Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we know full well that the furniture and kitchenware markets are both lucrative and competitive in their own right. Each market in their own right makes billions of pounds every year worldwide and the reason is clear: people want to have homes that they can be proud of. Normally we would associate redesigning kitchens or what lies within them as being costly with stressful and hassling installations, but despite what you think, existing kitchen designs can be revamped and given a new lease of life by adding some home-crafted or handmade kitchen accessories or by grabbing a bargain during the sales which can be fun and offer great savings to boot!

These crafts encompass a broad group of kitchenware and items that set themselves apart from other pieces because they are handmade or customised. They make the kitchen the heart of your home – a reflection of the people who spend their time there in a way that manufactured, or mass produced pieces just cannot. The nicest additions to revamp your kitchen are do-it-yourself jobs or designs that are easily replicated and learned through tutorials. Spending time instead of money on your kitchen design will really give your kitchen a homely and authentic feel.

Some things found in the kitchen are most certainly as essential (and mundane) as needing a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom! Yet, if done right, the crafty DIY jobs or just plain cool gadgets and quirky takes on essential items can feel just as essential as the proverbial toilet roll!

A Crafty Eye

When considering kitchen crafts or essentials to include in your home, you have to think of convenience, aesthetics, and cost. In all purchases, (or kitchen craft project ideas), following the time-old mantra of form following function is. Finding an item that is both aesthetically pleasing but with a significant purpose is even better giving you form and function in one! Beautiful kitchens are not necessarily made up of expensive items, but useful and efficient setups with quirky pieces to tie themes and ideas together. For example, these gorgeous hugging salt and pepper pots from Amazon, boast form and function in its truest form and act as a lovely ornament when not in use!

If making special items for your kitchen is more up your street, check out these lovely pieces that offer a ‘homemade’ take on the most essential of items in your kitchen;

  • For the discerning chef, what better than a set of home-made, hand stamped chopping boards? Each clearly labelled for its intended purpose. These would also make fabulous gifts with that personal touch and are very quick and simple to make.
  • Or for those who like the vintage look without the expensive price tag, how about transforming an old box and unused cutlery into a charming and unusual recipe box that will decorate your worktop, offer storage for your favourite recipes, and certainly be a conversational starting point for guests visiting your home!
  • For those of you who have moved on with the world of technology, how about transforming an old chopping board into an iPad or tablet holder so you can keep up with your online recipes without touching your device with sticky fingers?

Your kitchen is often one of the first places your guests will enter in your home and you can often tell a lot about the owner or creator of it. In other parts of your house, adding functional little bits here and there really complete that homely look, which makes guests feel like the house they are in is truly a home. Most of these pieces are affordable and easy to install and use since simplicity is the key when it comes to efficiency.

All these items can be found in a variety of places or made with ease and can make for a very engaging and entertaining activity. Remember to take into account the general theme and colour scheme of your room and kitchen units when making a purchase or designing a craft.

Overall, when searching for that last little element to round off your kitchen or home look, always remember that you can turn to some attractive home essentials or crafts to spruce up your property. An authentic look is the best look, every time!

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