Let’s face it, transforming the look of your kitchen could be a spontaneous decision or something that is well overdue. It’s a truly exciting time – regardless of your circumstances – as you have the chance to truly put your modern, trendy stamp on a room that is the heartbeat of the home.

Before you get started on mapping out the finer details, it is important to get your kitchen design correct – making sure that every aspect is to your taste when all is said and done. To do this, we have no doubt that you’ve already started to look for kitchen ideas that take your fancy, which is probably why you are here reading this right now! At Kitchen Warehouse, we have helped many customers over the years to turn their kitchen dream into a reality, with a colourway they will never get tired of looking at themselves and showing off to friends.

If you’re looking to do the same, then an ideal place to start is to look up the best kitchen designs out there and identify the one that perfectly suits your interior décor. Perhaps you are a fan of neutral colours that fit with the rest of your home? Or maybe you desire a pop of colour that will really make the room stand out? Regardless of your preferences, there will always be a concept kitchen to fit your requirements, and the team here at Kitchen Warehouse will be more than happy to assist.

Kitchen design ideas

Of course, your kitchen is not solely based on the colour of your kitchen units or doors (although this is a vital component to think about!). There are many other factors that combine to make the kitchen of your dreams, subtle or stand out. These can include the design you opt to go for on your walls, as a painted or tiled finish could be the final piece in the jigsaw for you. Some kitchens may also benefit from wallpaper to fit in with the theme that you think is perfect for your new design, the options are endless and the choice is well and truly yours!

To check out a range of kitchen design ideas that you might not have considered previously, be sure to visit our dedicated blog post. We’re sure you will find a design avenue that suits your preferences.

How can Kitchen Warehouse help put your ideas into action?

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we are lucky to have been in operation as a company for many years. Our selection of kitchen essentials has been ever growing over the years, putting us in a firm position to provide our customers with many shades and finishes of kitchen doors and units to complete their ideal look.

Our company prides itself on competitive prices and quick lead times, giving our customers the best chance of receiving the highest quality products for the best price possible.

Our delivery service stretches all over the UK, so if you are based in Britain you are able to benefit from our products directly. For convenience purposes, each of our deliveries come flat packed, so they can safely arrive at your destination, and with step-by-step instructions.

Be sure to browse through our wide selection of kitchen cabinets, kitchen doors and kitchen accessories so you can get a feel of what we offer here at Kitchen Warehouse. If you have a particular preference of colour or finish, then check out our collection so you can get some inspiration for the kitchen of your dreams.

Does the size of your kitchen affect your kitchen ideas?

Many homeowners often have grand ideas for the look of their perfect kitchen, but there is one thing holding them back that they just can’t escape… the size of the room. For instance, if you are based in an apartment block, it is not as easy as going open plan or extending the room to fit your requirements. This also works on the other side of the coin if you are based in a large family home, but you are now finding that the plethora of space is no longer something that suits you. Perhaps this could be due to children moving out, or a restriction on mobility meaning that you can no longer make use of the space like you once used to.

Depending on your situation, the size of your kitchen can often place a constraint on the scale of your work but does not have to scrap plans altogether. The best kitchens are the ones that work well with the hand that they’ve been dealt.

Practical and logistical elements can also come into play here, meaning you might have to alter your perfect design based on whether you live alone or with family for example. But if a kitchen that looks nice is a nightmare to negotiate on a daily basis, is it really your dream kitchen?

Small kitchen ideas

So, have you thought about how the size of the room may affect your kitchen design and you feel like you might need to rethink your plans? If your room is on the small side, there are still plenty of smart workarounds you can achieve just by broadening your horizons. We have seen many customers implement our kitchen cabinets in their small kitchens in the past, so we feel like we are well placed to discuss some ideas you might want to work with yourself.

You should never let the size of your kitchen hold you back too much and completely scupper your vision of a dream room that you have been working on living in for years.

If you would like some inspiration on how to make your small kitchen work for you, then be sure to check out the dedicated blog post on site today.

Does your theme say a lot about your kitchen?

You can jazz your kitchen up as much as you want, but the overriding impression you will give off depends on your colour scheme. This is often the first thing that is considered by homeowners when they look to change the appearance of their kitchen, as the colourway can make or break its intended vibe.

There are many different connotations to shades of kitchen doors or units, trust us, we supply many! So as a result, you will want to look long and hard for a hue that is perfect for you.

One important thing to consider here is if you want your kitchen to fit in with the general theme of your home or if you want to make it completely different. We often see that modern, contemporary kitchens are more likely to go with a darker colour palette, whilst traditional kitchens based in the countryside benefit from a flash of warm colour to fit in with their rural surroundings. Alternatively, light colours such as creams, greys, blues and greens, and natural lighting, are synonymous with tranquillity and really open the room up. They create a space that is both airy and refreshing yet crisp and modern at the same time.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we provide a huge range of kitchen units and doors that are sure to have you browsing for hours. With the selection of colours and finishes available, you are able to picture how each will look on your finished design before making the purchase.

