What is a farmhouse kitchen? For many people, it is a traditional looking room that has that real country feel to it. We often associate farmhouse kitchens with the Victorian and early 20th century time periods and they have been popularised recently with TV shows set in this era – think Downtown Abbey.

Creating your dream farmhouse kitchen does not need to be that difficult. While it can take some work the fact is that it can be achieved without a huge bill. If you want a complete kitchen redesign then you can certainly create a farmhouse kitchen from scratch however you can also get the look by enhancing your kitchen bit by bit.

If you want a farmhouse kitchen in your home then the Kitchen Warehouse has some great tips and ideas to get you started.

White Kitchen Cabinets

The essence of a farmhouse kitchen is not strictly solid oak kitchen doors or dark colours as is popularly believed. Rather it is actually whites and light shades that will help you achieve the look that you want.

White painted kitchen units are a great starting point to a farmhouse kitchen design. What you want to achieve is an airy and bright feel to the room. The beauty of using ivory replacement kitchen doors, for example, is that they can be contrasted with slightly darker colours such as wooden worktops, chairs or even black door handles.

This is also very useful for smaller kitchens as the lighter colours can help to make the room seem bigger particularly if it gets a lot of natural light. White kitchen cabinets are a useful way to get your dream farmhouse kitchen project started.

Strategically Placed Glass JarsKitchen Farmhouse Design

A farmhouse kitchen does not really deal with a minimalistic design. Clutter, well at least organised cluttered, is welcomed in this style and glass jars full of sugar, biscuits or sweets are a good way to create that farmhouse look. Place them on open shelves or even just on the worktop for the best results.

Another good tip is to also put bright items into the jars as well. This will really bring the kitchen to life and you can even coordinate the contents with the colour scheme of your kitchen too for maximum effect.

Kitchen Island

There are not many designs that fail to work without having a kitchen island installed however in a farmhouse kitchen the island is the real centrepiece of the design and should be placed in the middle of the room.

In the past a farmhouse kitchen had a predominate table in the room that was used for pretty much everything from cooking, eating and just sitting around. A kitchen island can recreate this effect in your home.

Ensure that the island style matches your kitchen cabinets – so remember to aim for lighter colours – and even a small island can finish the farmhouse look if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Open Shelving 

We mentioned above that a farmhouse kitchen design should be about showcasing the items in your kitchen and not hiding them away to create a minimalist style.

Open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets achieve this effect really well. It makes the room feel ‘lived in’ and used. Farmhouse kitchens were the main room in the home and as such should feel ‘busy’.

Do not be afraid to keep your kitchen appliances, cooking items or even food out in the open if you can because it is one of the cornerstones of achieving the farmhouse kitchen style. Not every cabinet in the room needs to have an open scheme but even a few can work towards the result that you want.

The Farmhouse Sink

Finally, we have the farmhouse sink. How does this differ from a standard sink you ask? Well, a farmhouse sink is usually larger than the standard one that you probably have at home as well as being a lot deeper too. This is because they were used for a whole variety of reasons in years gone by from cleaning dishes, washing clothes and they were even used as baths for small children sometimes too.

A farmhouse sink also has an apron that extends over the kitchen cabinet at the front of the sink. This really helps to complete the whole effect of a farmhouse kitchen and while they can be more expensive than a standard kitchen sink if you want the farmhouse style then they are an integral part of it.

Your Dream Farmhouse Kitchen

You do not need to completely rip out your old kitchen to get the right look for your home. If you are planning a kitchen redesign soon then, by all means, you can essentially start from scratch to get this effect but if money is tight and you want to do it in stages then that is definitely possible as well.

A farmhouse kitchen can be used in any home whether it is modern or old. Harking back to a bygone era is incredibly stylish and with the farmhouse look, you can have a design that isn’t found in many kitchens these days.

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