So you’re looking at buying the perfect new kitchen sink unit for your home? A sink can be a fantastic centrepiece for a kitchen, and with so many options available, you can now choose aesthetically attractive units. They can also be a very practical piece of kitchen furniture, which is why here at Kitchen Warehouse we have taken a deeper look into what you should consider when choosing one.

Some initial qualities you should look for is a sink that fits well with your new kitchen units, the pre existing colours of your kitchen and the feel of the space, so they will last you the test of time. In this post, we have outlined 7 tips that will help guide you through this process and help you find the right one. Come and take a look with us now…

Colourful kitchen units for sale

Colourful kitchen units

Consider the actual size

Of course, it goes without saying that if you are going to buy a new kitchen sink, you are going to need to measure the space you have for it to fit, so the one you buy can seamlessly slot straight into your kitchen unit. However, what many people make the mistake of doing is not visualising the sink in their kitchen and how bulky it may appear.

Once you have worked out the size, you can estimate your mind in the position of every corner of the room. Be sure to spend some time picturing the sink and its size in correlation with the rest of your kitchen.

Kitchen sink functionality

If you use your kitchen sink a lot and there’s more than one of you eating – you will most likely have a much harder life if you don’t have a draining board. Believe it or not, this is again something many people tend to miss when they are caught up in the excitement of new purchases for their kitchen. Remember, the draining board also takes up some space and once more you should make sure to visualise this positioning before giving your potential sink the green light.

Cleanliness and durability

So you are working on a budget, remember it is vital to check the actual material of the kitchen sink that you are buying before you make the purchase! Stainless steel is amongst the most popular around as it can outlast other materials, stays clean and is relatively inexpensive. However it can scratch easier than other materials and many people find it a louder, clunkier option. Cast iron remains popular to this day, it is also resistant to stains and depending on the style it can be highly priced and harder to install due to Kitchen design trends 2015its heavy weight!

Composite sinks (granite or quartz) are arguably the most durable, but they can be slightly less aesthetically pleasing than their counterparts. Another more expensive option is Fireclay, which is similar to cast iron but is known even more durable. It is worth bearing in mind that neither are immune to chipping of the enamel which could occur during a kitchen accident.

Going by the décor

The décor is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing anything to go into the kitchen, so be sure to spend time on it! If you’re sitting in a cottage with an old-fashioned style décor – you are most likely to want an old-fashioned style cast iron sink, without forgetting those taps! Of course, this goes the same way for that luxurious modern style apartment, you may want a black composite sink to fit in nicely with the electrical, carbon fibre feel you have already installed in your home.

Co-ordination with taps

Your new kitchen sink is going to need to be suited to the taps present unless you are planning on also having new taps fitted. The taps already fitted will most likely be either compression washer taps, ball taps, disk taps or cartridge taps. If you are looking at buying an old-fashioned style sink – it is crucial that you make sure the taps you have or are about to have fitted are of a similar style. A quality plumbing expert should be able to help with this.


It is also worth reminding you that even if it a blatantly obvious think to check – you never know who might miss it! Be sure to check the colour of the kitchen and décor before you pick that red sink for the purple kitchen, yuck!

Shop around

Ok, so you have seen the most perfect kitchen sink, you know the style, taps, material, colour, and price. Perfect, right? It may well be, but do not buy it straight away. Take some time to think and way up your options – now you know what you like, you can thoroughly search the internet for that even more perfect new sink at an even more perfect price!

These tips will help ensure that you get the right sink for your new kitchen space. If you are looking for help in making the right decision, then feel free to ask us what we think when choosing your new kitchen with us. We fit hundreds of kitchens and have an expert idea of what works and what doesn’t. As such as are here to provide advice, help and a great new kitchen space for your home!

To get in touch with the team, simply give us a call on 01765 640 000 or email us at You can also contact us by filling out our online enquiry form for a swift and informed response.

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