Kitchen colour ideas

Are you pretty open minded when it comes to selecting the right shade for your kitchen? Or are you quite the opposite, and struggling to decide on your perfect combination of colours? Either way, we understand that this is a pivotal decision to make – and, in the past, many of our customers have had to go away and think carefully about which is right for them moving forward!

This is why at Kitchen Warehouse, we are on hand to provide you with some of our favourites, hopefully, giving you the inspiration you need to design your ideal kitchen and pick a colour scheme.

We have a wide range of colours and finishes for you to browse at your leisure, but for now, why not visit our dedicated blog post to kitchen colour ideas and take a closer look at some of our favourites for yourself?

Kitchen colour ideas

How much does it cost to make your ideas a reality?

As you can probably expect, this is purely dependent on the extent of the overhaul you are looking to make. Getting a new kitchen appliance such as a kettle, for example, is going to cost a lot less than changing your whole kitchen! To keep the final total down – and to avoid any unexpected costs further down the line – you should always look to marry up your total spend on all aspects of your renovation in line with your budget.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we will always help you in this aspect by offering competitively priced products, from kitchen units and doors to handy kitchen accessories. Our fast lead times mean that you can have your kitchen essentials delivered to you as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

We recommend that you plan out how much your purchase is going to cost in relation to your budget at all times. We understand that you might be excited to get your project over the line as soon as possible, but a lack of foresight here could leave you short-changed and push back your finish date.

To find out more about budgeting for your dream kitchen, make sure you check out our dedicated blog post for further information.

How can you enhance your existing kitchen further?

So you’ve managed to tie up your kitchen design for the foreseeable, but what if, after a few years, you want to add an extra layer of beauty and practicality to the busiest room in the home?

If you have already found the colour scheme and existing design that will be by your side for a number of years, then why stop there! There is always finishing touches that can be added to give your kitchen a refreshed look without going the whole hog and starting again.

An example of this is a kitchen island. Sure, this won’t be an impulsive buy, but it is something you can definitely look to implement into your kitchen once you have done the research. Adding a kitchen island can make better use of a large area that is currently unoccupied, whilst also giving you a practical way of adding more storage to your room, or a new place to eat with the family or prepare food.

There are many ways to fully put your stamp on your kitchen, so you can tailor it exactly to your needs. This is something that you should think about if you plan on sticking with your existing kitchen design for a long time.

Kitchen extension ideas

If you think that the only way to extend your kitchen is to put an island in the middle, then think again! Although this way is one of the most popular ways of kitchen extension – and for good reason too – there are other options that we bet haven’t even crossed your mind. For example, have you ever thought about extending your kitchen out to your garden terrace? This is especially useful if you are always wanting to socialise with friends and can really allow you to be the host with the most!

There are also many other ways for you to extend your kitchen that are simpler than you think, but we will leave them for our dedicated blog post on the topic, so you can have a deep dive into those kitchen extension ideas for yourself.

Kitchen triangle ideas

Now you’ve decided on what you’re kitchen is going to include, you might want to now consider where on earth it is all going to go! The traditional rule when it comes to kitchen layout is that of the “kitchen triangle” which is still followed by many homeowners to this day. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we have seen a lot of our clients implement their kitchen ideas in this format, so we thought we would tell you a little more about how it works and how you can implement it into your home.

If you’d like to find out more, be sure to visit our blog specifically focussed on kitchen triangle ideas, so you can become an expert in no time at all!

Kitchen zone ideas

A more modern version of the kitchen triangle has been named “kitchen zones” – aptly we may add! Instead of stating exactly where each appliance should be in your kitchen, it gives you more freedom to group a selection of items together so can spend more time efficiently preparing food and cleaning instead of travelling around the room looking for misplaced items.

Want to find out how you can implement kitchen zones into your home? This blog post will be able to tell you much more so you can get started today!

Large kitchen ideas

Owning a large kitchen may seem like a dream on paper, but in reality, it can pose problems as to how exactly you fill such a grand space with kitchen ideas that work, without making it appear empty and vacant. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we have installed kitchens in many larger rooms, so we feel like we are well placed to give you some of our top tips as to how best to approach decorating and creating a unique, showpiece larger kitchen space.

Our detailed blog post gives you more information on how you can create a large kitchen you can be happy with.

Kitchen ceiling ideas

Why should your kitchen ceiling be the forgotten aspect of your room when it comes to considering a kitchen design that suits you? Although kitchen doors and units often take the acclaim when it comes to a stand out kitchen, your ceiling shouldn’t be discarded. After all, an empty, bland and boring ceiling space will not complement your additional features well and can leave the space looking disjointed and with a lack of “flow” that can hamper your overall aim.

Want to know more about how to best decorate your kitchen ceiling? Be sure to read our blog post on all things kitchen ceilings now.

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