Are you considering upgrading your kitchen but you are stuck for inspiration? Do not worry – we are here to help!

This blog from the team at the Kitchen Warehouse looks at why matt units are so popular. If you have never seen or had matt units before then you are in for a treat because we will outline the main advantages that they will have for your home.

Matt kitchen units come in a variety of colours, styles and we even stock handleless matt kitchen doors too.

So, before we get into the advantages of matt kitchen units let’s look at what matt units are.

What are Matt Kitchen Units?

Matt finishes have been around for a while however it has only been in recent years that they have become popular.

A matt finish is different from the glossy units that we have – matt does not reflect light. They absorb the light as opposed to reflecting it so they have a different appearance than some of the other kitchen units in our range. This does not mean that they necessarily come in dark colours or that they make the room feel smaller because there are several advantages of matt kitchen units over other types of material.

Ideal for Family Homes

matt unitsOne of the main plus points in having matt kitchen units is that they are perfect for families or if you have pets.

Scratch marks and fingerprints are not as visible on matt units and doors as they are on other models. In fact, they are highly durable and they keep their gleam and shine long after you have purchased them. If you are worried about maintaining the look of your kitchen especially if you have children then matt units are recommended. They do not reflect light like other units so they will keep their look for longer and shouldn’t noticeably fade over time.

Even if you do come across any marks on your units you can use our handy guide to clean them effectively.

Consistent Shades Throughout

The fact that matt units do not reflect light is actually really good for consistently.

The colour of the matt units is the same throughout the kitchen regardless of any natural or unnatural light. These units appear solid and they are great from a design point of view. They also come in a wide variety of colours so it is easy to find a matt kitchen unit to fit in with your current design scheme.

In fact, many of the matt units can be used to create a kitchen accent and make parts of your kitchen stand out. You can read our previous blog posts – How To Create A Killer Kitchen Accent – to see how it is done.

You Can Create a Fully Modern Look

Finally, if you want a truly modern kitchen look then these units are a great option for doing this. Many people want a real fashionable design and it is one of the biggest advantages of matt kitchen units.

You can create a real muted but effective contemporary design for your kitchen with these units. If you want an understated style for your home that creates a modern feel, matt kitchen units are a fantastic choice and their modernity is one of the main reason that they are so popular.

Advantages of Matt Kitchen Units

If you are considering a kitchen upgrade this year then you should seriously consider matt kitchen units.

Not only do they fit in well with any kind of modern design you can integrate them or make the units stand out as much as you want due to the numerous colour options available. For families, they work fantastically well due to their durability and the fact that they are easy to clean.

Do you have matt kitchen units in your home or are you thinking of modernising your kitchen with matt units? Do you think they are better than high gloss or shaker kitchens? Let us know your thoughts. Visit our contact page or call us on 01765 640 000. You can also get in touch via email at