Replacing kitchen doors to increase the value of your home

New kitchen doors can transform your kitchens appearance

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Sell your house quicker and easier plus increase the value by around £5000 or more by replacing your kitchen doors with Kitchen Warehouse UK for an average cost of between £500 to £1500. With the country starting to come out of a recession the British public have regained confidence in spending and the banks are lending money again which has been noticed in the housing market picking up.

Replacement Kitchen Doors

Estate agents have said that they have seen a big increase in the number of properties sold over the last month. Most of them have some of them saying it has been the best January they have seen in the last 7 years. Sales are up and so is the number of browsers through the door. Many estate agents have said that anyone buying a new house at the moment are spending up to the amount they can borrow from the bank, so they are looking for houses that have nice looking kitchen and bathrooms already fitted, as these are big expenses to replace and they will not have the finances to upgrade the kitchen and the bathroom for many years to come.

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The estate agents have seen a big increase in the number of homeowners looking to sell their property, replacing their kitchen doors for new ones to gain a quicker and easier sale of their home in some cases we have seen property owners receive in excess of £5000 more than they expected to receive for their home.

Some estate agents have stated that they have even recommended to some clients to reface their kitchen with replacement kitchen doors to help gain a faster sale for a greater value. One estate agent said that the transformation of the kitchen in one of his client’s homes was outstanding and it looked like a new kitchen. His client spent £950 on the whole upgrade of the kitchen doors and installed them himself. But it worked as they received an offer on their house one week after finishing the work and the house sold for near enough the asking price. He would recommend that anybody looking to sell their house, who has a tired or old kitchen fitted, to seriously consider upgrading their kitchen by replacing the kitchen doors, as it is a relatively low-cost solution that offers fantastic results in the appearance and feel when you walk into the kitchen.

It’s essential that you remember that it is often the kitchen and bathroom that sell your home, as all other rooms in the home can be modernized and upgraded for a fraction of the cost of either of these two spaces, not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to use your kitchen or bathroom when you are having a new kitchen or bathroom installed.

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