Smoothie in the kitchenOne thing that not many homes have appliance wise is a kitchen blender. A blender is a pretty simple tool and it does exactly what it’s named for. Using a powerful motor it will smash and stir, mash and blend anything you put into it. This blog will be about the best things you can make in a kitchen blender inside your kitchen from Kitchen Warehouse.

1. Smoothies

We will start with smoothies, smoothies are what most people would think of when getting a kitchen blender, From berry smoothies, kiwi smoothies, chocolate smoothies all the way to more exotic smoothies with pomegranates and herbs. Basically, a smoothie is throwing fruit, veg and herbs into the kitchen blender with a little ice and yoghurt and letting it do its thing, in return, you get a delicious drink! But smoothies don’t just stop there, after crossing a fine line of putting ice-cream and milk inside the blender you get milkshakes.

2. Milkshakes

kitchen milkshakeMilkshakes are like smoothies but are fundamentally different, while smoothies use ice, yoghurt and fruit; Milkshakes use Ice-cream, milk and a flavour of your choice (mostly sweet). Your standard milkshakes are chocolate, banana and strawberry but it certainly does not just stop there. The best recipe for milkshakes are simply a cup of milk, a cup of ice-cream and any sweet you can think that might go with it! Many milkshake shops will have a complete range of sweets and syrups all the way from a cream egg milkshake, Crunchie or Mars bar milkshake, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Gummy Bear, Jelly Bean and Strawberry.

3. Soups

People subconsciously only associate kitchen blenders with the sweeter things, but blenders are also extremely efficient at making soups as well! It’s so simple to just add some ingredients into the blender and blend away. Some of the better blenders have a heating element inside that will cook the soup to perfection. You are now beginning to see more and more things a kitchen blender could be used for and we’re going to get to some more interesting uses very shortly!

4. Food Dips

There are so many different dips for your food, from hummus to salsa and blue cheese dressing dip. All this can be made as a healthy as you like in your kitchen blender. The very best things about getting food right in a blender is just following the recipes quantity, there is nothing that can go wrong with the timing and you don’t need to worry that it may get overdone because you are simply blending!

5. Sauces

Food sauces are a great addition to the side of any plate but are always seen as very unhealthy, using a kitchen blender you can make tomato, BBQ, Brown, Seafood Sauce or Any other sauce you may think of! Best of all, you can make these sauces healthy using your own ingredients. If you have really green fingers you will be using the tomatoes out of your very own garden to make it as well!

6. Jam Or Fruit Butters

Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Apple Butter, Cherry Butter, Strawberry jam, Cherry and Peach. So many choices! Jams and butters are easy to make, last a long time and are very delicious.


In conclusion, we have learned that the kitchen blender may be a very simple appliance, but it has an extremely wild variety of uses.


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