There comes a time when every kitchen needs an upgrade but why should you choose a modern kitchen design? What is wrong with the traditional look? Does everything need to be minimalist with blacks, greys and dark shades? Well, not exactly. You can produce the modern kitchen effect in a variety of different ways. It does not have to look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

In this Kitchen Warehouse blog, we have looked at three reasons why having a modern kitchen design can really benefit your home.

No More Clutter

Minimalism is the buzz word for a modern kitchen. The clutter and organised (and often disorganised!) mess that you often find in more traditional kitchens is not present at all.

The worktops should be clear of everything other than a few select appliances and a modern kitchen focuses more on multiple and creative storage solutions to keep the room simple. Even the cabinet doors have a minimalist feel to them and handleless kitchen doors are the epitome of a modern kitchen design.

If you want a room that keeps things basic but also gets innovative with storage then a modern design should be right up your street.

Colours bring the room to life

Modern Kitchen DesignWhat kind of colour scheme do you associate with a kitchen? Probably a neutral shade for the walls and then wood for the cabinets. This is pretty standard however with a modern design you can go a little bit crazy.

Modern kitchens don’t follow any set rules when it comes to the colour scheme. Oranges, blues, yellows, reds, purple or whatever tone you want can all work well. You can incorporate a lot of funky colours into your kitchen design which wouldn’t normally fit in with a more traditional style.

In fact, creating a kitchen accent – which we blogged about before How To Create A Killer Kitchen Accent – in a radically different shade than the rest of your kitchen will help complete a beautiful modern design.

You can use more materials

Finally, a modern style means that you can make use of more materials than a traditional design. Out go the wood based cabinets and in come metals, stainless steel, glass and even copper is now being used for kitchen decor.

A modern kitchen design lets you be a lot more creative with the materials you use. You do not have to use pine or oak, you can go wild and bring in many different materials that would not ordinarily be found in the kitchen.

A modern kitchen design is not for everyone

We love diverse styles here at the Kitchen Warehouse and we recognise that modern designs are not for everyone. Some homes are better with a more traditional set up especially if the rest of the property is crafted in this way. However, most homes can accommodate a modern kitchen style without it detracting from the overall design – in fact, in most cases it enhances it.

These are only 3 reasons why you should choose a modern kitchen design. Do you have any more? What do you think about a contemporary style over the more traditional scheme? Contact us to let us know your thoughts or browse through our selection of kitchen cabinets today. Call 01765 640 000 to talk with