White will probably always be the perennial favourite when it comes to kitchen units. There’s something that’s hard to beat about the brightness it brings to any kitchen space. White always offers bags of versatility too.

It’s easy to create any look you want to complement clean white kitchen units. But with contemporary styles, white certainly now has a worthy rival.

Take a look at our Modern Kitchens pages to see what we mean.

Grey is the new white in terms of an appealing modern kitchen. So, it seems like an opportune moment to look at what colours go with grey to create a fresh look.

Dark grey kitchen

Grey kitchen ideas

Through the decades, various colours have vied with white as popular choices for the kitchen. In the 1970s, it was bold shades such as orange and green that became ‘de rigueur.’ These days, the colour palette for kitchens tends to be slightly more restrained.

This is where grey comes in and why it has become such a big hit in the kitchen. From pale grey to soft grey – the more subtle grey shades; to dark grey units and dark grey cabinets – there really is no limit when it comes to grey kitchen ideas.

Grey and yellow kitchen

What colours go with grey? The alternative to white

So, if you are looking for a perfect alternative to white, you can’t really go far wrong with grey. Of course, one of the major plus-points of this hue is how versatile it is as a colour.

Indeed, all the different tones that are available under the grey umbrella are an indication of why it has become such a popular choice.

A grey kitchen is very much on trend.

And grey works with contemporary styles and Traditional Kitchens too.

Cartmel Grey kitchen

White isn’t the only way to be get timeless style

Of course, a white wall and white cabinets epitomise the classic kitchen for many people. White is timeless and a great choice for a contemporary kitchen.

Not only do you benefit from reflective surfaces, but the clean lines of white kitchen cabinets can transform the most austere space and give it a modern feel and a timeless look at the same time.

Dark grey kitchen ideas

Be brave! Grey cabinets can look stunning

White is a win-win in interior design. It’s no surprise that white worktops and white kitchen cabinets remain a staple of kitchen design. People always think white when they have a small kitchen. But, while a white kitchen can still be a beautiful space, you should not be afraid to go dark – even in a small kitchen.

White cabinets are only one option.

Grey and white modern kitchen design

There are alternatives to white

Bur white worktops aren’t the only way you can reflect light. Mid grey cabinets have become a genuine contender in kitchen cabinetry circles. An all grey kitchen should be considered. Dark colours can bring something else to the room. A grey kitchen should definitely be on your list of kitchen ideas.

There really is more to a kitchen than plain white worktops!

Dark grey kitchens

Grey kitchen ideas – the grey colour family

At one end of the scale of the grey family are the warmer shades. These will create a different feel to the blue-tinged greys which can be found at the other end of the spectrum.

If there is any rule to follow regarding choosing accent colours or a mixed palette for grey kitchen ideas, it is that you should pay heed to a tried and trusted colour theory.

Essentially, this means that you should choose complementary colours that would be very close to the existing grey on a colour wheel. Alternatively, if you want contrast, you should opt for a shade at the opposite end of the scale.

You are sure to find at least one tone that will work for you.

Dust Grey Curved Door

Does dark grey work?

Very dark tones of grey can definitely work in the kitchen too. We need to be clear about that. Here’s why:

Darker grey kitchen cabinets look great when they are viewed online, but it can be hard to visualise how they will look in situ, with the specifics of your kitchen taken into consideration.

Will they go with dark or light worktops?

Should you consider a lighter floor to create a bright and airy room?

There is so much to think about when choosing a new design for your kitchen restyle.

white grey kitchen

Is a grey kitchen for me?

Naturally, people worry that very dark grey might not work with the natural light you have in the kitchen. Homeowners worry that a dark shade such as grey might be too overpowering for the dining area

If you take a look at any pictures of kitchens that use grey cabinets, you will notice that the vast majority of them are shown with wooden worktops. You may be wondering why this is exactly.

Natural wood is a great complement to a grey kitchen.

Light grey modern style

Why does wood go so well in a grey kitchen?

Well, the answer is simple – because the lighter shades of pine and walnut perfectly offset the darker nature of the cabinets. So, when you are looking for colours to work well with grey units, remember to consider lighter tones. This will combine well with the natural light that comes into the room.

If you want to make your darker grey kitchen cabinets really stand out, then solid wood worktops are a great way to achieve this.

grey kitchen paint colours

Which colours go with grey: Energising or calming?

The general effect of contrasting colours are that they energise the kitchen space. Meanwhile, complementary colours will have a calming effect.

Similarly, as a general rule, you will find that softer and paler shades of grey cabinets work particularly well in smaller spaces.

