss kitchen is how easy each type is to maintain and clean. In terms of high gloss, it’s worth noting that often, they require more attention than their counterparts to stay at their shiny showroom best. This is because it’s far easier to spot fingerprints and general imperfections on a glossy finish than any other, due to their reflective surface.

Although they have a stunning appearance that is sure to change your kitchen for the better, this comes at a small cost of more regular maintenance. We can assure you, it’s worth it! Although they may need to be cleaned more often, this is easily achievable. They are well known for being remarkably easy to clean compared to other surfaces and can be effortlessly wiped down for a brand-new look after every clean.

Everyone looks for value in the market these days, and rightly so! A cost-effective way of making your kitchen look bigger is by implementing a gloss finish. So, if the size of your kitchen is holding you back and you want an affordable way to make the room appear larger, this option could be the perfect one for you.

What about matt kitchens?

When it comes to a type of kitchen finish that is firmly on the mind of the masses, in the last few years this has been the matt kitchen – and for good reason! The trademark dramatic tones and block colours have become a hit with homeowners across the world, resulting in a huge choice of shades. But how can matt enhance the look of your kitchen?

How it looks

Hoping to freshen up the look of your kitchen to something that is on trend in the modern day? A matt finish can easily achieve this – whether as a standalone colourway or mixed into an existing colour scheme. Although you may think this is a tough decision, whichever call you make will present you with multiple benefits.

If you choose matt kitchen units or doors, the light will not reflect off the surfaces. This means that the colour will always stay true – meaning that your kitchen will look brilliant from any angle, no matter where you’re positioned.

You needn’t worry about overbearing block colours should you choose a matt kitchen. You can rest assured knowing that the expert team at Kitchen Warehouse provide a variety of lighter tones, which provide the perfect contrast for either a dark backsplash or other softer shades that allow your kitchen to flourish with whichever vibe you’re aiming for.

Matt or Gloss Kitchen

What options are available?

In a similar vein to their high gloss counterparts, matt kitchens come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Again, we offer an acrylic variation to our matt designs, providing a sharp finish that you’ll struggle to match anywhere else! You’ll be able to see their rich and deep tones for yourself in all their glory and benefit from them for many years to come.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we make sure that the range of colours that we offer for our matt kitchens is vast. This gives them an excellent level of versatility, so they can look the part in almost any kitchen. No matter how big your ideas may be, you’ll be able to combine your matt units and doors with almost all existing colours in your kitchen, whilst still maintaining an excellent aesthetic appeal.

Other factors

Matt textured kitchen doors require less effort to maintain, as fingerprints and general imperfections are far more difficult to spot. This means that you can get away with not having to clean your doors and units as often whilst they still look their brilliant best. However, to maintain high hygienic standards in the kitchen, we’d always recommend that you still clean your kitchen regularly – as tempting as it may be not to bother! After all, a clean kitchen is one you can be happy with, that ensures the safe preparation of food and comfortable socialising.

So which is best?

Now that we’ve told you the benefits of each, it’s time to settle the gloss vs matt kitchen debate. As the experts at Kitchen Warehouse, you’d expect us to throw in our two cents on the matter and give you our verdict, right? However, there are so many different benefits to each finish, we’d struggle in giving you a definitive answer! All we can say is: whichever you opt for, you’ll be set for the long term with a trendy design that gives your kitchen a new lease of life.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about high gloss and matt kitchens, view our full range here at Kitchen Warehouse. We offer a huge selection of kitchen cabinets and doors, with many colours and styles available from both types of kitchens discussed in this blog.

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Why not take a look for yourself now? We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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