So your kitchen cupboards need a radical makeover. Do not worry, this is pretty common in most kitchens and pretty much any home needs new kitchen cupboards or kitchen units at some point.

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD, we do provide incredibly durable kitchen cupboard doors however there does come a time when you need to either do a bit of DIY on your own or replace them entirely.

You have probably come across this blog post because you are wondering whether it is worth salvaging your existing kitchen cupboards. A voice in your head is telling you to avoid painting your kitchen cupboards and instead to just buy new ones.

Is that the right option? Read on to find out…

Are You Actually Good At DIY?

Most people think that they are good at DIY. How hard can it be to find a tin of paint that matches your existing kitchen cupboards and give them a quick brush over? Well, the reality is that this job is a bit trickier than you think. Getting that authentic look when you paint over your kitchen cupboards is not as easy as running a paintbrush over them.

If you don’t mind some inconsistency in your kitchen cupboards then, by all means, give them a once over with a brush however unless you are skilled at this then the chances are the finishing is going to be uneven. Some of your cupboards might look ‘newer’ than others or the coat of paint on that cupboard near the fridge looks a lot better than the cupboard you keep your plates in.

If you are not exactly skilled at DIY then maybe trying to avoid painting kitchen cupboards is the best way forward.

The Cost Of New Kitchen Cupboards

You probably think that replacing your kitchen cupboards is going to wipe out your savings account. This is generally the main reason why people want to avoid painting kitchen cupboards but in the end, then go and buy a tin of paint. handleless kitchen doors

We have touched on this subject several times in our blog – with the most recent being The Reason We Never Offer A Kitchen Sale – and you can actually get a kitchen that not only looks new but is new and without the big price tag. We take a lot of pride in offering our customers a high-quality product without the ‘now we cannot go on holiday this year’ level of cost.

Some of our replacement kitchen doors for your cupboards start from as little as £9.98 which is a far better way to improve your kitchen. It means you do not need to spend hours painting your kitchen cupboards yourself – and more than likely getting very frustrated as you go along – and it does not cost the earth either.

Painting Kitchen Cupboards

OK, so you are adamant that you need to paint your kitchen cupboards rather than buying new. If you are going down this route then take our advice on the subject.

First things first – take the doors off because trying to paint with them still on the hinges is only going to get messy. One spot of paint that goes awry can really mess up your kitchen. Also, ensure that you clean them properly first as this will avoid any dirt being caught up in the paint and will provide an all-round better finish.

Create an area in your home – or outside if the weather is good – to dry your cupboards properly. Putting your doors straight back onto your kitchen units before they are completely dry will just make the paint run. Also, be prepared for your kitchen to be out of action for a short time so it is best to plan ahead.

Really this is just common sense however if you are new to DIY and have not done this before then following these short tips will really make a difference to the finished product.

Avoid Painting Kitchen Cupboards

So now you need to weigh up your options. If you want to go ahead and paint your kitchen cupboards yourself then follow the quick tips we have given you here to make sure that you do a proper job. It really is an easy thing to make a mess off although if you have DIY experience and you are handy with a paintbrush then it is a fairly economical option.

For those of you that do need your kitchen rejuvenated and don’t fancy taking on this job yourself then we have a wide selection of kitchen cupboards available for a very cost-effective price. Renovating your kitchen this way doesn’t need to cost you your savings and we will be more than happy to offer our years of expertise so that you get the kitchen that you want.

Many people avoid painting kitchen cupboards not just because of the effort and skill involved but also because simply buying new doors is so cheap these days. Whatever you decide to do it is worth remembering that you are going to have to see your kitchen cupboards every day so make sure that you make the right choice. Contact us for more details.