Another option is a feature wall.

grey contrast kitchen

Kitchen ideas for larger kitchens

In larger kitchens, bolder and contrasting colours can really lift the space and help ensure that the colour scheme doesn’t begin to look bland. Deep navy can be mixed with pale greys. On the other hand, a blast of pink can be really effective too.

Kitchen colours grey

A kitchen island – Ideal for a larger room

If you have adequate floor space, a kitchen island could be the ideal addition. It is important that your kitchen is large enough to accommodate one, but a kitchen island can be the perfect complement for grey cabinets and contrast in a grey kitchen.

Light grey panelled kitchen door

Grey: The perfect choice to smarten up a small kitchen

Some people might wonder whether grey, particularly darker shades, might be a bit too much for a smaller kitchen, but it can be a highly effective choice. A darker shade of grey for the kitchen cabinets can be striking and eye-catching.

Combined with a paler shade of grey helps to create a light and airy feel. All in all, this is another great addition to what should be a growing list of kitchen ideas.

Accent colours for grey kitchens

Grey has become a popular choice for small rooms

In fact, grey has become one of the most popular shades for a small space. People often think that a grey kitchen will work best in an open plan space.

Another alternative is to take a less is more approach. Occasionally, using a grey – regardless of how smart it looks – for lower and wall units can be a step too far and a little too overpowering. However, opting for the likes of simple shelving in grey can create a laid back, casual look.

Matt Dove Grey kitchen

Grey kitchens: Bags of style, character and personality

You will find plenty of design inspiration from grey colours in the kitchen. You can opt for airy, light and soft combinations of colour. However, if it’s more your thing, you can plump for industrial and utilitarian shades too.

Dark grey kitchen door

Grey offer bags of versatility and choice

Whether you want greys that really create a calming mood in the kitchen, or you want to pack a punch, you can cook up a storm with a grey kitchen.

On one hand, you have the lighter shades of grey that ooze sophistication and style, and give you bags of versatility to boot. On the other hand, there are the darker shades and charcoal tones that transform the kitchen into a dramatic space, making a bold and confident design statement.

Darker tones kitchen door

Getting the balance right – The best grey kitchen ideas

Two different shades of grey (or any colour, for that matter) can work well for a subtle contrast. Any more than two colours and it can all be a bit too much. Another good look if you are considering a kitchen island is to choose a deeper shade of grey or a contrasting colour to the cabinets on the wall. This will help to make the island a real focal point in the space. It makes it a centre piece on the floor of the space.

Matt Dust Grey Richmond Kitchen

General tips and advice to consider

Generally speaking, having your base cabinets closer to the floor in a darker shade than the wall cupboards makes sense. Otherwise, the overall design can appear a bit top-heavy. A straightforward contrast of light and dark can be effective.

As a rule of thumb, bold or heavy colours can make a room feel smaller. Therefore, balancing with a neutral or lighter floor and walls can be a good way of counteracting this in a grey kitchen.

Modern grey styles for kitchens

Accessories and complements

Natural timber adds a lovely warm touch to cooler greys. However, grey is wonderfully adaptable. Stainless steel is always a winning accompaniment and, unsurprisingly, this is a popular choice. Less common, but no less effective, try partnering grey with brass detailing.

Not only that, but grey is also the ideal choice if you want to go for another on-trend design – the industrial look. From exposed brick to accessories with an urban-styling, grey holds the look together superbly.

Two colour including grey kitchen

Grey kitchens: The devil is in the detail

Grey is definitely the shade of the moment when it comes to kitchen colours. This is why grey kitchen sales have gone through the roof recently. Grey units have the power to suit all design schemes. Whether it’s a modern rustic look you are going for with the perennial favourite of Shaker-style cabinets, or the ultra-modern utilitarian look, grey has it all.


Various shades of grey in kitchen

Smart and stylish at all times

Smart and stylish at all times, it’s the versatility that grey offers that makes it such a popular choice for the kitchen right now. This is a grey space has become all the rage in kitchen terms.

Dramatic matt greys are always going to make an instant impact. Matched with clean chrome and stainless steel handles and accessories, a superb modern aesthetic is created. Paler shades of grey create a chic and cosy feel. If you want to create a more dramatic space, choose shades of graphite and charcoals.


Grey themed kitchen

Wall-to-all grey can be extremely effective, However, if you paint walls with paler shades, a restful ambience will be created. Using bolder colours to provide contrast can also be absolutely stunning too. Having base in darker tones than the wall cabinets can prevent the overall design from becoming too overbearing.

Finishing touches can be provided by adding brass or copper handles to add warmth. Meanwhile, if you want to keep things cool then steel and chrome are the ideal choices to match with grey cabinets.


