Could your kitchen do with a new lease of life? Sick of your same old drab units and tired of those stained worktops? Looking to renovate your kitchen on a budget? We understand a kitchen makeover can cost an arm and leg, but here’s the thing, it does not have to.

There are a few simple and cost-effective things you can do that won’t cost the earth and will leave your kitchen looking fresh, new, and shiny once again. From replacing kitchen unit doors , replacing worktops, adding a fresh coat of paint to adding a few specially selected appliances there are many options out there when it comes to transforming your kitchen. What’s more once you are happy with your new kitchen these principles could also be applied to other rooms in your house. So why stop there?

Buy an affordable kitchen online

You don’t need to spend days, weeks and or even months trawling the shops to find your perfect kitchen. Why limit your online shopping to groceries and other household goods?  When it comes to buying a kitchen online the choice is endless and can all be found at the click of a button. You can choose everything from style, colour, and finish.

The internet could also provide you with some much-needed inspiration. Typing ‘Kitchen Inspiration’ into Google will leave you with a plethora of images and Pinterest boards to browse, and the chances are your ideal kitchen has already been created online so now it is time to take elements of that and implement it in your own home.

Shop around, don’t limit your shopping to one place, it may be much cheaper for you to buy different products from different suppliers. For example, when we buy clothes most of us tend to source our outfits from lots of our different favourite shops then we mix and match what we wear on a regular basis, buying a kitchen online can be the same. This way you can find exactly what you are looking for.

For example, here at Kitchen Warehouse you can buy kitchen doors, entire units, brassware and accessories. And what’s more, as you buy directly from us, we cut out the middleman retailer so you are not paying more than you should be.


Choose to replace doors rather than units

White High Gloss Doors

Kitchen units can be costly, but in some instances replacing your entire unit may be unnecessary. If the units themselves are in a good condition, why not look at just replacing the doors? This can give your kitchen an entirely new look without breaking the bank.

Replacement kitchen doors  are a great way to refresh your kitchen without having to undergo a complete overhaul, which can cost more time and money that you may have at your disposal. Refacing your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors gives your existing kitchen cabinets a new lease of life, with a smaller price tag!


Measuring up for new kitchen units is simple

  1. Use a metric tape measure and measure fully in millimetres
  2. Make sure to measure the backs of each door as these are normally easier to get a flat surface against.
  3. Measure each door height by width to get a full list of needed kitchen doors
  4. Take note of how many end panels you need

We have a huge range of replacement kitchen doors, so you are sure to find something to suit your style. Whether you want to choose the latest high gloss kitchen doors, or prefer a traditional look such as a Shaker style kitchen, we have the solution.


Paint your kitchen units

Closeup of Woman Holding Paint Brush and Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If you are happy with the placement of your units but replacing the doors isn’t quite justified, you can consider giving those old units a fresh coat of paint. It may be a more labour-intensive solution but it will certainly save you a few pennies.

How to Paint Kitchen Units

  • Remove all the unit doors you will be painting, if you paint horizontally, you will avoid any of those unwanted drips
  • Remove the handles
  • Place a dust sheet on your floor
  • Make sure your paint is suitable for cupboards
  • Prepare your units by sanding the surface to help the paint grip. Wipe any dust off with a damp cloth
  • Simply paint. There is no need for a primer or topcoat for wooden or melamine cupboards. Glossy cupboards will need a sand down with a fine grit sandpaper.
  • Once dry screw your unit doors and your handles back in place
  • Stand back and enjoy your very own kitchen makeover


Revamp your kitchen worktops on a budget

cost of quartz worktops

cost of quartz worktops

Now that your units look nice and fresh it could be time to think about your worktops. You can transform your kitchen surfaces to give a whole new look here are some top tips:

  • Painting

If you have wooden worktops this will work best. You can paint other types of surfaces, but you may need more time for preparing your surface

  • Revarnish

A pot of varnish can go a long way on a wooden countertop to give it a fresh and new look

You can choose a dark or a light varnish depending on what finish you are looking for

  • Marble

Contact paper can be a great way to get a Marble effect on your countertop. All that you will require to do this is a wallpaper smoother and some patience

  • Laminate

This option gives you lots of colours to choose from and it can be a great way to revamp those worktops on a budget

  • Tile

Using tiles does not have to be limited to your bathrooms or splashbacks, it can be a fantastic way to give your counter a new look.


What is the cheapest flooring for a kitchen that still looks good?

Luxury flooring for a kitchen can be expensive and leave you with a big hole in your pocket, but if you have time to shop around and even better if can install your floor yourself you can easily get that cost per square meter down, which really helps when you want to update your kitchen on a budget. When selecting your material make sure it is durable and DIY friendly. When it comes to kitchen flooring there are good cost effective options. Updating your floor can really help enhance the look of your kitchen.  Here are some good options:

  • Laminate

Use this to mimic an expensive looking floor

  • Vinyl

This is by far the easiest type of floor to install

  • Ceramic

If you can install this yourself, you will get a great cost saving

  • Cork

This is a little more expensive but is long lasting, easy to install, and very comfy to walk on

Cheap but good appliances for your kitchen

If you have a neutral coloured kitchen, accessorising in specific shades can bring a new accent colour into the space without the need to make any changes to the actual kitchen units. This could be as simple as colour coordinating your toaster, kettle and microwave.

You can still treat yourself even on a low budget. Whether it is a mixer, a blender or even a pizza oven updating or buying some new kitchen appliances can not only inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen, but they can also make your kitchen feel shiny and new again.

If you have a little more budget, updating white goods such as your fridge-freezer, washing machine and dishwasher can make a huge difference to the look of your kitchen. You can go bold with vivid colours, or provide a sleek look with shiny metallics.

When you are looking to get your kitchen updated on a budget, we are here to help.

At Kitchen Warehouse we have a huge range of kitchen units, doors, accessories and sinks that will help you to refresh your space, whatever your budget.