Are you torn between choosing a high gloss kitchen or one with a matt finish? You’re not on your own. But the good news is our experienced team, here at Kitchen Warehouse, can help you to decide.

Glossy or matt is a very common dilemma for people looking to revamp their kitchen. Matt textured and high gloss finishes are the two main styles you are likely to see in modern homes. Both look great, so it’s important to distinguish the differences between the two to reach a verdict on the right one for your desired kitchen style.

 A high gloss kitchen

High gloss kitchens can transform your room, creating a bright space that oozes style and personality. A smooth finish creates a sleek look whilst providing a practical option that can be enjoyed in your home for years to come.

How it looks

Handleless high gloss kitchens are a sure-fire way of lifting your kitchen. High gloss kitchen doors and units reflect both natural and electric lighting, which allows light to bounce off the surfaces. Meaning that – regardless of the time of day or year – your kitchen has a naturally brighter feel.

With this in mind, it is worth noting that the shades of high gloss kitchen doors can change when the light reflects on them – so it is important to consider this when purchasing the high gloss kitchen units or doors that you desire.

High gloss kitchens are available from Kitchen Warehouse in many colours – why not take a look now? Our experts are on hand to give you our industry leading opinion on how best to achieve your dream kitchen.

Other factors

Another important factor to consider when debating if a high gloss kitchen design is right for you is how easy they are to maintain and clean. Often high gloss kitchens require more attention than their counterparts to stay at their glistening, showroom best. Fingerprints and general imperfections will start to show through general wear and tear, so they do require a bit more work to stay looking like new.

A matt kitchen

The most on trend kitchen of the last few years is definitely the matt kitchen – and for good reason! The trademark dramatic tones and block colours have become a hit with homeowners across the world, resulting in a huge choice of shades now being available.

How it looks

If you are looking to freshen up your kitchen, then a matt finish can easily achieve this – whether as a standalone colourway, or mixed into existing colour schemes to provide contrast, the choice is yours!

If you choose matt kitchen units or doors, the light will not reflect off the surface, so your colour will always stay true – meaning that your kitchen will look brilliant from any angle!

If you are worried that block colours may prove overbearing, rest assured that, here at Kitchen Warehouse, we provide many lighter tones that contrast well with either a dark backsplash or other softer shades to give your kitchen the vibe you’re aiming for.

Other factors

Matt textured kitchen doors require less effort to keep on top of fingerprints and hide imperfections. To maintain good hygiene, we’d still always recommend that you regularly clean your kitchen though – tempting as it may be not to bother!

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