For a while, dark kitchen cabinets have been getting replaced by lighter shades. In fact, white and creams were very much the fashionable choice for a few years as people tried to make their kitchen seem brighter and in a way more modern. That being said, kitchen design has come on leaps and bounds recently and darker shade of kitchen units are making a big stylish comeback.

How do you use your dark kitchen cabinets properly though? What kind of things do you need to take into consideration when it comes to designing your kitchen and what are the advantages of using a lighter shade?

As always the Kitchen Warehouse team has you covered so read our handy guide to dark kitchen cabinets below.

Dark Cabinets vs Lighter Cabinets

A regular debate when kitchen styles are being discussed is whether to go for dark kitchen cabinet or to focus on lighter colours.

While much of this is down to the current style of your kitchen there are some advantages to dark cabinets. If you are thinking of a complete re-design of your kitchen then dark kitchen cabinets are a sensible and effective choice. For a start, they offer a richness and somewhat formality that you do not get with whiter or paler shades. For some people lighter cabinets look ‘cleaner’ but a darker colour of cabinet provides more depth to your kitchen.

Darker cabinets also will not show dirt and marks as easily either. Ageing and discolouration will show up more on whiter kitchens. The main thing you need to consider is the size of your kitchen. In smaller areas, dark kitchen cabinets can make the room feel closed in and almost claustrophobic so if you do not have a lot of natural light or space then opting for a light shade might be more beneficial.

Which Dark Shade Should You Choose?

So you want a darker colour scheme for the cabinets in your kitchen. Fantastic! But know you need to think about which shade will suit your home the best.Kitchen Cabinets Dark

On one end of the scale, we have Jet Black Gloss Acrylic kitchen units while on the other you have models such as Dust Grey Roma Shaker units that still retain their dark colour but offer a lighter approach that can be great in smaller spaces. So before you dive into the world of dark kitchen cabinets consider what shade would best suit your design preferences.

Some people with larger kitchens can go for a jet back scheme for instance as that will not take anything away from how big their kitchen looks while for some other customers a dark shade that is slightly lighter than this will still provide a richness and depth to the room without making the kitchen seem smaller than it actually is.

Your Kitchen And Dark Cabinets

Now that you have opted for a dark shade of kitchen cabinet you need to think about how this works with the rest of your kitchen.

The good news is that dark kitchen cabinets work with a whole range of different colour schemes. The thing you want to avoid is making the room seem to dark. White walls or tiles are a great way to contrast with a dusky style of kitchen cabinets. It combines both light and dark to great effect. Another option especially if you have a lighter shade of dark kitchen cabinets is to use wooden work surfaces such as oak or walnut.

Have a look at the way these anthracite dark kitchen cabinets use lighter shades, wooden surfaces and wood flooring to great effect.

Our Dark Kitchen Cabinets Range

Every kitchen can make use of dark kitchen cabinets however in some cases you have to really think about the way that you incorporate them into your design scheme.

Bigger kitchens really have free reign in this regard. As there is a lot of space and presumably a lot of natural light then giving the illusion of more space with lighter colours and cabinets is not going to be a problem. For a kitchen that does not have the luxury of space then you can definitely still use dark kitchen cabinets but you need to combine this with a much lighter colour scheme. White paint, tiles or even light wooden flooring can increase the perception of size in the room while allowing you to have richer colours and lighter shades in the same room.

If you are thinking in the long term then darker cabinets also tend to age better as marks, scruffs and discolouration aren’t as obvious or prevalent compared to their brighter counterparts.

We stock a whole range of dark kitchen cabinets at the Kitchen Warehouse. They come in a variety of materials and finishes from high gloss, classic Roma cabinets and gloss acrylic colours to name but three.

We are happy to provide expert advice if you are taking the plunge with dark kitchen cabinets so that you get the right colour scheme for your home. Feel free to get in touch with our expert, helpful team by calling 01765 640 000. You can also contact us by emailing us at