A good quality kitchen should last well over 20 years, giving it the longevity that allows you to enjoy how your kitchen looks without having to worry about wear and tear. The Kitchen Warehouse team have been to many people’s homes to design them a new kitchen or check the measurements of their kitchen plans.

Some of the kitchens we have seen have been well over 20 years of age, with one even being installed in 1941, making it 42 years old! This kitchen was still in good working order but was extremely dated in its appearance and construction and had plenty of places where it had excessive wear on the worktops and kitchen doors.

Don’t get us wrong, this kitchen was still functional, and most kitchens we look at are still in good working order when people decide to replace them with a new one. So lets find out the answer to how long does a kitchen last, shall we?

Why update your kitchen?

One of the reasons why some people decide to replace their kitchen with a new, modern kitchen design is purely because the kitchen that is already installed in their home is starting to look dated. It may have old fashioned kitchen doors on the face of the kitchen units making the decision to change completely based on the kitchen’s appearance.

One of the other reasons why some people may decide to replace their kitchen is because they might have certain kitchen components that might have broken or failed due to excessive wear and tear. This could be a broken hinge, or it has come away from the kitchen unit or a drawer doesn’t open or close properly.

If you like your kitchen door fronts and the kitchen units are in good condition then you can replace these broken components with new hinges or new drawer boxes rather than replacing your kitchen with completely new kitchen units. If your problem is that one of your kitchen hinges has come away from the kitchen cupboard then this can be rectified with a hinge repair plate that can be bought from eBay.

This can happen when the hinge has been over tightened into the kitchen cabinet and the screw has worked like a drill rather than a screw and bored the timber out of the kitchen cabinet. If you have this problem, we recommend changing the two screws that fix the hinge to the kitchen unit for longer and thicker screws before getting a hinge repair kit to fit your kitchen cupboard.

The main reason people decide to replace their existing kitchen units and have a completely new kitchen fitted is that it is poorly designed, and the layout doesn’t work or function correctly. For example, if you find yourself walking to every side of your kitchen to simply make a cup of tea then the kitchen is poorly designed when previously installed and requires redesigning.

One thing we do say to all our customers is that your new kitchen needs to be functional and that the practicality of your kitchen is more important than the appearance. You can still have a fantastic design but don’t sacrifice how well your kitchen operates for the appearance, as ultimately your kitchen is the heart of your home and is there to serve a purpose.

What’s your view on when you think it’s time to switch up your kitchen? Do you think the average life of a kitchen in the UK is more or less?We’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with us by leaving a comment on this post or giving us a call on 01765 640 000. Alternatively you can email us at contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com.

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