There comes a time when you look around your kitchen and you think “there has to be something I can do which will spruce this room up!”
The problem is that completely renovating your kitchen costs money. At the Kitchen Warehouse, we can provide kitchen units and accessories at a lower price than our competitors in the market but we still realise that it can be expensive for many people.
This is why replacement kitchen doors are a cost-effective option that can reinvent how your kitchen looks and give it a completely new appearance. Cheaper than buying whole units outright, these new doors will take your drab and dreary kitchen and turn it into something that not only looks great but comes at a fraction of the cost as well.

Here are 3 replacement kitchen doors that can transform your kitchen at home.

Handleless High Gloss

handleless kitchen doors

Transform Your Kitchen with Stunning White Handleless High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Do you feel like your kitchen looks like something from a decade ago? It might have been 2004 ten years ago but that is an age when it comes to kitchen designs.
With some handleless high gloss kitchen doors, you will turn your kitchen into a room that appears to be straight out of a 2014 catalogue. Coming in a range of different colours – from white handleless units to anthracite handleless units – these doors will provide the sleek and minimalistic design that so optimizes modern kitchens. Not only do they provide a stylish aesthetic but they are easier to clean as well.

Solid Oak

Gorgeous Oak Cabinets and Kitchen Doors

Not everyone wants a modern design. In fact, sometimes the best kitchens are those that hark back to a bygone age. We don’t mean the green and brown décor of the 1970’s (who could forget or want to remember!) but rather a more rustic and traditional look.
Solid oak replacement kitchen doors provide just that. While they offer durability and strength they also provide an old-fashioned design that can almost put your kitchen in a nostalgic time capsule with 4 different styles to suit.

Standard Shaker

Solid wood kitchen units for sale

Beautifully Crafted Shaker Kitchen Cabinets and Doors

So we have had the ultra-modern handle-less high gloss replacement kitchen doors and the nostalgic solid oak styles but if you really are on a budget then the standard shakers will suit you. With a plain design in both oak kitchen doors and porcelain white kitchen doors, these doors will ensure that your kitchen is kept fresh and bright. Redesigning a kitchen doesn’t have to mean that you spend a lot of money even if you are just replacing the doors and a standard shaker can improve the whole look of the kitchen without changing its style or having to invest a great deal of money.

We know better than anyone that a kitchen can become out dated very quickly. This doesn’t just mean that the style is not en vogue anymore, rather the frequency of using the kitchen can cause damage and everyday discolouration. Replacement kitchen doors only cost a fraction of replacing your whole kitchen and for the sole purposes of breathing life into a tired design, they are an incredibly effective option.

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