There are few things as enjoyable as spending family time cosied up in the hub of the home – the kitchen.

Achieving that balance of snugness while enjoying great food, wine and catching up with family and friends among inviting environs can make for special evenings and fond memories. Creating that special feeling can really make a home feel special and can be easily accomplished by following some simple tips. So, here are some great ideas, thought up by Kitchen Warehouse, to make your kitchen cosy.

Showcase your Personal Touches

Nothing makes a home feel cosy like personal items and goods. Showcasing the lovely things you own and allowing others to enjoy them can be a great way to make space feel a lot cosier. One of the nicest ways to do this is to use open shelving units or to add shelves to your kitchen wall. This makes it easy to show people those personal touches that are key to making a home seem intimate.

Consider a New Kitchen or New Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Kitchen Cupboards from Kitchen Warehouse

Certain styles of kitchens tend to make a room feel a lot cosier. Classic styled kitchens that tend to hark back to their country origins are especially good at portraying the country feel. We provide a whole range of quality kitchen units and also kitchen cupboard doors for homes looking to create such an appearance.

We take great pride in our kitchen designers and truly believe that we can offer more than many competitors as all our sales staff are kitchen fitters. All you need to do is to visit us at our Ripon location in Yorkshire for a chat or consult us on the phone and we can help you begin the process of creating a cosier, more alluring kitchen.

Two Tones

Two colours are better than one – well not always. However, in terms of making a kitchen a cosier space this certainly is true. By adding two tones to a room you make it feel a lot lower than it is. This effect tends to trick the eye into thinking the ceilings are lower than they are and makes the room seem that little bit comfier.


Plants are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Whether its some herbs on the windowsill near the sink, or a tall potted plant in an area of the room that is otherwise empty, they can really make a space seem more inviting. Houseplants generally take little care, look great in the kitchen and fill lonely corners – so consider them.


Another great way to add that cosy feel is to use benches at the dining table rather than individual seats. This has the impact of creating a closer environment for people eating. Choose solid wood benches for the best effect or why not paint them a contrasting colour like your replacement kitchen doors. If the seating area is closer, the people tend to feel closer too.

Create Zones to make your Kitchen a Cosier Place

replacement kitchen doors

Replacement Kitchen Doors – Kitchen Warehouse

If the kitchen is open plan then a great way to make it feel closer and more together is to create zones. A large room can often feel a little sparse, however, through wise use of furniture, rugs and other items you can create defined zones in the kitchen space and make it seem a lot more together.

Ranges or Fires

Adding a range or an open fire to your kitchen can be a huge benefit for anyone looking to take their kitchen to the next level. Whether it’s an Aga or a Rayburn, a wood burning stove or like these gas and electric fires here – extra sources of heat really add to the level of comfort in a kitchen. The idea of a fire alone is enough to create a homely feel and can have a notable impact on how comfortable your kitchen is.

Small Touches

A lot of people forget that it’s the small touches that make a big difference in the home and adding little things can really make your home feel a lot more homely. Whether it’s the use of tea lights or a throw or blanket beside the couch – it’s the little things that make a home all the more inviting. These things remind people that a home is a place for comfort and not a sterile environment for show. Homes should be welcoming, homely and encourage people to relax and enjoy their time there and kitchen accessories are one way you can achieve this.

These tips should help you to create a more comfortable and enjoyable space for your family and also people visiting your kitchen.

We’re always happy to discuss what you want from your kitchen and how you can make it more comfortable and inviting. As we have said, each of our salespeople are also kitchen fitters by trade and understand the ins and outs of kitchens and the fitting of kitchen cupboard doors.

So, please feel free to get in contact with us, we’re always more than happy to help people out and discuss their wants and needs.