Grey tones in kitchen

Pastels, matched paint shades and other colours

The world really is your oyster if you have grey cabinets as your main colour in the kitchen. Pastel colours are back in vogue once more and whether it be orange, peach or green you plump for, the perfect backdrop for all is grey.

A look that can work well, especially in galley kitchens, is to match the shade of grey of the  to the paint colour of the walls. It won’t work in every scenario, but it is an effective way of creating the illusion of space.

Darker grey kitchen ideas

And not for the faint-hearted…

As previously mentioned, and it might not be for the faint-hearted, but one of the best colour accompaniments for grey cabinets is pink. There’s just something particularly appealing about the blend of cool greys with the warmth of pink. It’s an irresistible combination.

Dark grey butler's pantry

Green and grey? Yes, it works!

Another great complement to grey is a vibrant green. Think forest green and add a touch of real-life with herbs and plants to complete a truly natural look.

Not only does it give you the wow factor and a luxe look, it also makes the style of the kitchen totally on trend.

Contemporary kitchen designs marry natural colours, such as green – and grey cabinets are the perfect complement.

Ways to create warmth in grey kitchens

Grey has a reputation – slightly unfairly, perhaps – for being a cool, clinical and cold colour. However, whether you subscribe to the view or not, there’s no way you can argue that one of the best ways to add warmth is to blend the grey with wood. Either wooden worktops or flooring can look stunning when blended with a grey kitchen.

Little pops of colour always work well. Consider a yellow splashback or stools to inject just the right amount of sunshine into a grey kitchen.

And you can always be safe in the knowledge that if all else fails and you simply can’t decide which colour to put with the grey, you can always simply go with white on the walls. It’s simple but it’s always effective.

Grey unit

What colours go with grey? Take your pick

All in all, when it comes to deciding which colours go with grey, you really have got an embarrassment of riches to pick from. From a contrasting colour splashback adding a vibrant hit of colour to adding warmth and cosiness to a grey design with the addition of wood, there really are a multitude of options in front of you.

Grey is the perfect foundation

All in all, when it comes to deciding which colours go with grey, you really have got an embarrassment of riches to pick from. From a contrasting colour splashback adding a vibrant hit of colour to adding warmth and cosiness to a grey design with the addition of wood, there really are a multitude of options in front of you.

If you want to be bold and daring, choose shades that offer a complete contrast to the base of grey. This can create a striking and eye-catching look. Alternatively, if you are less daring and subtlety is more your thing, complementary shades that blend with the original shade of grey.

Choose your style to match with grey

A great way to make a bold statement in your kitchen is to combine light grey kitchen units with a darker, or even black, worktop made from granite. Add additional features such lighting fixtures made from darker tones and include handles on your to match the colours of your work surfaces.

The ultimate in contemporary style

This can be done to create a minimalistic yet stylish look. Combine with sleek, innovative kitchen technology to further add to this style in your grey kitchen. This will give you a stunning, modern look.

Different textures and effects can be created in all manner of ways. Whether you want contrasting or complementing colour is probably the biggest design decision that faces you. However, there are so many ways you can add colour.

First, consider mixing up the lower units and wall units, colour-wise. The flooring, walls, handles and other accessories are all ways you can add colour to your grey kitchen.

Why not add stainless steel appliances?

Small plants and foliage can perfectly complement your grey and add a fresh feeling to the room. Ideal if you have wooden worktops and kitchen surfaces, plants and herbs create a natural, yet warm look. Open shelving is another great choice. It can allow to add huge variety when it comes to what you can store and display.

Other ideas to take into consideration

Not only that, open shelving is equally at home in a classic kitchen and a traditional kitchen, as well as modern kitchen designs. It’s no wonder that this type of shelving has become a prominent feature of modern kitchen design, and interior design more generally.

A kitchen is not just about the kitchen cabinetry you choose. It’s often the little extras and accessories that you choose that really creates extra warmth.

You can also add a spice rack to bring a unique element to your kitchen and these can be used alongside your freshly grown herbs when it comes to cooking your favourite dishes in your new grey kitchen.

All colours go with a grey kitchen

Furthermore, there are few (if any) colours that don’t work with greys. Pastels, bright vibrant colours, white and pink – they can all be brilliant with a base of grey. It really is all down to the mood you would like to create.

Mid toned greys create warm accents and work well in small spaces

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we have some great grey kitchen design ideas to choose from. Take a look at matt handleless kitchens in light grey and dust grey. For an ultra-modern look, the handleless grey high gloss kitchen units are a fantastic choice. And, for a timeless classic, luxury shaker styles are also available in grey.

If you want to discuss your kitchen requirements in more detail, just get in touch with the team. We are always on hand to answer any questions you might have and share our expert advice with you.




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